How to Prevent Lice Infestation ?

Tips to Prevent Head Lice:

Catching or killing or applying remedies is not enough for controlling head lice if you don’t apply proper prevention from these parasites. Hence, let’s discover what we should do to apply such anticipation from head lice-

  • Find out the source of your lice infestation, and take proper protection from that person. Though lice couldn’t fly, but they could crawl and this crawling could happen only during the head intimacy.
  • Consequently, you or your children have to keep themselves away from that infected person, if you don’t want to get head lice again, once you get remedied from them!
  • Don’t share your belongings which relate to hair or head like combs, brushes, hat, hair accessories, etc.
  • Clear your cloths, pillow covers, and bed sheet hygienically, once get cured of
  • Clear your comb with soapy water or vinegar solution after remedied from this crisis.

Link: What will work and what wont on head lice prevention – mayoclinic

Lice Removal – How to Catch lice

To get the lice, follow the similar process as we mentioned for the checking but here you need to be more focused here, as once this is confirmed that your head is infected with lice, you don’t have any other chance without getting remedied from such nuisance parasites! Check out the proper path of catching head lice from your child’s hair-

  • Apply any kind of wet substance on your or your child’s hair, which is infected by lice. You can use a lice cleaner pack, a lice removal shampoo, or a conditioner, anything you want!
  • These soaked materials will moisture the hair root and loosen the clutch of each louse by preventing the gluey substance for a few minutes.
  • Now, comb out the lice with a metallic nit-comb and never forget to detangle your hair before using this nit comb.
  • After every single stroke, scrutinize the bristle closely and thrash the comb in the floor firmly, if you found any louse or nits or nymphs into it.
  • Now, when you get a number of lice in front of you, drown them in a pot with alcohol or vinegar.
  • You can also catch lice with dry combing process, or individually pick louse with
  • If you have nits’ problem more than lice then, keep repeating the comb therapy for a whole week, as nits take 7-10 days to hatch.
  • But these are a little time-consuming procedure, so apply the wet-hair or wet-combing process to catch lice in the quick method, particularly when you are dealing with a child!

Prevent Lice and Nits

  1. Sterilize your daily wears and upholestry
  2. Dont share your comb and personal stuff
  3. Keep your house, carpet and pillow cases clean
  4. Often give a check for lice
  5. Avoid tangling hair with friends
  6. And beyond all lice is very common and not much to worry about