Frequently Asked Questions

Does a hair Dye Kill Lice?

It has been proved that hair dye or hair bleaching element could kill lice completely. After a few instances, several hair experts have claimed that a hair dye not only kills lice but at the same time it destroys the nymphs too! The chemical enhancement of a hair dye produces unwanted toxic properties to our scalp that kills the lice by default.

But, the daunting part of this dye is that they couldn’t harm the nits or lice eggs and thus, it couldn’t help to get rid of lice entirely. The inside chemical of a hair dye stays ineffective to penetrate the shells, thus it doesn’t work to destroy nits along with lice and nymphs.

Do we Need to Shave our Hair to get rid of Lice and Does this Method really work?

You can get remedied from lice in a bit effortlessly but, the process is being really tricky when it come to a matter of nits or lice eggs! As for nits or lice, eggs stick in our hair strands with the help of a gluey substance, and they don’t come out easily with just a few remedy solutions. Some people thought that shaving their hair is the only way to get rid of those stubborn nits.

Note: Though, a shave can get rid of lice, its more or less like burning our home to get rid of roaches.

Look, shaving your head could give you a temporary relief but, we must refer that it is an unnecessary tactic from all aspects. Because, there are so many methods are available in our hand, which are highly effective as well as less drastic than hair shaving! One more thing we should mention here that, lice always come from a host to our head, so if you don’t ensure that the coming process would be prevented permanently then, it will still coming back, after re-growing your hair.

So people, who are thinking that shaving your head brings you complete happiness by getting remedied from lice for its source reduction, then, let us clarify you that it is not true! Maybe this method works temporarily, but it would prevent lice again from coming back. So why do we need to apply such radical process, which can’t even assure us for a permanent solution!

Why Children are More Likely to get Lice?

We have been observed that children often get infected by lice more than adults or teenagers. Some parents always keep asking a question on this matter as their kids frequently come with this problem and they just get infected by this parasitic insect for several times!

According to the experts, lice feel no particular indulgence in spreading family on the scalp of children. All they want is just a space for living and getting thrived by adequate nourishment! But, kids get infected by this problem more easily because of their less-protectiveness and nothing else. Kids are more casual about the remedies of their simple had-parasites, they get physically intimate more frequently with their friend than adults, they love to share personal items and impatience during the lice-remedy processes. In addition, kids’ scalp is tender than an adult one which offers them suck the blood more effortlessly than a mature host’s head!

These actions allow lice to infest on the head of their young host for the more extended period, and thus, kids are more likely to get lice than mature people.

What are Brown Head Lice?

Lice come in a bit dark or dusky shade and they become darker when they feed human blood. But, do you know that these parasitic bugs display brown or in a little grayish shade at their primary stage! Lice eggs could stay in two different forms viable eggs and nits. The viable egg is where a developing louse is growing inside a lice egg and nits are those eggs from where lice are already hatched. When we refer brown head lice that mean they haven’t hatched yet and still growing into its eggshells. But once the lice hatched, the shells turn white and then, those young lice or nymphs turn brown. So, you can call immature lice brown head lice at some stages.

Does Hair Gel or Cream Suffocate Lice?

It is true that the market-based hair gel or hair creams are one of the brilliant objects to suffocate lice into your hair because of the adequacy of toxic content. Thus, a few boys and girls apply this process on their head to kill lice in an easy method. Applying hair gel on our hair offers us to eliminate lice and at the same time provide nourishment to our hair.

Nevertheless, hair cream or gel only effective on mature lice and they can’t destroy eggs or remove nits from our hair. You can try hair oil instead to get the same outcome, as hair oil is more effective on suffocating lice and it doesn’t come with any chemical side effects like readymade hair gel or hair creams!

Do Black People get Lice?

It has been told that black African people are less infected by lice rather than other continental humans. Earlier, people thought it is a myth that black people can’t get lice infestation because of their coarse hair style. But, it is not the proper way to define the reason, as lice don’t care whether the hair is smooth or curly, as long as they could get a place to stay and scalp to suck blood, there will be no issue for their infestation!

Black people get lice less-infected because of the oval shape of their hair. Africans of Caucasian decent have this type of profile more likely, and this pattern brings a little difficult for lice to hang on. Because the claws of a head louse are specially designed to clutch around the rounded shape hair strands, over the oval shape. So, when they get such oval object to hold or crawl from, they dislike staying there for long! In such matter, either they die into that kind of hair or they just leave that head to look for another preferable host and this way black people stay away from those tiny bloodsuckers in a natural way!

How to Prevent my Pets from getting Lice?

Head lice are one serious embarrassing problem and could turn into a highly sensitive skin issue too, because of its repetitive itching symptom. No matter they hit human’s head or a pet’s body, lice are unwanted from every aspect. You can get prevention or keep your kids away from the attack or infestation of lice easily, but it is difficult to keep your pets away from lice as they never follow a protocol for a long. In such affair, it seems really hard to prevent your pets from getting these microscopic insects, but you can hold the command here in your own hand as well if you can follow a few simple methods as we mention below, check them out-

  • The most effective way to keep lice away from your pets is just kept your animal neat and clean for all the time.
  • Try to provide your pets well-nourishment and healthy during the whole year, as healthy pets are less infected by lice than sick or weak animals.
  • Always bring fresh objects for your pets for their personal use like beds, carriers, crates, cages, etc.
  • Once your pet gets infected by lice, cure it as soon as possible and replace every single component of your pet, where lice possibly could stay or hang up for the next infestation, whether it is textile or bedding or other nonhuman objects.
  • Last but definitely the important one is to prevent your pets from going any place from where they could get infected by these tiny parasites.