How to Check for Lice ?

Head lice are one of the weirdest things of our life which could ruin our entire hair with their irritating presence. People, who are infected with these parasites, are literally disgusted with the presence and again & again infestations of these bugs! They could catch the symptoms of having lice on their head easily but, some of us or a few children or firstly infected teenagers could face a bit of difficulty to recognize that they are contaminated by lice. Thus, you need to know a few apparent indications of having lice, which will help to confirm you of their existence on your head, right! So, let’s check out some of those specific symptoms of having lice in your hair or in your child’s hair-

How to check for lice

  1. The primary stage of having lice is an itchy head, so if your child seems to itch his or her head more than a common time, it is must be a matter of concern.
  2. After getting the first indication was your child’s hair with your regular shampoo, and apply a light conditioner at the end.
  3. After that, bring a nit comb which has fine-toothed and comb out your child’s hair thoroughly.
  4. During the combing time, place the bristles of your comb right at the root of every hair strand and drag it out firmly to the ends of his or her hair.
  5. Don’t forget to detangle the hair before doing this process, or it wouldn’t end up with its expecting result.
  6. We will suggest you wear a white color cloth or use light colored dress to drape your child, as it will help to catch every single louse to find if they will come out of your hair.
  7. Also, sit in a room where the light is really bright or under the sun directly.
  8. Check for the every single part of your child’s head, particularly on the lice-prone areas like below the ears, or at the nape of your neck, etc.
  9. If you are searching for the nits or eggs then, check near the hair follicle about 5-6mm to 3-4mm away from the scalp.
  10. Validate the teeth of your nit comb after each stroke if there are any of them; simply kill it with your finger’s nail.