Home Remedies and Best Foods for Healthy Liver

The liver is an imperative organ of living creature and it is quite one of the essential appendages of the human body that uses for the digestion process. When we consume some food, the liver starts working on it to detoxify various metabolisms, squeeze nutrient values, synthesize protein and finally fabricate biochemical contents that promote the whole digestion process naturally.

Hence, it is necessary to keep this crucial organ healthy for all of us from every possible aspect; so, here we go with such useful suggestions in this regard along with some effective home remedies, which will help you to regenerate your liver entirely and protect it from any kind of sudden damage in the near future. Take a close look at them below-

Best Foods for Liver:

Foods play the main role in this attempt of keeping the liver healthy as well as well-functioning without any mild disturbance. Human liver always needs some adequate amount of foods to strain it necessitates nutrients and provide them to your system, whether any kind of over-boarding situation not only hampers the whole digestion process but also, irritates our liver hugely.

As an imminent outcome liver gets congested with some harmful toxins and starts having a blockage in the natural detoxifying process, in such matter, only some foods help you out to cleanse, regenerate the healthiness of liver and keep them protected from any kind of unwanted damages. Let’s find out what kinds of foods are expert in this attempt and include them in your regular diet as soon as possible to keep your liver function healthy naturally-

  • Vegetables with high flavonoid like radish, beetroot, carrot, etc.
  • Leafy greens like spinach, kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, arugula, cilantro, chicory, coriander greens, etc.
  • Green veggies like bitter gourd, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout, cruciferous veggies, etc.
  • Fruits with vitamin C like lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, oranges, etc.
  • Root spices like garlic, ginger, onion, turmeric, etc.
  • Herbs like ginseng, Borotutu bark, dandelion root, chicory root, chanca piedra, holy basil, peppermint, etc.
  • Products rich in antioxidant properties like green tea, berry fruits, dark chocolate, tomatoes, etc.
  • Healthy fruits like apple, avocado, melons, pears, cranberry, etc.
  • Olive oil or any healthy oil
  • Walnut, tea, coffee, fresh vegetable juice, wholegrain products, etc. are some other good products to include for healthy liver function.

Foods to Avoid for Liver Problem:

Like beneficial foods there are some harmful cuisines also exist which provide deadly effects on our liver and worsen the signs of the liver problem, if, you already have any! An impaired liver function not only interrupts the whole digestion process but also, disturbs the production of adequate metabolism as well as protein components and at the end of the day, your system starts having issues in its whole function!

So, you need to recheck your whole diet chart vigilantly to keep your liver function perfect and restore its healthy form previously, if, there is any interpretation found in there. Here we are advising you a few must-avoidable foods in this regard to keep your liver healthy and solve its mild issues naturally, let’s check them out-

  • Processed foods like meats, cheeses, snacks, condiments, sausages, etc.
  • Canned foods or foods like canned soup, canned meats, instant foods, etc.
  • High sodium foods and salt
  • High protein foods like eggs, full-fat dairy products, bacon, red meat, nuts, legumes, poultry products, seeds, etc.
  • Foods with saturated fats like whole milk, butter, animal products, fish oil, etc.
  • Alcohol or any alcoholic cuisine
  • Products with artificial sugar and trans fat
  • Refined carbohydrates like pasta, noodles, rice, white bread, flour products, etc.
  • Oily or fried foods, especially which comes in readymade packets
  • And extra spicy foods or cuisine with pungent flavor.

Tips to Improve Liver Function:

Apart from this food chapter, you need to chase a few other healthy habits as well, to keep your liver function up-to-date and keep your liver problem-free from any side.

These simple tips we are discussing here not only enhance the overall health of your liver but also, promote the entire digestion process and treat your infected liver diseases optimistically. Let’s take a look at them closely-

  • Try to maintain a well-shaped body with adequate weight, as any type of overweight or underweight problem could initiate liver issues in your body.
  • Include fiber in your diet in a high amount as; fiber works as a medicated supplement in the enhancement of liver function.
  • Do some healthy exercises regularly and keep your system active all the time. Cardio exercises are more effective in such matters than other types of workouts.
  • Keep your diabetes and sugar level normal with proper care.
  • Stay hygiene or always sanitize yourself, especially before eating and drinking.
  • Avoid any type of toxic items as much possible as foods with insecticide elements, aerosol products, chemicals foods, additives, etc.
  • Keep your liver detoxification process normal and consume natural cleanse product in a massive amount.
  • Never use a contaminated needle and stay away from the direct contact of blood that comes from other people.
  • Get medical help for every small liver issue and try to solve it at its primary stage, before complicating the problem more badly.
  • And keep yourself vaccinated properly to keep your liver deadly disease-free naturally.

Signs of Liver Problem:

Health experts suggest taking proper curing methods in the liver problem as soon as possible to cure the disorder in a painless and swift way, but in such matter, you have to identify the exact signs of a liver problem at first, right? We know that there are various reasons happen behind the disarrangement of liver function but in all cases, there are some particular and apparent symptoms we find in a human body.

Definitely, these signs tell us that there is something bad happening in our liver and allow us to get remedied those issues with proper medications. So, here we are referring some of those clear signs of a liver problem, let’s check them out and rectify the disease in time to start the treatment quickly-

  • Abdomen pain
  • Swollen in belly
  • Pale skin tone
  • Itchy skin surface
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Nausea or vomiting tendency
  • Swelling in legs and ankles
  • Loss of appetite
  • Having stool with bad color
  • Dark urine color
  • Yellowish eyes
  • Heavy feet with buildup fluid
  • Easy bruising
  • Jaundice
  • And mostly having digestion issues on a regular basis

Best Home Remedies for Liver Problem:

After rectifying the signs we must start the curing process of a liver problem as soon as probable, but sometimes, we assume that liver disorders need lots of medicines or curing drug to repair its damages properly which is not true at all! There are many simple yet effective products we can prepare for our simple household products which detoxify our lives naturally and restore its healthy form in the rapidest way. The most applauding part of using such home remedies is that they are easy to pocket and sometimes provide more quick action than expansive medication! So, let’s not waste any time and find out what are the top remedies for liver disorders in this article below-

Yogurt or Buttermilk:

Buttermilk is a good product to treat the liver disorders in the healthiest way. It is prepared with yogurt along with some other healthy components and soothes stomach irritations swiftly in a completely painless way. Plain yogurt also helps you greatly in this attempt as yogurt is a natural probiotic element and thus aids the digestion process superbly. Though yogurt is good any type of liver problem it works more beneficial in cirrhosis that other disorders.

The good properties of yogurt also lend a hand to improve the overall health of the liver and initiate good bacteria to enhance your digestive tract super finely. Let’s find out how to use it for liver enhancement-

How to

  • Take 2 cups of filtered water and 2 tbsp of yogurt in your blender.
  • After blending them well, take the mixture out in a glass and mix 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds power along with a pinch of salt.
  • Now, all you need is that drink this solution twice a day you will get relief from any type of liver issues soon.


Papaya is a highly advantageous fruit with lots of medicinal properties, which not only taste good but also benefit our health immensely. For improving liver function, papaya work altogether, from seeds to a pulp, it promotes the natural detoxification process of liver when consumed in green-unripe form, while enhances the digestion process when uses its seeds in a preparation. It has been observed that the regular consumption of papaya or papaya seeds could cure several liver disorders. Let’s see how to use it for this motive-

How to

  • Blend 1 cup of chopped melons with 1 tbsp of papaya seeds and strain the juice into a glass.
  • Drink this solution daily on an empty stomach to get the most effective impact on your liver issues.
  • You can also eat green papaya to achieve good liver function and solve the liver disorder effectively.
  • Boil half of a green papaya until turn tender after removing its rind and cutting into small chunks.
  • Once you feel that papaya pieces are tender enough, add them to your regular salad or simply eat them with a sprinkle of salt in the morning every day.


Carrot is a natural source of vitamin A and thus this colorful root vegetable work brilliantly to detoxify our liver and promote our digestion process optimistically. The high amount of fiber found in carrot also helps to remove unwanted deposits from human liver and cleanses it entirely. Hence, it is superfluous to say that the regular consumption of carrot resolves thousands of liver issues effortlessly. Let’s see how to consume it properly in this regard-

How to

  • Take 1-2 medium-size carrots and wash them well with normal water.
  • Now, chop them thickly and place in your blender to make juice of these pieces.
  • Try to add 3-4 fresh spinach leaves into your blender along with carrots after washing them well and blend until they turn smooth.
  • Now, strain the juice and drink it regularly after adding a pinch of salt into it.


Onion is a natural cleanser that flushes out all the debris from our liver and enhances its functionality remarkably. The high potassium content and flavonoid richness make this item a must-includable item for a healthy liver diet. The allicin compound found in onion not only detoxifies our liver but also cleanses out digestive tract beautifully. Let’s see how to consume it in liver disorder-

How to

  • Remove the outer parts of one onion and separate the rings properly, after slicing them into medium sizes.
  • Now lightly sauté them in a skillet with 1 tbsp of olive oil and serve with a sprinkle of the salt-pepper mix over the top.
  • Try to eat onion in cooked form instead of a raw form to get the detoxifying quality in your liver.


Garlic is another root spice that cleanses out body toxins and purifies the blood in a completely natural process. Also, the beneficial allicin properties improve the overall functioning of liver effectively. Let’s see how to use it in a liver advantageous attempt-

How to

  • Take 2-3 garlic cloves and peel them properly.
  • Now, crush them properly and add them to your salad regularly.
  • You can also eat 2-3 raw garlic cloves directly on an empty stomach to get the same result.


Radish is a super vegetable that enhances our liver functioning magnificently. The goodness of this veggie regulates the proper working process of our liver as well as gall bladder and eliminates all the unwanted toxins from our system fluently. Let’s see how to consume it perfectly-

How to

  • Wash and cut one radish into small chunks and add them in your blender to prepare the juice.
  • Now, squeeze the fluid portion from the blended part and drink it with a pinch of salt.
  • You can also get the goodness of radish in liver improvement by including them in your regular diet.

Lemon or Lime:

Lemons are rich in vitamin C

Like any citrus fruit, lemon and lime both have an impactful effect on liver functioning. The high mineral contents of these fruits purify our liver and remove the unwanted toxins effectively. A regular consumption of these fruits not only promotes our liver health but also, solves a number of live issues expertly, like nausea, urine discoloration, loss appetite, itchy skin problem, etc. Let’s see how to take these fruits properly for achieving healthy liver-

How to

  • Squeeze half of a lime in a glass of drinking water and add a pinch of salt into it.
  • Now, mix them well with a spoon and drink this lime sherbet regularly in the morning.
  • To get the goodness of lemon for good liver functioning, simply drink a cup of fresh lemon juice daily on an empty stomach and you will get rid of any of liver issue soon.