Healthy Brain: 10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

A healthy brain is a boon of healthy living and you can keep yourselves away from several health issues if you follow a perfect food regimen from very earlier.

Studies also claim that a good eating habit could hold the aging process of our brain for an extended period, despite the sequential aging process of the other parts of our body!

A well-functioned brain will make us feel enthusiastic for any goals that come our way, as well. If you feel confused that what kind of food would be good for the health of our brain tissues then, let us guide you with these below-mentioned items, which could boost your brainpower positively-

Best Boosting Foods for Brain Health:

Boost your brain power best foods for healthy brain and memory power

1. Whole grains are the natural sources of glucose that can produce an adequate amount of energy for our brain cells. The brain cannot function perfectly without its required boost, as the quality of concentrating or focusing directly comes from that energy which is essential to start any work!

Whole grain products are not only rich in glucose content, but they also contain a low amount of GI, which keeps releasing the nutrient slow yet steady to your bloodstream throughout the whole day, once you consumed them! Granary bread, rice, pasta, brown rice, wholegrain cereal are some of those kinds.

2. Oily fish, yes heard it right, oily fish indeed could improve the health of your brain tissues optimistically! Medical journals have narrated that deficiency of DHA fatty acid could increase the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease in our brain.

Oily fish is the natural source of DHA and EPA fatty acid which could be found in the omega-3 fatty acid of such oily fishes. These DHA and EPA fats also aid to handle mental stress as well as produce an ample amount of serotonin along with good mood brain chemicals to our brain cells. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, pilchard, kippers, etc. are some fishes that could help you in this attempt.

3. Nuts are rich in vitamin E nutrients which are efficient to combat several brain disorders naturally. According to health experts, the sufficiency of vitamin E helps to combat cognitive decline, especially in aged people.

The best part of including nuts in your diet regimen is that they could treat your appetite too, along with better brainpower. Walnut, peanut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, etc. are some beneficial items in this endeavor.

4. Seeds are one more advantageous item to incorporate in this attempt, which is rich in vitamin E as well as ample zinc. Zinc is a highly effective mineral that can enhance our memory and thinking-skill positively.

Some seeds are also enriched with stress-bursting magnesium content as well as vitamin B and tryptophan nutrients, which play an important role to produce the good-mood chemical serotonin in our brain tissue.

Pumpkin seeds are the most effective one in such endeavor, and apart from this, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, etc. are some other beneficial seeds for better brain function.

5. Blueberries are a brilliant component to include in your regular food to achieve a better brain system. The richness of anthocyanins property, which is a protective compound, benefits our brain tissues commendably.

Research says that the good nutrients of this dark juicy berry fruit defend our brain from oxidative stress ad diminish the symptoms of shortage memory loss problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

It has been observed that blueberries also sharpen the learning capacity of a human being as well as in four-leg creatures. That’s why; including at least 1 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries in your daily diet could benefit you remarkably to obtain a better brain function.

6. Tomatoes are another good item to incorporate into your routine for the goodness of your brain function. This red and juicy vegetable is the natural foundation of antioxidant properties, which protect us from any kind of free-radical damages to the brain cells and diminish the possibilities of dementia that could turn into Alzheimer’s later.

To escalate the decency of tomato in the betterment of brain tissues, try to take it in a cooked form in olive oil with your regular foods.

7. Broccoli is rich in vitamin K component that is renowned to smarten up cognitive function and positively develop brainpower. Research also found that broccoli contains a high amount of glucosinolates compounds that are also very beneficial for obtaining a sharp brain function.

The good properties of broccoli sluggish the breakdown of some essential elements in our central nervous system and constructively sharpen the brainpower. Try to take this highly favorable veggie with daily salad or cooked vegetables for improving the health of your brain supremacy.

8. Sage is a wonderful item to escalate the strength of our brain optimistically. This herb is skilled to improve the reputation of memory and the concentration of our brain cells.

Health experts claim that essential oil, made from this herb works more dynamically to the betterment of brain cells and forces them to work it properly for a long while.

However, a few experts think that you can eat some fresh sage also through any cooking preparation, just make sure that you are sprinkling sage leaves at the end of cooking, to protect the favorable oil in this product.

9. Vitamin B-rich foods are always one magnificent item for a better brain condition. When we refer to vitamin B, it means vitamin B6, B3, B12, and all the beneficial vitamins that belong to the B category along with the folic acid component.

These types of nutrients reduce some bad compounds from our blood and this way, they reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease normally from the brain of aged people.

Studies also have found that people, who take vitamin B components in more amounts have less brain shrinkage comparatively! Thus, increase the intake of B-rich food in your regular food, like, leafy green vegetables, fish, eggs, lean poultry, etc.

10. Brainpower supplements are a great thing to add to your regular diet to get the goodness of several vitamins and minerals in one clever way.

No doubt, following a perfect diet chart is always beneficial for anyone but, if you can’t maintain a well-nourishing food chart then, taking some favorable vitamin supplements would definitely be a stupendous idea to build up a fully nourished brain tissues naturally.

Mentionable here that may be taking a vitamin supplement is a good idea for those, who have unbalanced diet plans, but one should always consult with a professional health expert before finalizing any brainpower supplement on their daily regimen.

Best Foods for Brain Healing:

Our brain’s healing power is as essential as a proper brain function because it gives our brain the strength to prevent brain deterioration and any mental disorder optimistically! Lets’ check out some of those foods which are especially skilled in this attempt of healing the brain damages and solve it spectacularly-

  • Green vegetables are rich in folate, and vitamin B nutrients that lend a hand to break down the arterial walls in our brain cells. This way, they wipe out the possibilities of the escalation of homocysteine chemicals from our brain, which may drive dementia later. Dark green veggies are more advantageous in such cases to improve brain function.
  • Cocoa is a natural source of antioxidant properties, which kills stress and solves Alzheimer’s symptoms smoothly. Try to take the cocoa powder in your health drink regularly and take it absolutely sugarless way if possible.
  • Garlic is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, which are equally effective in the aging process of our brain cells and combat any kind of infection in our brain tissues. Try to get this highly effective kitchen ingredient in raw form to get the best result on brainpower.
  • Red wine is a tasty yet healthy supplement that benefits us in several ways. It is also a natural source of antioxidant properties that improve the skills of our brain along with reducing the cholesterol level from our blood vessels. Try to take a small amount of red wine regularly before going to bed, for a better outcome of this home remedy.
  • Tea is a natural booster that invigorates our energy level, increases metabolism, and spikes our mind as well as cognitive abilities manually! Any kind of tea is rich in antioxidant properties and catechizes, which escalate the blood flow and keep the brain tissues healthy as long as possible. Try to take 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening to get the vigorous effect from this habit!
  • Pomegranate juice is a hale and hearty thing as we all recognize, but you will be glad to know that this ingredient is also skilled in combating free radicals naturally! The affluence of antioxidant properties keeps our mind active throughout the whole day, once you take it on a daily
  • Olive oil is another healthy component to include in your daily routine for the goodness of your brain cells. This healthy oil is capable of maintaining the perfect condition of our nervous system, which makes this item so priceless for sustaining a sharp brain function innately. Try to use at least 2 tbsp of olive oil daily in your cooking preparations of salad dressing.
  • Dark chocolate is another healthy yet tasty thing to include in your regular diet if you are seeking to obtain a good brain condition naturally. It is also rich in antioxidant properties along with high flavanol properties which aid for a forceful blood flow in our brain cells and improve the cognitive function in old people swiftly. Try to take at least 4 grams of dark chocolate daily in the daytime to better your brain tissues.