Feeling Thirsty All the Time? Quick List on Possible Reasons

Feeling always thirsty is one kind of minor health disorder which is called Polydipsia in medical term. An unquenched thirst could bother you more than your imagination when it continues consistently.

There are some health issues or obvious reasons you can always find behind this never-ending thirst. All you need to do is just find out the real cause, solve the issue, and cure the problem of its root.

Here are some possible causes we are referring in this regard. Let’s check them out and discover why you might be searching for a glass of water consistently-

1. You have Diabetes Symptoms:

Dehydration is a common symptom of diabetes, so if you ever find out that your thirst doesn’t quench properly at any time, go for a diabetes test immediately. When diabetes hits our system, it prevents our body from producing enough of the hormone insulin.

This hormone aids to keeps our system hydrated naturally, hence deficiency of insulin drives us towards dehydration. Sometimes, some of the human system able to make sufficient insulin but the diabetic syndrome averts them from using it properly. The excessive amount of glucose buildup in diabetes usually leads us towards this never-ending thirst symptom evidently.

2. Your Body is Dehydrated:

Sometimes our body gets dehydrated from outside and leads us towards unfulfilled thirst. Too much of sun contact or spending time out under the direct sunlight for a long while could lead this issue in our body.

In winter-prone countries, people love to spend their daytime under the direct sunlight, especially during the summer. On the other hand, in the scorching countries, people like to spend their outdoor time under the sun during winter. In both cases, there are possibilities to get dehydrated, when you have been out in the sun for too long.

3. Your Salt Intake is Excessive through your Regular Diet:

Taking too much of salt through your foods could actually push you toward dehydration unexpectedly. Sometimes, even an unquenched thirst could occur in your body even before you are being declared a diabetic.

Salt usually pulls out of our cells after digestion and compels the system to conserve as much water content as possible. These water-deprived cells ask for more water repeatedly by sending a chemical message to the brain. This way out thirst never goes end as we keep looking for a glass of water after every small while.

4. You have Xerostomia Syndrome:

Xerostomia is a dry mouth issue that often ends up with a never-ending thirst or constant craving for drinking water. This is an uncontrollable dryness of the mucous membranes in our moth cells. According to the medical analysis, this dryness happens because of the reduction of the flow of membranes.

Sometimes, even due to the change in the composition of saliva in our mouth cells. This could be happened because of the excessive consumption of tobacco products for the long term. In addition, marijuana, stress, anxiety or normal aging process could also lea this dry mouth problem to your body expectedly.

5. As a Pre-Menstrual or Menstrual Syndrome:

The time before the period occurs is called a pre-menstrual session and this time a women body could run from several unusual issues. Polydipsia could be a just a symptom of this time and even sometimes during the menstrual cycle as well.

Depending on the theory, during the periods, the estrogen and progesterone levels can affect the fluid volume of a women body effectively. Ladies, who suffer from the excess fluid or blood loss issue during their menstrual cycle, face the thirst issue as a suitable compensatory for their system.

6. You have a Thyroid Problem:

The thyroid is the common issue of these days, where every 1 of 4 people detected a thyroid patient and this thirst issue is one of their common symptoms. In this health disorder, when the butterfly-shaped gland produces imbalanced emission of a hormone, there are many signs occur in our body.

An uncontrollable or consistent thirst is one of the commonest symptoms in this regard. Imbalanced in fluid emission means, sometimes the gland produces too much of hormone at once, and sometimes release extremely little fluid in amount. Both of these emission types lead you towards an unquenched thirst in thyroid over time.

7. You are Suffering from Chronic Stress:

Stress or anxiety also could work as a reason for dehydration and unquenched thirst over time. It has been observed that people, who suffer from chronic stress often, have the issue of excessive thirst for a long period. Stress pressurizes our glands to under-function and keeps the blood pressure level extremely low.

This situation leads you towards dizziness and sometimes consistent thirst. According to the medical analysis, thirst is the simple trick to include more water to your blood to raise the blood pressure normally. That’s why in stress or anxiety, our body needs water and feels thirsty more often than the regular time.

8. You are Consuming Foods much with Diuretic Effects:

Sometimes a bad diet plan could make up drink water more and more often than a certain regular period. Consuming food with diuretic effects is one of those bad habits which lead us to this never-ending thirsty issue.

This type of food makes us urinate more frequently and thus increase the thirst excessively. Asparagus, celery, parley, etc greeneries; lemon, melon, tangerine, etc. fruits; and beets, ginger etc. root crops are some avoidable items in this regard.

Although these crops contain a huge amount of nutrient values, thus don’t cut them off entirely from your diet, just amalgamate them with the compatible items. Fluid-rich foods and crops are the best to pair with these diuretic foods to avoid such dehydrate quality smartly.

9. Low-Carb Diet and Low Absorption:

If you are following a low carb diet for a longer period, there could be a possibility of having unquenched thirst gradually over time. This type of diet plan makes us lacerate our carbohydrate intake through our regular food.

Carbs usually absorb as well as cling to more water content than the other nutrients like protein or fats. As a result, when we take fewer carbs for a long while, we urinate more often and that spikes the thirst excessively for never-ending dryness.

10. Painkillers and Medication Results in Dryness:

Bad medication habit could also bring us dehydration and unquenched thirst due to the habit of dry mouth. Some medicines like anticholinergics, diuretics, painkillers, etc. come with some potential side effect and mouth dryness is one of the common symptoms of harmful medications.

Occasionally, we change our medicines or sometimes we don’t have to take such medicines for long and the always-thirsty problem would solve itself then over time. If you can’t change your medication habit or replace the medicines, you must contact a health expert in this regards, before it’s gone out of your hand.