Yogurt for Hair

Yogurt for Hair Nourishment:

After validating the outstanding command of yogurt over skin cells, let us enlighten your knowledge on how this same ingredient is beneficial to the health of our hair! The inside lactic acid compounds of yogurt always nourish our hair and provide a strong growth in an uninterrupted way.

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Now, let’s check out how yogurt works for the goodness of your hair with a few other favorable kitchen ingredients, take a look-

1. Yogurt and Egg for Dandruff:

An egg is loaded with protein and several vital nutrients along with a few beneficial enzymes, which benefit the health of our hair in various ways. Both parts of an egg nourish the growth of hair and soothe scalp problems along wiping out the dry or fungal skin type by resolving the dandruff issue proficiently, especially while merging with yogurt. Let’s see how to prepare and use this pack at home-

  • Firstly, break open one egg into a bowl and add 2 tbsp of unsweetened thick yogurt in it.
  • Now, beat the whole thing with the help of a fort until it turns into a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on your dry hair along with the entire scalp portion and let it work for half an hour.
  • After that duration, wash your hair by loads of normal water and then use a mild shampoo to drag out the pack entirely from your hair.
  • Use a light conditioner after washing your hair though your regular shampoo and pat dry with a soft piece of cloth.
  • The best thing about using yogurt with egg is that it gives you relief from the odour of egg but provide you the protein treatment professionally!

2. Yogurt and Honey for Dry Hair:

Honey is rich in antibacterial properties along with natural moisturizing compounds, which humidify dry hair and promote healthy scalp type innately. Honey, the natural humectant works as an effective conditioner, when amalgamating with yogurt, and help us to obtain smooth or soft hair type for an extended period. Let’s check out how to prepare this pack and how to apply it easily-

  • Take 2 tbsp of plain yogurt and 1½ tbsp of raw organic honey in a tiny mixing bowl.
  • Now add a few drops of coconut oil into that bowl and beat them up finely.
  • After getting a thick and smooth paste of them, apply the pack on your entire hair along with the scalp areas.
  • Massage the hair and scalp for a few minutes and let the pack work for 15 minutes over your hair.
  • After that, wash it off with your regular shampoo and pat dry gently.

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3. Yogurt and Avocado for Smooth Hair:

Avocado is rich in moistening properties that nourish, beautify and promote our hair in a positive way. The best thing about using avocado for hair is that this beneficial fruit smooth or supple our hair amazingly, which no other readymade product could do! Avocado work to smoothen your dry hair more proficiently, while merged with yogurt. Let’s see how to use them jointly-

  • Take out the inside pulp from the ½ of a fully ripe avocado and mash it up with the backside of a spoon or ladle.
  • Now, take that mashed avocado into a small bowl and add 3-4 tbsp of yogurt into it.
  • After that, include 1 tbsp of raw honey and beat the whole thing for a few seconds.
  • When it turns into a thick and smooth paste, apply the pack on your hair and massage thoroughly.
  • Wait for 20 minutes and then rinse it clearly from your head.
  • Apply this pack once a week and you will get a desirable hair type within a month!

How to apply avocado for healthy skin and hair.

4. Yogurt and Black Pepper for Silky Hair:

Black pepper works as a natural conditioner when applied to our hair and give us a magical effect on hair fall issue. It also aids to delay hair graying process with its natural color ingredients. Black pepper could provide us a hair type that is silky as chiffon when merged with yogurt. Let’s see how to prepare such effective pack at home-

  • Take 100 grams of unsweetened yogurt along with a 1 gm of black pepper powder in a bowl and beat them up with a spoon.
  • Now, apply that paste on your dry hair as well as entire scalp and massage it evenly.
  • Then, wait for an hour to work for the pack on your hair and when it seems all dried, wash it off with plain water first.
  • After that, use your regular shampoo and watch out the silkiness of you’re here after just one application.

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5. Yogurt and Curry Leaves for Hair Fall:

Curry leaves are filled with antioxidant and amino acid along with essential nutrients, which diminish hair fall extremely! The abundance of iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein, and carbohydrate make these spice leaves as a stimulant for growing hair as well, which works more spectacularly while merging with yogurt. Let’s see how to make this pack at home-

  • Take one cup of Greek yogurt along with a few curry leaves into a blender and blend them well.
  • After getting a thick paste of them, take it out in a bowl and sprinkle some crushed & dried neem leaves over the top.
  • You can blend them along with the rest ingredient as well if you want!
  • After stirring them finely apply the paste on your head, especially on the scalps and gently massage for a few seconds.
  • Now, let it dry on your scalp for 10-15 minutes and finally was it off with your regular shampoo.

6. Yogurt and Olive Oil for Shiny Hair:

Olive oil is rich in fatty acid that helps to cover the hair tube and make the root stronger of each your hair. The natural compounds of olive oil hydrate hair, and give your hair an unimaginable shine or glow that you always have desired! This kitchen component works as the best homemade conditioner ever when mixing up with yogurt. Let’s check out how to apply this pack on your hair-

  • Take 1 cup unsweetened yogurt and mix 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil into it.
  • Beat them finely and apply it on your washed or wet hair.
  • You can try it on your dry hair as well! However, after massaging this pack on your scalp for a few times, leave it dry for 20 minutes over your hair.
  • Finally, rinse the pack off with lukewarm water and dry your hair gently with a soft towel.

7. Yogurt and Amla Powder for Hair Growth:

Amla works for various benefits when it comes to the matter of hair. It is enriched with numerous good nutrients that promote hair follicles, fight free-radicals, wipe out dandruff possibilities, and work as an anti-microbial component for our hair. It functions as a perfect hair-growing solution when merged with yogurt. Let’s see how to use them jointly for an immensely favorable hair pack-

  • Mix ½ cup of plain yogurt and 2 tbsp of gooseberry or Amla powder along with 1 tbsp of curry leaves powder in a bowl.
  • Beat these ingredients until they form into a thick paste and then, apply it on your already washed or wet hair.
  • Leave it on your hair for 20 minutes and after that duration; wash the pack off with lukewarm water.

8. Yogurt and Apple Cider Vinegar for Healthy Scalp:

Homemade hair packs naturally use to nourish the scalp and hair roots optimistically and if you are seeking for an ingredient that benefits both sides equally, then apple cider vinegar is that best thing to choose here. It contains antibacterial and antifungal, properties in a high amount that balance your hair, cleansing skin, detangled all knots and nourish your scalp from every possible way. It leaves positive effects on your scalp more dynamically while merged with yogurt to make a hair pack. Let’s check out the making procedure below-

  • Take ½ cup of yogurt in a bowl and add 1tsp of apple cider vinegar along with 1 tsp of raw honey into it.
  • Stir them well to make a thick paste and apply that paste on your entire scalp as well as hair.
  • Now, keep it untouched for 15 minutes and let the pack work on the roots of your hair during that period.
  • After that duration, wash your hair with an organic shampoo and pat dry gently.

9. Yogurt and Fenugreek for Dry Scalp:

Fenugreek seeds and yogurt for dandruff and dry scalp

Fenugreek or methi leaves seeds are one magical ingredient to combat dandruff or any other dry scalp problems and help us to achieve a less-problematic scalp naturally. Seeds of this spice are loaded with several beneficial minerals like magnesium, potassium, along with a few good nutrients, which not only clear dandruff from our scalp but, fight any other scalp issues proficiently. Whether it is yeast, eczema, oily scalp or fungus, fenugreek seeds are equally effective on every single trouble. It manages the problem of dry scalp and controls excessive hair fall when a mix-up with yogurt. Let’s see how to prepare this pack-

  • Make a thick paste of fenugreek leaves or prepare 1tbsp of fenugreek seeds’ power first.
  • Now, stir it up in ½ cup of and beat finely.
  • When you get a smooth paste of them, apply it on your entire scalp and massage well.
  • After waiting for 30 minutes, wash your hair with normal water, and then, use a mild shampoo on your head.

10. Yogurt and Onion for Regrowing Hair:

Onion is an impressive element to promote hair growth, control hair fall and most importantly regrowing your hair. Onion juice is rich in antioxidants properties, along with some beneficial nutrients, which help decomposition hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles and restore the normal hair grow cycle naturally. If you can use yogurt and onion jointly then, you can achieve a silk-n-shiny hair type with the flawless scalp. Let’s see how to merge them perfectly-

  • Take 2 tbsp of unflavored yogurt and 1 tbsp of onion juice in a mixing bowl.
  • Now, stir them well and apply the paste on your hair evenly.
  • Don’t forget to massage some paste on your scalp as well, while applying it on your hair!
  • If you are not comfortable with the dairy smell of yogurt, mix a few drops of essential oil into that paste and then, apply it to your hair.
  • However, after waiting for 15-20 minutes, rinse the pack off and wash your hair with a soft organic shampoo.

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11. Yogurt and Hibiscus for Healthy Hair:

Hibiscus has been used for centuries as a great component to beautify our hair naturally. The richness of vitamin C and amino acid, make it skilled at taking care hair growth, hair health and hair fall proficiently. Hibiscus manage frizzy, unmanageable hair and revitalize them with a whole new look. This herb work to strengthen your hair root spectacularly when you amalgamate its leaves and petals with yogurt. Let’s check out how it works-

  • At the initial stage, grind hibiscus 1 flower and 4 leaves in your grinder until they transform into a fine paste.
  • Then, take out the paste and stir it well with 4 tbsp of plain yogurt.
  • After getting a smooth paste, apply the pack on your whole hair and leave it there for an hour.
  • After that duration, wash the pack off with lukewarm water and then shampoo your hair finely.

12. Yogurt and Banana for Moisturized Hair:

Banana is loaded with fiber, which could revitalize the radicals of our hair and increase the thickness innately. The best thing about using banana in a hair pack is that it rejuvenates frizzy or brittle hair, and reduces the problem of thin hair rapidly. This product works as a natural hair–moisturizer while amalgamating with yogurt and makes a superbly beneficial pack for our hair. Let’s check out how to prepare it-

  • Mash ½ of one ripe banana with the help of a masher or blend it smoothly in your food processor.
  • Now, mix this paste with 1 tbsp of plain yogurt, 3 tsp of raw honey and 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice.
  • After beating them up finely for a few second, apply this pack on your hair and scalp thoroughly.
  • Wait for 20 minutes, and when the pack seems all dried up completely, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  • You can use than some organic shampoo along with some light hair conditioner on your hair, once the pack is totally wiped out from your head!

Take Home Message: 12 Ways to use Yogurt for Healthy Hair and Scalp