How do we get head lice ?

How to Do We Get Infected by Lice?

Lice only can infect you if you get close to an already infected person’s head, as head intimacy is an initiative for lice to crawl from one person to another! So, avoid any kind of direct contact with the person who already has lice in his or her head. Remember that the reason of lice infestation doesn’t relate to the cleanness or hair length, they always find a room to your head as long as there are possibilities to suck blood from your scalp, no matter it is from dirty or hygiene surface!

One more thing we should mention here that lice not only go one head to another, it also could spread through your clothes or some stuffs which are used on your hair, like comb, hat, or hair accessories. That means you should shun any kind of intimacy from the lice infected person and keep yourself away as much far as you can if you don’t want to be infected by these disgusting parasites!

How do we get head lice and how to get rid of head lice

  1. Head Intimacy
  2. Its not about dirty or clean hair
  3. Sharing Personal stuff
  4. Kids are prone to get infested with head lice
  5. If they wont get enough food they cant survive and no more infestation too

How Do Lice Spread?

Lice don’t have any wings as we mention several times and thus, they couldn’t fly from one head to another. So, if you get infected or have lice in your head then it must spread in some other ways. Like, you or your kids got intimated with some already infected people; you wore some personal objects of that infected person such as hats, helmets, caps, etc. or use some nonhuman elements through which lice could spread as in comb or hair brush.

Sometimes, despite keeping a minimum distance from a lice-infected person, we get these small parasites in our hair! So in that case, we will recommend you to avoid going such places too, if possible!

link suggestion: Where do lice come from – health line.

How Far Can Lice Jump?

Lice can’t jump as in they can’t fly as well, but they only crawl at the speed of 9 inches per minute. So don’t get nervous to get a little closer to your lice-infected friend, as if you can keep your stuffs a little away along with your head, then, there are possibilities of not to get contaminated by lice at some points!

How contagious is lice?

Once you get infected by lice, it is very hard to get rid of such bad bugs easily, and you have to apply different types of remedies to get remedied from different types of lice form, like lice eggs, nymphs, mature lice or nits. Among these processes, what we need to be conscious about is that any of our applying methods doesn’t harm our skin or hair in any condition! For this reason, a few dermatologists suggest to pick lice from our head and then apply those killing process.

To pick or separate lice from our head we have to know how to contagious lice off the hair and drag our lice eggs along with nymphs. Take a look at that procedure in step by step method-

  • Firstly, clean your hair with a lice-shampoo and detangle all the knots from your head.
  • Now, bring a nit-comb which must have fine-tooth and place the tooth of your comb right at the scalp of your head.
  • Then, drag it out firmly in just one stroke and flick it on the floor.
  • This way, cover the entire head and keep shafting your hair after a few while.
  • Don’t forget to flick or check every single time after combing your hair out.
  • Some people prefer to pick lice with their hand, for that process, you need to keep your kids’ hair dry.
  • Now just impose your kid in a place with bright light, shaft hair from one side to another and start picking lice, nymphs or nits as soon as you find them.
  • Mentionable here that, these are the time-consuming process to contagious lice, apply these only if you have enough time in your hand.