How to Get Rid of Toothache: #11 Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Toothache at Night

Toothache at Night

A toothache is painful at any time, but the symptoms become more unbearable to a person when it occurs in the middle of the night or causes night-sleep disturbance to anyone.

Unfortunately, despite applying several remedies or some preferable prevention, some toothache turn ugly at night and give us the wildest bad time of life throughout the whole pain experience until you get complete cure from it.

Reasons for a Toothache at Night:

There are some particular reasons always work on increasing the intensity of a toothache at night and they are-

  • Cavity
  • Broken teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Sinusitis or ear infection
  • Pulpitis

In all cases, the sleeping posture increases the blood circulation in the infected area, when we lay on a horizontal way, that’s why the pain intensity often get worse at the night.

Also the mental focus or concentration fuel the pain deepness in a sufferer more intensively, as during the daytime, we keep ourselves busy in some regular deeds, but at the night, the whole concentration focus on the painful area, especially after going to the bed and it often leads us towards deep tooth pain in the night.

How to Deal with a Toothache at Night:

Until you find a permanent solution to your toothache problem, you must apply a few tricks to keep the pain controllable or moderate at the night, so here we are providing you a few techniques in this regard, let’s apply them and be in command of your toothache expertly-

  • Brush your teeth at night after completing your meal and floss regularly, to keep the mouth food particle free on the infected area
  • Use some mild mouthwash before going to bed, as mouthwash helps to flush out the bacterial or other ineffectual particles out of your mouth at the whole night
  • Use a cup of warm salty water if you don’t have any preferable mouthwash in your hand and rinse your mouth regularly, especially before going to bed
  • Try to fix the medicines of your toothache at night, before sleeping, it will give you extended relief through the whole night
  • Try to use cold compress with an ice pack at the damaged or infected teeth before sleeping, it will make the pain mild for a couple of hours
  • Don’t consume too hot or too cold food at night, as it increases the possibility of a toothache at night hugely
  • Try to elevate your head than your lied-body weight with the help of some pillows as this will keep the blood circulation process optimistic for the infected teeth
  • And apply home remedies on teeth before going to sleep and clove oil, peppermint tea bag, garlic, etc. are some most effective items in this regard.