Home remedies for Body odor

Easy Home Remedies for Body odor

Yeah we can understand that body odor creates you an embarrassing situation among friends and relation, but please note its not your fault “blame on the bacteria” which breeds in your underarms , feet, pubic and under belt region. Jump directly to home remedies for Body odor if you already know what causes such unpleasant bad smell from your body.

Home remedies for Body odor
Home remedies for Body odor

Causes and Reasons of Body Odor

Actually your body produces sweat to cool your body from raising temperature, as the sweat evaporates it cools your body down. Now lets look into Eccrine glands and Apocrine glands.

Eccrine glands are present all over our body where there is word “skin” they produce sweat which is neutral in smell and mostly the sweat produced in these glands which outer surface of skin are much salty. Being high salt bacteria can work it out to create a stinky smell. So eccrine glands does their job to maintain our body temperature.

Apocrine Glands ahh blame them ha ha.. Not really . Apocrine glands are mostly present in underarms and most of parts where you can see hair grows hope you 😉 . The sweat from these glands are also just neutral but the bacteria here have great munching feast on the protein comes along with sweat. Bacteria breed here in ducts and they break down the protein which creates that such unpleasant smell.

why does my socks and shoe smell so bad?

As you wear your shoe which doesn’t provide much exposure to air to evaporate sweat, adds advantage for bacteria to breed and have fun in breaking down amino acids. When you are back home and remove you shoes off “ahh that pleasant smell” of bacteria’s left over will put at the gates of heaven. Jokes apart, you can use baking soda sprinkles in your loafers or shoes ( i have not tested it on my leather shoes ) and let it set overnight and spill it out in morning to have  fungal infection free feet and for a pair of refurbished shoes ;).

Reasons for Body odor

  • Consuming high spicy foods.
  • Excited sexual experience.
  • If you are under stress for a period or if you are often facing anger ( from inside).
  • May you are ovulating ( Female ).
  • Taking medications ( some medicines contribute a part on bad body smell).

Everyday routine to avoid body odor

  1. Remove hair in arm pits and other areas where you feel comfortable, as bacteria stick and get trapped here which escalates the situation even worse.
  2. Have a bath everyday can wash away excessive sweat traces.
  3. Wipe with rubbing alcohol or dab the spot with witch hazel.
  4. Use deodorants or sprays, but make it sure they don’t clog the pores which may make you to search for home remedy for another discomfort.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

  1. Baking soda : Use baking soda with water and wipe your armpits or mix baking soda with cornstarch and dab it. It is known to kill bacteria and remove moisture.
  2. Tea Tree oil: if you want a pleasant smell and which also kill bacteria and makes you feel comfortable, you can use tea tree oil. Add it to cotton balls and gently wipe it over the over sweating spots.
  3. Lemon: Lemons are acidic in nature which can turn down the bacteria and also reduce ph level of the skin. Take Slice of lemon and wipe it in your arm pits or you mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in water and dab it on the spot if in case you have less sweat and body odor.
  4. Apple cider Vinegar : If your skin is not that much sensitive we can use AC vinegar instead of lemon. Just we can repeat the same procedure as lemon wipe it or dilute and dip wit cotton pads and dab it.
  5. Turnip: Wash peel and grate turnip to extract the juice. Now you can use this juice to apply it on armpit and over sweating spots. After few minutes wash it to feel fresh.
  6. Rose water : Rose water is known for its cooling properties at the same time it has a delighting fragrance. Dip wipe or dab to deodorize and have a cooling experience after shave.
  7. Wheat grass : It contains abundant amount of chlorophyll and Wheat grass drink can detox your body by flush out the toxins from your intestinal tract. With Such properties it can aid you keep your sweat free from heavy breakdown by bacteria. Consume a teaspoon of wheat grass in a cup of water and gradually increase the ratio, please note if you are person like me you may experience nausea. Once i had a chance to drink this recipe at my sister’s house , it was strong in taste which made me vomit my snacks i had few hours ago. So if it is okay for you consume it in empty stomach and have very diluted recipe for beginners.
  8. Essential oils: I love using them as they give me pleasant experience and makes me feel fresh for long hours. And in Specific for Body odour use Peppermint and lavender oil which may fight against bacteria and body odor. Take drops oil and rub it or dilute it with water and sprinkle or spray it with a bottle. In rare case some of you may be sensitive to specific essential oils so test it and then make use of them.
  9. Green leafy Vegetables: Similar to Wheat grass green veggies are good in flushing toxins and rich chlorophyll, Which work as natural inside out deodorizer. And obviously they are rich calcium and iron which keeps you young and healthy to be physically attractive too.
  10. Drink Water: Consume more water to replenish your system and keep toxins flushed. Which keeps your body hydrated and decreases the concentration of bacteria feeding substances off your sweat.
  11. Wear Natural fiber sourced fabrics as it may help your skin to breathe and evaporate the sweat. Keep your body cool and decreases the amino acid breakdown time of micro organisms.
  12. Deodorants : Deos are different from antiperspirant they just cover the odor with their fragrance. So choose wisely on deos which don’t clog your skin pores.
  13. Antiperspirants: Antiperspirants are different from deodorants as they suppress the perspiration rate ( decrease you body sweat in that applied region) with aluminum chloride.

When to Seek Medical attention

  • If you sweat too much than normal for more than 2 days. If it just happens on one day it may be a result of your activity out of that day.
  • Sweating at night could be symptom of any health risk. But don’t panic whatever it may be panicking will increase your glands work.
  • Your sweating and body odour disturbs you the whole day and not able to concentrate or proceed on your work.

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