Turmeric Home Remedies for High BP & Cholesterol

Turmeric for High BP:

Turmeric is rich in vitamin C and E that help to decrease the pressure in our blood vessel and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease naturally. The curcumin compounds of turmeric bring the best positive effect on our blood vessels which force to maintain a proper blood circulation process for all the time. Let’s see how to use this yellowish spice for treating high blood pressure innately-

  • Take ¼-½ tsp turmeric powder twice a day through your daily food and slowly increase the doses if needed for lowering the unmanageable high BP from your vessel.
  • You can take turmeric supplement as well to include the curcumin properties in your body.
  • Try to drink 1 or 2 cups of turmeric tea daily to get an instant effect on your high BP and to discourage it naturally!

Turmeric for Cholesterol:

The curcumin compounds of turmeric help to lower the bad LDL cholesterol from our body and the richness of antioxidant properties suppress the increasing cholesterol level naturally. Turmeric not only holds back the LDL cholesterol production in the liver, but it also prevents the cholesterol absorption in the guts and diminishes it from our blood as well! Let see how to see how to use it –

  • Take 500-600 mg of turmeric through your daily food and try to consume it with liquid content.
  • Thus, turmeric tea twice a day or one glass of turmeric water could help you more dynamically here than, including this yellow spice in your cooking preparations.