Difference between dandruff and lice

Dandruff and lice both are a curse to our hair and both are embarrassing to have at any cost. Though they seem a bit similar at some point, but, there are several differences in between these two troubleshooting parts, let’s check out some of those differences

Lice vs Dandruff – How to tell the difference

  1. Lice are some kinds of contagious parasites which are feed from human blood via their scalp; but dandruff is an autonomous scalp condition, in which you will get flaky skin on our scalp.
  2. Having lice is itchy at any time as they stay close to the scalp for all the time, but dandruff gives you itchy feeling only when your scalp if dry.
  3. Though nits and dandruff resemble alike but, lice are totally different from dandruff once they get matured or hatched from eggs.
  4. Though both the problems are infectious, yet lice are more sensitive in this matter and you need to keep your personal objects away from this infectiousness. Along with your head. But, in the case of dandruff, head intimacy couldn’t bother you for a single moment!
  5. Dandruff could never come with the inflammatory scalp, while lice could bring your inflammation at some point of itchiness.
  6. One of the most mentionable differences of these two is that dandruff could affect adolescents or adults, but lice attack the scalp of young people and kids, for the utmost times!