17 easy Home Remedies for Dry skin with Aloe Vera Almonds

Dry Skin Causes and Symptoms

Dry skin can appear any where in your body which is unpleasant and embarrassing. If the person is much dusky or black then the condition is even worse as the dry flakes seem to be inĀ  grey in color which shows off bold out from their skin color.

If you skin is dry it means that the environmental exposure of your skin peels away the healthy fatty acid layer coating on your skin , Which puts you skin at the risk of skin inflammation or dermatitis and infection. While in a normal skin the fatty acid layers protects your skin from dry air and dry heat. In some rare cases it could be result of menopause in women or genetics or cause of hypothyroidism. What ever taking perfect skin care in the early stages could prevent you from serious health hazards.

Reasons of dry skin

  • Winter
  • Dry air
  • Harsh chemicals in soap and shampoos
  • Choosing moisturizers
  • Hot water bath from prolonged period
  • Aging

Avoid Prolonged hot water showers

I guess you know that natural oils from our body coat layers of our skin from harsh conditions but taking hot showers or soaking you body in water for a long time will wipe off those coating from our skin. And having a hot shower and early morning walk in chill dry air causes double level damage to your skin.

we don’t mean to suggest you to have a bath in cold water rather just go for lukewarm water which could be soothing and relaxing for your soul and doesn’t put you at the gates of dry skin. After pat and dry with towel you can apply moisturizing lotion to add protective layer to your skin.

How to use moisturizers

When you found yourself having a itchy skin or dry skin, by time now you could have tried more than 2 moisturizers for you skin. But Most of us do a common mistake while using moisturizers we apply on our dry skin and watch the lotion to do wonders, hmm.. actually we should apply the lotion to lock the moisture while the skin is damp.

Choosing moisturizers : Mostly go for thick and greasy moisturizer which is free from alcohol and it is much better to choose a non perfumed moisturizer. And yes with such specification it also comes cheap in hand.


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