6 Effective Home remedies for stretch marks with FAQ

Stretch marks are our worst nightmares, as they prevent us from wearing certain clothes which we want to flaunt in front of everybody. These off colored streaks or stripes that manifest over the skin are mainly due to the result of weight changes or sudden stretching of the skin. They are very common in post pregnancy and become one of the major concerns for the mothers. Various other factors that lead to stretch marks over the skin include hormone replacement therapy, puberty and obesity. The most common locations of stretch marks are the thighs, waist, hips, lower backs, buttocks, arms, and breasts.

Home Remedies for Stretch marks
Home Remedies for Stretch marks

How are these stretch marks formed?

Our skin consists of three layers namely Epidermis which serve as the outer layer, Dermis which serves as the middle layer and Hypodermic which is the innermost layer. During the expansion and contraction of the skin, like in the case of pregnancy, the connective tissues get stretched due to which stretch marks start developing in the middle layer or dermis. As the skin stretches, collagen present in it weakens and so the elastin fiber of the skin starts to tear. This leads to scarring of the skin in the form of stretch marks.

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

There is no possible way you can avoid getting the stretch mark during the pregnancy and whatever cream and lotion that promises to prevent it during pregnancy are misleading. You can only aim to fade it away after pregnancy is over.There are various home remedies that can help in fading away the stretch marks from the body and they include:

1. Potato Juice

Potato Juice is one of the most rapid and cheapest home remedies for fading stretch marks. Being rich in starch it has emollient properties that have a soothing sensation on the skin. It as loads of antioxidants and phytochemicals, such as polyphenols and carotenoids, while also having loads of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B, C, magnesium, calcium, and zinc, etc. it stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis, thus fades away the stretch marks. You can use potato with cutting thick slices of potato and rubbing it gently over the affected area. Rest it for a few minutes and wash it using lukewarm water.

2. Alfalfa

You might know alfalfa for its weight loss properties, but did you know that it could help you from getting rid of those dreadful stretch marks. Being rich in vitamins like Vitamin E and K, and amino acids it can cure stretch marks effectively. Vitamin E fights against the harmful free radical that destroys the collagen present in the skin, thus curing the stretch marks completely. You can use Alfalfa by mixing powdered alfalfa with chamomile oil and making a thick paste. Apply it to the affected area and rest it for 15 minutes, after which wash it off using lukewarm water.

3. Egg Whites

Egg White is really a simple yet effective home remedy for curing stretch marks. It has a huge quantities of Vitamin A and collagen, thus provides our skin the much needed suppleness and firmness. You can use eggs by taking egg white from the egg and mixing it in water, after preparing the mixture, apply it on the affected area and rest it for around 15 minutes. After the said time, wash it off with water.

4. Home Made Cream made with Cocoa and Shea Butter

Home Made Cream made using Cocoa and Shea Butter has loads of vitamins and antioxidants which prevent the free radical damage to the skin. Vitamin E being a very powerful antioxidant helps in combating against cellular damage and repairs the skin from inside. You can use this cream by melting a little amount of shea and cocoa butter in a small pan and adding Vitamin E oil to the melted mixture. After mixing it well to make a cream and apply it to the affected area.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous remedies for curing stretch marks. The gel present in the aloe vera leaves is known to heal wounds and repair skins, while being rich in compounds such as collagen, it makes your skin supple and elastic. You can use aloe vera leaves by extracting aloe vera leaves and applying it on the affected area, after resting it for few minutes wash it using cold water.

6. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice serves great when it comes to removing tan lines from the body. Being a rich source of compounds like Ascorbic Acid and alpha hydroxy acids. Ascorbic acid is known to promote collagen formation in the body and so cures stretch marks effectively. You can use lemon juice by rubbing it on the affected area and resting it for few minutes. After that, the area should be washed using lukewarm water.

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