Why Lice are Itchy and Do they like Dirty Hair?

Why are Lice Itchy?

Itchiness is the commonest symptoms of having head lice and some of the curious people often ask that why our scalp feel so itchy during the existence of head lice! Well, it happens because of the allergic reaction to the saliva concealed by an adult louse or nymphs. This reaction occurs when lice bite our scalp to suck blood.

Monkey and Lice:

Monkey checking for lice and nits

Monkeys and lice share a very intimate relationship indeed, as they not only infested by these tiny parasites but they also used to eat these bugs too! We have been seen it several times that monkeys are grooming and eating lice from their partners or kids’ fur. This process allows their family to keep parasite-free in a different way and offers them a tiny nutrition benefit in such natural manner!

Do Lice like Dirty Hair?

Lice get infested when people have head-to-head intimacy with the person who already has lice problem. Once lice crawl into one’s head, it doesn’t bother whether the host has clean hair or dirty, only one thing they always seek and that is how to suck blood easily through the scalp. Well depending on this method, we can assume that lice may prefer clean head to infest or grow their family rather than unclean or filthy circumstance! Because dirty head prevents or provide obstacles on their blood sucking process and as a result keep them hunger in a natural way.

Though, mentionable here that they don’t like dirty hair, yet is has been heard that head lice like to stay in the head with long and straight hair rather than short or curly hair!