Diseases of Arteries:

Diseases of Arteries

Arteries are one of the intricate systems of our body, and thus any kind of smallest disruption in this delicate structure could bring several minor and major health issues in our body. The illness of arteries initially categorized into two apparent criteria like acquired artery diseases and congenital artery diseases.

  • Acquired diseases mostly involve heart-related blood vessels along with coronary, aorta and pulmonary arteries
  • While the congenital diseases other important arteries including reproductive and extremities arteries

However, sometimes, congenital artery problem include coronary vessels as well and could occur in the tiny age of 5 years or less than that, while the acquired diseases diagnosed in mature people for various reasons. Here are some common and possible reasons for having artery diseases in a human body-


  • Disruption in arterial blood flow
  • Having vascular injuries
  • Prone to diabetes mellitus
  • Undefined and excess body weight
  • Consuming unhealthy foods consistently for a long while
  • Excessive smoking
  • Extreme alcohol consumption
  • Consuming high sodium regularly
  • Blockage in windpipes
  • Suffering from stress and anxiety for long, etc.