10 Easy Home remedies for cracked heels

Cracked heels are a general problem and manifest with symptoms like itching, redness, peeling skin, and inflammation. They have to be taken care of at the right time otherwise they may become more intense and painful. Lets check into some easy home remedies for cracked heels

1. Epsom Salt

Dryness is one of the biggest causes for getting cracked heals and using epsom salt could be beneficial for curing it. Not only epsom salt moisturizes the heels of the foot, but also makes the heel, smooth by increasing the circulation of the blood.


  1. Add epsom salt in a foot tub, and soaking the feet in the epsom solution for a few minutes.
  2. You can also employ pumice stone for scrubbing the fee.
  3. Let the feet dry and apply petroleum jelly or cream to prevent the moisture from escaping.

2. Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax works great in treating cracked heals, even if they pain a lot, as it provides a very fast relief. Paraffin wax acts as an emollient and softens the skin internally, thus curing cracked heals.


  1. You can use paraffin wax by melting a paraffin wax block and adding a couple tablespoons of coconut oil or mustard oil.
  2. Dip the feet in the prepared mixture for a couple of minutes till several layers of paraffin wax on it.
  3. After going through the process, protect your feet by covering it with a plastic.

3. Honey

Honey is very useful for treating cracked feet as it has anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties which qualifies it as a perfect agent for managing cracked heel problem. You can use honey by soaking feet in a solution prepared by stirring honey in a tub of lukewarm water. This practice should be done at regular intervals of time for maximum effects.

4. Bananas

Bananas can be utilized for treating cracked heels as it has a moisturizing effect on the dry skin. While you can use a ripe banana directly over the affected area for treating it, but also you can mix it with various other ingredients to maximize the effects. You can prepare various preparations for treating cracked heels by mixing it with coconut oil or avocado.

5. Glycerin and Rosewater

Rosewater is packed with lots of vitamins like A, B3, and C and possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-septic properties while Glycerin has moisturizing properties, mixing them together makes a paste strong enough to cure cracked heels. All you need to do is apply the mixture daily over the affected area of skin before going to sleep.

6. Rice Flour

Rice flour can be utilized for curing cracked skin as it contains exfoliating properties, and hence it removes dead skin or foreign materials which prevent dryness and cracking of the skin. A scrub can be prepared by mixing rice with apple and a few tablespoons of honey, Almond oil or Olive oil can also be added to the paste if the skin condition seems to be very aggravating, after cleaning the feet using the warm water, the paste should be scrubbed on the surface of the feet to get maximum effect. This regime should be followed a couple of weeks to get good results.

7. Shea Butter

Shea butter is very useful in treating cracked feet as it has abundance of emollients that have vitamins like Vitamin A, D and F, also anti-oxidants and essential fats are present in huge quantities too. You can use shea butter either by mixing it in a tub of hot water and placing feet in it or by massaging the feet by applying it topically over the affected areas. After application of shea butter, one must protect the skin by wearing socks for a few hours.

8. Vegetable Oils

Various kinds of vegetable oils are present in the market which can be utilized for treating cracked heels. Oils are packed with lots of essential fats and moisturizing agents that heal the skin effectively. It is advisable to use this remedy in the night time so that giving enough time for the various compounds in oil to exfoliate the skin. The best way to apply vegetable oil is by cleaning the feet thoroughly by scrubbing it with pumice stone. After washing the feet, vegetable oils must be applied to the feet and clean socks should be put on for maximizing the effect.

9. Indian Lilac

Also known as Neem or margosa leaves, Indian lilac is very efficient in treating cracked feet. Indian Lilac possesses a lot of medicinal properties like being a potent fungicide, fights against the fungal infection if present in the skin and makes it smooth and moisturized. You can use Indian Lilac by crushing its leaves and adding turmeric powder to make a thick paste. The prepared paste should be applied over the affected skin and rested for around 30 minutes, after which the feet should be washed thoroughly.

10. Lemons

Lemons can also be used to manage the cracked skin condition, being acidic in nature, lemons, softens the roughened skin that ultimately leads to cracking. Lemons also make the skin smooth and free from any bacterial or fungal infections. You can use lemons for treating cracked skin by soaking your feet in a tub of hot water with lots of lemon juice dissolved in it. While soaking the feet it is also advised to scrub it using pumice stone and after soaking dry the feet, it’s advisable to use petroleum jelly to lock the moisture in the skin.

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