18 Best Foods and Home Remedies for Anti-Aging Skin

Wrinkles always frighten us, no matter it comes at which age! Men or women, all desire to flaunt young eternally but, visible aging process on their face is the key obstacle in their aspiration.

Some people use anti-aging pills and some apply anti-aging creams to hold the tightness on their skin, but the result couldn’t delight them completely, as anti-aging remedies always should affect both internally and externally.

Studies have been proven that healthy-eating habits and home remedies could bring us more satisfactory result on anti-aging process than other medications.

Thus, we are suggesting here some beneficial food along with a few effective home remedies providing the anti-aging skin type naturally, check them out-

Required Vitamins for Anti-Aging:

Some vitamins or advantageous nutrients play an imperative role to bring anti-aging quality to your skin, thus, they are taken as a vitamin supplement to carry an envious skin type for long!

Dermatologists also recommend increasing the intake of the natural sources of those vitamins through their daily foods. Let’s check out the top most beneficial vitamins along with their usability for achieving a flawless skin type-

  • Antioxidants are the most effective nutrient to get of aging signs from your skin. This single component prevents free radical agents from our skin cells that cause fine lines on our skin. This nutrient also provides a shield for the skin damaging UV rays of the sun, which is considered a vital cause of skin aging.
  • Vitamin C is an effective vitamin for fighting the signs of skin aging. This nutrient plays an important role to revamp free-radicals and avert them from initiating the aging process. Research has been proved that when pollutant environment, damaging sun ray, and some unhealthy habits steal the natural glow or tightness from our skin, vitamin C giving back all the healthy qualities of our skin swiftly and slow down the aging process than its normal speed.
  • Vitamin E is actually one kind of antioxidant that defend cell membranes and hold the enzymes’ indemnity that related to the aging process. According to the new age dermatologists, this nutrient holds free radicals, prevent them from damaging skin cells and slow down the normal skin aging cycle from a human body. This vitamin also provides a shield to our skin from the harmful sunray that often causes of skin aging or cell damaging.
  • Selenium is one type of mineral that aids us to prevent skin cancer and increase the elasticity power of our skin cells. It is also noticed that selenium also works for the hardening of oxidation tissues which lends a hand to tighten our skin cells naturally. Experts say that take this mineral through its natural sources for achieving the best anti-aging quality than getting it via selenium supplements.

Best Foods and Diet for Anti-Aging:

A healthy diet or some nutritious foods could keep you ahead in the way of achieving anti-aging skin type naturally. Thus, skin experts say that ‘eat well to stay beautiful’ and a precise diet followed by some healthy foods would be the best attempt in the process.

Let’s check out what kinds of foods work optimistically in this endeavor of skin tightening process, which will help to decide a healthy diet chart as well-

  • Fibers rich foods are one of the best items to include in your diet to achieve tight skin type effortlessly. Fiber, especially the dietary fiber could ease the bowel movement and keep your digestive tract well functioned. This way less constipation provide fewer skin issues, lower the blood pressure and reduce the inflammation of skin cells that work positively to reduce the aging signs from our skin. Whole grains and legumes are two high fiber foods that work superbly in the attempt of anti-aging process.
  • Antioxidant-rich foods refresh the skin cells, minimize the damage cells, slow down the aging cycle, renew the skin enzymes, and make your cells younger looking than their real age. The best part of using antioxidant as an anti-aging nutrient is that you can apply it in both internal and external processes. Green tea, blueberries, etc. are some beneficial foods in this endeavor.

  • Vitamins rich foods are one more helpful category to work as an advantageous element to provide you anti-aging quality naturally, apart from antioxidant-rich Skin cells utilize various types of vitamins to solve various skin issues, which fortunately delay the aging process and hold the skin tightness for an extended period. Vitamin E, C, D is three top most nutrients which benefit our skin cells more spectacularly than other nutrients. Fruits, green vegetables, yogurt, etc. are some recommendable items here.
  • Omega-3 rich foods are the best product to include in our daily diet to achieve an envious skin type with tight cells. The EPA and DHA components of omega-3 acid balance the blood circulation process and fight the free radicals to reduce the skin aging signs from our skin. Oily fishes and nuts are two top most sources of this nutrient which help you proficiently in this anti-aging attempts.
  • Foods in high lycopene could protect our skin cells from damages and revamp the impurities magnificently. This compound mostly found in sour fruits or vegetables and work more effectively when using Apply smashed tomato or puree of some sour fruits on your skin on a regular basis to keep the anti-aging process sluggish for long.

  • Minerals rich foods are one brilliant category to incorporate into your daily regimen. It gets swiftly absorbed in our skin cells, make it flexible, fulfill the skin impurities and expertly decelerate the normal aging process of your cells. They also provide a guard against wrinkles and make you younger looking naturally. Broccoli, spinach, walnut, pomegranate, etc. are some mentionable items here.
  • Healthy oils beautify our skin, smoothing fine lines, and cater an extra protection from free radicals which directly slow down the aging process by lowering wrinkles from our surface! Olive oil, castor oils, etc. are some effective oils in such endeavor to treat the aging cycle optimistically.

  • Water based foods or water sufficiently could reduce the wrinkles and fine lines from our skin naturally. The balance of water in our skin manages the radical effects and thus, this single component plays a vital role in the attempt of reducing wrinkles or aging signs from our cells. Watermelon, aloe vera gel, tea, etc. are some highly effective items here apart from mineral water, so try to amalgamate these things as much as you can in your daily diet. Remember that consuming 6 liters of water daily is a key of healthy and tight skin type!

Home Remedies for Anti-Aging:

Besides a healthy food habit, some home remedies could bring you a satisfactory result on the control of wrinkles and fine lines from our skin. Let’s check out their excellence and using process as anti-aging products in this narration below-

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is a highly beneficial herb plant that could benefit use in plentiful ways. The inside compounds of ale vera gel escalate the construction collagen, tighten fine lines, help you to get sagging skin type, and rejuvenating the cells by detoxifying the junks from our cells. you can tighten your wrinkles superbly with this single product, whether it is applying on your face, under eyes, or neck portion! Let’s see how to use it-

  • Firstly, extract some gel from a freshly harvested aloe vera stalk in a small bowl, and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of organic honey along with 1 tbsp of milk and a few drops of rose water.
  • Combine all the ingredients well and apply the pack on your face with a thick coat.
  • Wait for 20 minutes and when you feel a stretchy feeling, wash the pack off with lukewarm water.
  • For under eyes wrinkles, apply the raw aloe vera gel and take off the gel similarly after a certain period.

Exercise and Yoga:

Exercise and yoga increase the blood circulation to our entire body cells and boost our system with revitalizing the skin cells in natural ways. Thus, we often prescribed to stay young and healthy by following these two processes! Applying some expensive creams or effective face packs couldn’t provide you a pleasing skin type if you don’t follow some healthy habits in your daily life, and trying a few yoga poses or workouts would definitely the best attempt among them!

Exercise makes your body rejuvenated, and yoga makes your skin look younger day by day! Stretching, cardio exercises, and facial exercise are top three criteria in an exercise which help to achieve toned skin type naturally. On the other hand, kapal bhati, meditation, and simhasana are three top yogasana which work more efficiently in the process of reducing wrinkles from our body.

Ginger and Garlic:

Ginger is rich in anti-aging benefits because of the richness of antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties has made this root spice so much efficient as one of the best elements as anti-aging remedies. Garlic is a great component that is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with antifungal and antiviral compounds which have made this item superbly competent to solve the aging problem naturally.

  • Add 1 tbsp of grated ginger along with 1 tbsp of raw honey into 1 cup of hot distilled water and let them set there for 5 minutes. Now, stain the water and enjoy the solution as a regular tea with small sips.
  • To use garlic as an anti-aging component, eat 2 0r 3 garlic cloves daily in empty stomach. Follow this routine for 10 days continuously and you will get a wrinkle free skin type soon.

Coconut Oil and Castor Oil:

Coconut oil has some miraculous effects on skin cells to resolve thousands of skin impurities naturally. This healthy oil is rich in saturated fatty acid, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin E, antifungal compounds and antimicrobial properties. This oil helps to retain enough moisture to your cells for a long period and tighten the skin surface naturally. On the other hand, castor oil is loaded with antibacterial, antioxidant and omega-9 fatty acid, along with some skin-beneficial vitamins and minerals. These elements aid to wipe out fine lines and wrinkles from our face and brighten the skin tone magically. Let’s take a look at the using process of these two oils-

  • Take some melted coconut oil on a cotton ball and gently apply it on your entire face. let it soak there for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • To reduce the wrinkles from under eyes area, apply some raw castor oil with the help of your fingertips and massage in a circular motion. Let it work for 10-15 minutes and then wipe out with a rosewater soaked cotton ball gently.

Essential Oil: 

Essential oils are the natural source of several skin-beneficial qualities and anti-inflammatory properties are one of the best compounds of this element! After watching its magical effects on wrinkles and fine lines, essential oils sometimes are called ‘anti-aging oil’!

If you are looking for a DIY product to use as the best anti-aging serum with other skin benefits then, using essential oil is the best method for you. Try to utilize these advantageous oils through both internal and external methods.

Sweet almond oils, apricot oils, avocado oils, argon oils, rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate oil, lemon oil, sandalwood oil, rosemary oil, etc. are some highly recommendable oils in this regards.


Fasting, especially the intermittently fasting is an effective way to combat aging signs proficiently. Studies have been confirmed that fasting allows your skin to flushes out debris from cells and balance the calorie in your body by restricted its intake amount through skipping meals! It has been also noticed that fasting boosts our immune system along with slowing down the aging cycle magnificently. Try to make a precise fasting routine by précising the days of your intermittently fasting.

Jojoba Oil:

The affluence of anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties, along with vitamin E, vitamin B complex, chromium, silicon, copper and zinc in jojoba oil has made this essential oil one of the robust anti-aging products around us. Let’s check out how to use it for controlling age signs from skin surface-

  • Clear your skin with normal water and pat dry first.
  • Now, cover your entire face with a thin coat of jojoba oil with the help of your fingertips.
  • Try to keep your massaging motion upside while applying it on your face and let it dry on your face for 15-20 minutes.
  • After that, wipe out the coat with a soaked cotton ball and tap dry with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Try out this solution 3-4 times a week and you will get a toned skin type shortly!

Oil Pulling:

Oil pulling is the most excellent method for anti-aging treatment that reduces the fine lines from our surface more effectively. This is basically a detoxification process, which drags out the toxins, bacteria, and dead cells from our skin and allows it to rejuvenate in a natural way. Oil pulling not only makes your skin looks surprisingly younger but, it also helps your cells seem glowing than ever!


Detoxification is a clever way to make you skin younger looking, thus, flush out the unwanted toxins from your cells applying some natural processes and get a flawless skin type naturally. Detoxing process allows flushing out all the harmful chemicals and increases the blood circulation to our vassals. These procedures initiate fresh and younger cells into your skin and make you look younger than your real age!

Applying Detox water, antioxidant-rich products, vitamin extract on your skin directly would Detox your cells naturally. On the other side, red pepper, blueberries, brown rice, leafy greens, quinoa, lean protein, cinnamon, etc. are some of those products which could help you tremendously to detoxify your system through the inner way.

Tips and Lifestyle for Anti-Aging:

To get an envious younger looking skin type, you must follow a low-profile lifestyle with some healthy habits. Let’s check out some favorable lifestyle tips for achieving anti-aging quality with surprisingly younger looking skin without any extra effort-

  • Do some exercise daily
  • Eat loads of high nutritious foods regularly
  • Go to bed and weak up early to give your system at least 7-8 hours of rest in every single day.
  • Eat less spicy and more healthy foods
  • Detoxify cells frequently
  • Include foods in your diet that come with –anti-aging quality
  • Drink antioxidant rich drinks regularly
  • And apply some homemade face packs that could tighten your skin naturally.

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