Banana Peel for Acne Scar and Skin Whitening

Banana Peel for Acne and Scar:

Banana peel is rich in vitamin B complex that hugely beautifies our skin and high minerals content reduce the inflammation or skin irritation effectively. Studies have claimed that banana peels are the powerhouse of antioxidant properties as well, which detoxify our cells and reduce the possibilities of acne to our skin. The high minerals also help to diminish the redness or bad scars from our skin surface which provide us a spotless flawless skin type naturally. Let’s find out how to use this nutritious peel against the acne and its scars-

How to

  • Take the peel from a fully ripe banana and wash it thoroughly with normal water.
  • Then, cut it out into small pieces and place in your blender.
  • After blending it into a smooth paste, take it out into the container.
  • Now, take 1 tbsp of this banana peel paste into a small mixing bowl and add 1 tbsp of freshly extracted lemon juice into it.
  • Stir them smoothly with the help of a fork and once the ingredients are merged well, apply it on your acne-prone areas.
  • Try to use a cotton ball to spread the paste delicately on our acne and acne scars.
  • Then, let it dry there or wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • After that duration, clean the pack off with lukewarm water and pat dry gently.

Banana Peel for Skin Whitening:

Banana peel is enriched with antioxidant properties along with potassium content which lessens the dark layer from our skin surface, reduces the toxins and increases the blood circulation to our skin cells.

All of these qualities benefit the skin complexion directly that provides a white looking skin tone effortlessly.

The banana peel, especially the white part of its inside portion has an optimistic effect on our skin cells, that’s why, several beauty experts, use this component to make an effective fairness face mask. Let us demonstrate you how to utilize this superbly effective fruit husk to make your skin tone white-

How to

  • At first, make some paste of a fresh banana peel as we have instructed in our previous method.
  • Now, take 1 tbsp of that banana peel paste into a small mixing bowl and add 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder into it.
  • Beat them up with a fork until they form into a smooth paste and then, cover your entire face with this pack.
  • After a gap of 20 minutes, take off the face pack with lukewarm water and pat dry gently.
  • Try out this pack once or twice a week and you will get a magical skin-whitening effect on your face shortly.
  • To make the skin-whitening process more hassle-free, simple, take out the peel of a fully ripe banana and set the inside white part on your face.
  • Now, all you need is just, rub that portion gently all over your face and keep your face unwashed for the next 10-15 minutes after the massage.
  • Finally, wash off your face with lukewarm water and pat dry gently.

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