Do Electronic Combs Remove Lice and is it Safe for Kids?

An electronic lice comb is probably the newest process to destroy head lice in a harmless and chemical less way. This type of comb has recently hit the market that lends a hand to kill not only the adult lice but remove lice eggs and nits as well!

These combs have metallic teeth which are powered by one A4 battery that produces electrical vibration to kill a louse. To watch out how does it work or how it could kill lice or nymphs or eggs in your hair, then just try it out once on the lice-infested person and see the magical effect of this contemporary gadget! To try it, combing your dry hair with this electrical nit comb, when the teeth encounter a louse in your hair, it murder that louse by zipping it with electrical shock.

These electrical combs are absolutely safe to use on your kids but the point is that this comb really works well to get rid of head lice? Look, though you can apply this process decisively on your or your kids’ hair but, this is one of the most time-consuming methods to remove lice. Hence, kids are more unwilling to apply this procedure to other easy and rapid solutions. This electrical nit comb also couldn’t work properly on thick or curly hair, so be certain that you can use such comb on your matter, before purchasing this one from the market!