How to Get Rid of Toothache: #11 Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Dull Toothache Reasons and Remedies

What is a Dull Toothache?

Varieties of toothache issues could occur in our teeth which are different from intensity to reasons, among them a dull toothache is one kind.

When the throbbing or radiating sensation in a tooth starts with a mild note and then gradually reach to the extreme level that dental problem is known as a dull toothache in the medical field.

Usually, dull toothache occurs due to untreated dental cavities and high sensitivity on some teeth which often end up with receding gums. So, let’s see the possible reasons for such dull toothache along with the prevention method in this regard-

Reasons for a Dull Toothache:

There are only some specific and particular reasons always work behind this type of a dull toothache in a patient and they are as follows-

  • Cavity infestation
  • Caries&mdash in a tooth
  • Receding gums
  • Teeth grinding
  • The growth of wisdom teeth
  • Teeth injuries
  • Consuming foods which are harmful to teeth
  • Bacterial infestation
  • Unclean teeth or irregular dental care
  • Deficiency in calcium content
  • Disturbed tooth enamel
  • And due to any kind of allergy or infection

Remedy of this Toothache:

To prevent such dull toothache from occurring try this simple prevention method carefully-

  • Clean your teeth regularly
  • Follow each teeth cleaning method daily from brushing to flossing
  • Limit your sugary food intake
  • Maintain healthy oral hygiene
  • Take a dental checkup every year from an expert
  • Stop ignoring dental problems
  • And try to apply the proper medication in every dental emergency before it turns a serious reason of a dull toothache.