Best Foods and Yoga Exercises for Healthy Bones

Strong bones are the key to healthy living, and a balanced diet chart which is followed by a precise exercise regimen could provide you that type of bone condition flawlessly.

Poor bone health not only interrupts your regular living process but, drives you towards some dangerous diseases as well! Such as rickets, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. An adequate amount of calcium with the affluence of vitamins could aid to strengthen your bones naturally and reduces the possibilities of these illnesses from their derivation. Let’s see how to take care and achieve healthy bone type with these two advantageous processes-

Best Foods for Bone Healing:

If you are looking for some foods that could help you to gain healthy bones then, vitamin D and calcium are those two specifies nutrients which aid you here magnificently. As vitamin D boosts your body to absorb calcium more swiftly and calcium provides a never-ending strength to your bones innately.

Taking calcium supplements could be a good attempt in this endeavor of improving bone health naturally, but it is always better idea to increase the intake of calcium through its natural sources!

Thus, try to include those foods which are rich in calcium and beneficial vitamins to promote your bones innately. Here is a small chart about what kind of foods are best for bone healing and bone health, check it out-

  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and any other items which are directly produced from milk and known as a dairy product could increase the bone health along with escalating the healing power of our bones.
  • Soya foods like the beans of soya, soybean oil, soya drinks, etc. are the beneficial items for better bone density; especially those are made of added-calcium.

  • Leafy green veggies are one of the good things to promote the bone health naturally. Here we are trying to refer those vegetables which come with a green shade, not the ones which come with long green leaves! That means, spinach, parsley, cilantro, etc. are not the proper ones to include, but broccoli, cabbages, okra, etc. are! However, spinach, kale, arugula, etc. are those items which work of the healing process of bone injuries.
  • Nuts are skilled in saving our bone program, as they are the natural source of boron, copper and manganese compounds which benefit our bone in a healthy way. Walnut, almond or any nuts that come with a little bit hard husk are favorable for healing bone injuries smoothly.
  • Fortified items like flour-made regular bread, oil, breakfast cereals, milk, salt etc. which are authenticated from the laboratory of government are one good source of nutrients which benefit your bone health and promote the healing power superbly.
  • Omega-3 rich oily fishes like sardines, pilchard, salmon, tofu, etc. are some other mentionable items which are skilled in healing your bone impurities naturally. Omega-3 rich planted items are also very much beneficial for restoring broken bone health naturally.

  • High protein foods like eggs or beef could boost your calcium intake optimistically and lend a hand to break down the calcium sources into your body to strengthen the bone health and heal the injuries of bone rapidly.

Avocado, Swiss chard, black beans, seeds, vegetarian beef, kiwi, asparagus, bell peppers, etc. are some more mentionable items to increase the healing power of your bones.

Best Diet for Bone Strength and Density:

Calcium-rich foods are good for bone strength and density, as well as bone healing capacity. Thus, try to incorporate those foods into your diet regimen which are loaded with vitamin C and vitamin D. Here is a precise diet chart for achieving heavy bone strength and increasing bone thickness naturally-

  • Try to start your day with a glass of raw milk and add some dairy product along with a few fortified items in your breakfast meal.
  • Canned oily fishes like sardines or salmon, prepared with cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese would be a brilliant choice for the lunch meal. Try to amalgamate this dish with one plate vegetable salad that is made of green veggies.
  • Cooked kale, raw broccoli, baked cabbage leaves, tossed spinach, etc. are some healthy items to include in your salad for increase the density of your bones naturally.
  • After 2-3 hours of taking your lunch, try to eat one bowl of fruit salad that is made of calcium-rich fruits like avocado, kiwi, oranges, any citrus fruits, etc. You can include this bowl of fruit after a few hours of breakfast meal if you want!

  • Turnip green toss with some fortified cheese would be a nice pick for the evening snack.
  • Garlic-chicken made pasta, or spinach-ham quiche or baked fish or boiled egg along with a plate of green collar raw veggies could be a wonderful meal for dinner.
  • People, who don’t suffer from lactose intolerance could take yogurt-made dessert or smoothie anytime a day, as yogurt is an item that is literally loaded with calcium nutrient!

Exercises and yoga for Bone Health:

If a perfect diet followed by some calcium-rich foods is half of this endeavor of achieving strong bone health then, workouts are the other half of this attempt for sure! There are lots of effective exercises and yoga processes are available in our hand, which help proficiently to strengthen the bone, increase the density and escalate the healing power remarkably. Let’s check out some tops items from both of these attempts below-

Best Exercise for Bone Health:

  • Cardio exercise is the most effective exercise for increasing the bone health tremendously. Hiking, jogging, stair climbing, jumping, dancing, running, etc. are some of the beneficial workouts from this category which amplify the potency of your bones naturally.
  • The weight-bearing exercise which is also known as strength training exercise is a good process to increase the bone strength naturally. Legs, back, shoulder, and arms workouts with dumbbells are some of those kinds. Make an effort to join a gym and try out these workouts in the presence of a trainer to get the best outcome of it.
  • Aerobics are one more effective exercise for promoting the best condition of your bones. Stretching, flexibility and resistance are those types of exercise which benefit you more in this endeavor. Try to do this exercise for 45 minutes a day on a regular basis for the betterment of your bone health.

Best Yoga for Bone Health:

  • Parivrtta Trikonasana is the best asana to strengthen the bones and joint naturally. This pose is also known as a twisted triangle pose because of its twisted appearance. In this asana, you need to stand on your feet first by keeping them a little separate. Now touch your left foot with your right palm and see upside by twisting the spine gently. Hold this position for a few second, breaths usually, get back to your normal position and then try out this posture in a vise-verse
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or bridge pose is the most effective one for the natural medication at osteoporosis. To do this pose, at first, lie down on you back over a yoga mat, now keep both of your hands by your sides and lift up your body slowly towards the roof. Make sure that you are keeping the whole body-weight on your neck, hands, and feet equally. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds, get back to your normal position and repeat this process for 10 times at once.
  • Salabhasana or locust pose is another advantageous pose for asana for the betterment of your bones. In this asana, you need to lie on your back first, then, gently lift up your legs as well as your upper torso by stretching your back on its strength and hold this position for 10 seconds. Keep repeating this process for 15-20 minutes continuously on each day to improve the health of your backbone more effectively.

Essential Oil for Bone Healing:

Essential oils play a magical role in the process of healing bones naturally. The affluence of anti-inflammatory properties in most of the essential oils could soothe the swelling of bones and resolve many bone issues smoothly. They also help to maintain the proper thickness of bones in a proficient way.

So, if you are trying to achieve healthy bone type with adequate flexibility, mobility, and steadiness by treating them externally then, applying essential oils is the best way for you! Wintergreen essential oil, krill oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, grape oil, carrier oil, thyme oil, coconut oil, cypress oil, lavender oil, basil oil, etc. are some beneficial oils in this endeavor.

Let’s check out how to use them to soothe and heal bone impurities innately-

  • To reduce the bone pain from any fracture-area, apply a few drops of raw peppermint oil and rub over gently for a few minutes.
  • You can also try a mixture of essential oil to diminish the swelling the pain rapidly. To do so, add 2 tbsp of carrier essential oil with 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and 10 drops of peppermint oil. Blend them smoothly and apply the mixture on your fractured bone gently. Let the solution work for overnight and you will get a remarkable healing result on the next morning!
  • Stir 5 drops of basil oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of thyme oil, and 5 drops of cypress oil with 10 drops of coconut essential oil and combine them well.
  • Now, apply this mixture on your joint or pain-oriented spot and massage softly for a few second.
  • After trying this medication for a week regularly, you can surely restore your bone health like a professional treatment!

Magnesium for Bone Health:

Magnesium is the key mineral for achieving the perfect bone health since the beginning, thus many orthopedics suggest incorporating this mineral through our regular food. It ensures the strength and steadfastness of bones, as well as stimulates the glands to fortify the bone naturally.

It also plays an important role in the conversion of vitamin D, which aid for the betterment of bone health directly. Here we are referring some magnesium-rich items which you could confidently include in your daily regimen for a better bone health-

  • Dark leafy greens
  • Squash
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Mackerel fish
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Dried fruits
  • Dark chocolate

Vitamins for Bone Health and Growth:

Besides vitamin C and vitamin D, there are a few more vitamins which could help to gain healthy bones and promote the bone growth optimistically. Vitamin K is the brightest one among them, which trigger essential proteins in our system to promote the bone health.

These proteins, origin new bone tissues, activate bone growth and preserve bone density wonderfully. Vitamin D also support bone growth by escalating the bone mineralization and strengthen the joints superbly. On the other hand, vitamin C prepares collagen in our bones that provide structural support to our bone tissues and toughen it successively.

Best Foods for Calcium Deficiency:

Calcium-rich foods are needed in calcium deficiency as well, that could fulfill the required amount of calcium in our body and at the same time, balance the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy bone structure naturally. Remember that 700-1000 mg of calcium is necessary daily for an adult human being and you need to fulfill that requirement at any cost, whether it is through your regular food or calcium supplement.

Leafy greens, low-fat cheese, Chinese cabbage, yogurt, soya product, okra, broccoli, green beans, almonds, canned fish, white beans, dried figs, blackstrap molasses, kale, black-eyed peas, oranges, turnip greens, sesame seeds, etc. are some those foods which could solve your calcium deficiency naturally.


How to Test for Bone Density?

People often feel curious to know that what bone density test is! It is actually diagnosed that checks osteoporosis possibility in an expert way. This test also lends a hand to estimate the density of our bones along with the chances of breaking bones. You need to take a test of hip and spine by a central DXA machine, which places for duel-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

What Does Alkaline Phosphorus Play for Bone?

Alkaline phosphorus or ALP is one kind of enzyme that locates in our body inside of bone tissues.  These enzymes promote the healthy bone cells and maintain a strong bone structure in our body. These ALP enzymes also play an important role to restore the bone growth from abnormal bone growth to the normal condition.

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