Can Lice Survive in Hot and Cold Temperature?

Can Lice Survive in Hot Temperature?

It has been proven that hot unbearable scorching temperature could kill head lice in an effortless way. Because of this possibility, dry cleaning is considered as one of the efficient lice cleaning process of all time! But, here is a little confusing part we often face that though head lice couldn’t stand against high temperature like laundering but, how could we proceed that kind of temperature to our head on a sensible condition! As the perfect temperature to kill every single louse of your head need 125 ̊ F temperatures to bear.

Such high temperature like laundering couldn’t get through a hand-held hair dryer and we can’t apply any other repulsive heating process to our head as it may result in scalp burns or serious wounds! So, you can try the dry-cleaning process to get rid of your head lice but firstly, get them out of your head with a comb. Lice could hardly survive in high temperature only for a few minutes, so throw them into your dryer in the full heat after dragging them out of your hair safely ;).

You should remember here one thing that, heat process could apply on your head directly in some cases, but there you need to cover up your scalp with a thick layer of hair solution, and never wash your hair with lukewarm water or cold water after the hot therapy. Let it work for at least half an hour and cover your head with a plastic wrap if possible, after getting the therapy, it will help to reach the heat near nits and nymphs along with lice.

Does cold Outdoor Temperature Kill Lice?

Several people also ask that do the outer cold weather or freezing temperature could kill lice? Well, here should remember that any kind of outer circumstance or temperature couldn’t harm head lice as long as that temperature is bearable for you! But, if your separate lice from its host then, any kind of outer temperature would be deadly for them whether it is freezing or scorching. But yes, the cool temperature could compel them to hide inside your hair and near you scalp more intimately, as this way lice keep themselves humid by our body temperature.