How to Get Rid of Toothache: #11 Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Top 6 Reasons for Toothache

Almost every single person suffers from a toothache at some point of life, and no matter it is a moderate or intense level of pain, any kind of tooth irritation is a matter of a headache for any living person, right?

In such situation, we always look forward to a quick relief along with complete remedy from this disorder effectively. But, here the dentists always take some special concern when it’s come to the matter of curing toothache permanently; as it is crucial you need to know every single detail of your tooth irritation, from its causes to its intensity level before applying a suitable remedy on it.

So, here we go with such significant sides of a toothache you have to learn for treating it more expertly, let’s check them out and say goodbye to those unbearable tooth pain forever-

Causes of Toothaches:

There are several reasons could work behind a toothache in a person and its intensity level, from temporary tooth problem to permanent tooth damage, but every time you have to find out the real cause before applying any preferable remedy on it.

From a child to an older person, anyone could be incorporated by this painful toothache due to their possible reasons, but each time we have to find out the true basis behind it for its perfect and everlasting remedy. Some of the most common reasons for a toothache are as follows-

Gum Problem:

Gum disease is a typical reason for having a toothache for a long period which often occurs due to an inflammation of the gum. Initially, gum problem starts with a dull ache, bleeding gum, redness in the affected-area and gradually, the pain spreads over a wide space in your mouth until you apply some preferable remedy on it.

Apart from the pain, a consistent gum problem could drive you towards a serious mouth infection after a certain period, if; you wouldn’t start a primary curing method on it immediately.

Damaged Filling:

Failure of dental sealants or damaged filling could also be a valid reason behind a toothache. In the dentinal caring process, dental experts often use deep pits to cover grooves, sore or fracture in teeth to protect the area from sensitivity or more damages.

When any of this sealing gets exposed, the protected area became bare and start getting problems due to the food particle, bacterial or fungal presence on those spots.

When this type of disarrangement happens for a long while, toothache occurs in the mouth frequently, until you apply a suitable remedy to it.


Orthodontic alignment or jaw-clenching is one more common reason for a toothache, these days. We often find that braces, retainers, bruise, clips of other dental alignment tools used on some of our teeth for lining them appropriately according to our wish.

Unfortunately, this type of orthodontist appliance give us some deep damages in our mouth. Some untreated and deep damages of such orthodontic alignment tools, frequently work as a valid reason behind a toothache in some sufferers.

Broken Teeth:

The tooth fracture or broken teeth also cold initiate an unbearable pain in your mouth in several toothache cases. The tooth could be broken, cracked, chipped or damage by some other reasons like fall, playing sports, fighting with someone, etc.

No matter, what, but once you get a mild fracture in any of your teeth, it will definitely give you excruciating pain at some point. This type of a toothache could be worst over time especially, which occurs in the middle of a tooth if, you don’t apply any effective or immediate remedy on them.

Grown of Wisdom Teeth:

Having wisdom teeth or misalignment teeth is another commonest reason for an unbearable toothache for ample people. Wisdom teeth are those teeth which usually fail to break through the gum, like regular teeth and sometimes grow against the way of other teeth in the gum line.

According to the dental analysis, wisdom teeth could give you major pain issue than other common toothache type and sometimes, drag you towards the surgical way for a permanent cure.

Infection at the Root:

Infection at the root or tooth abscess would turn another common reason for an unbearable toothache to some person.

It is often found that people get infected on some delicate parts of their teeth and the lack of curing attempt could make such infection even worse day by day which soon turn into an unbearable ache to the infected area.

The pain turns more excruciating when it occurs at the root of a tooth, as sometimes, root infection not only damages the tissue of your teeth but also the bones of mouth as well, over time, which causes highly intensive ache on the infected area.

Possible Other Reasons for Toothache

Besides these common and possible reasons, there are some additional reasons too, which often initiate mild to an exhaustive toothache in a person, like-

  • Long and untreated temperature sensitivity, which often occur after 30-40 of an adult, particularly if, you let the sensitivity widespread in your mouth for long
  • Unhealthy dental habits could also give you a toothache at some stages when the unwanted junks pile on your dental area and provide an infectious circumference around
  • Improper brushing could also give you tooth pain at some point, especially, if you use hard or extra-hard bristle brush roughly to clan your teeth
  • Lack of flossing is one more possible reason for a toothache, as less flossing allow to pile fungal or bacterial infestation in your mouth and give you some teeth pan related issue over time
  • And having gingivitis or gum inflammatory disease could be another common reason for a toothache in some infected people.