Does Chlorine Kill Lice?

Yes, it is true that chlorine kills lice by drawing them in a suffocating way. But, we are wondering why people always keep asking this same thing again and again on the matter of killing lice!

Cause, there are almost thousands of way to kill head lice in a harmless way, so why do we pick such repulsive process to kill them out? Cause, killing lice using chlorine not only destroy those tiny parasites but it also could damage our hair, eyes, skin or scalp with an unbearable inflammation.

Note: Chlorine in swimming pool or water wont kill lice. We suggest home remedies and treatments are better than chlorine.

But, there is an easier way to kill head lice with this deadly ingredient in a safe method. To do so, drag out lice with the help of a nit-comb and arrange a bowl of chlorine beside you.

Now, after combing them out of your head, simply flick lice from the nit’s bristles and then drawn them into that bowl.

Mentionable here that though chlorine is only effective on adult lice, and it doesn’t bother lice eggs or nymphs from any aspect!

However, try to get a professional instructor to use such harmful element like chlorine, for any kind of personal use, whether it is for killing head lice or any other purposes.