#10 Home Remedies for Migraines – Feel Light and Relaxed

Get rid of migraines: A migraine is that a primary headache or neurological disorder, which could occur for various reasons, and sometimes being unbearably painful for human beings! This illness may drive such high intensity that sufferers could get nausea, delicate sensitivity to light and sound, severe pain, etc. Initially, migraine happens in a low intensity, but if you don’t treat this disease seriously then, you may have bigger issues later! Readymade painkillers could relief you temporarily but, applying home remedies is the best process to get rid of this illness completely. Here are some greatly beneficial home remedies for this crisis in this article below, but before that, let’s check out the real color of a migraine along with its causes-


  • A migraine could happen for exactly what reason is still unknown according to the medical terms but, generally, it happens for a few health disorders.
  • Hormonal changes are one frequent reason behind migraine of 50% women. Those women face migraine difficulties during their periods.
  • Some people have this trouble because of their poor quality sleep or over the stress of works.
  • Any kind of emotional trigger could also be the reason of migraine pain like anxiety, tension, shock, depression or any kind of excitement.
  • Some people having their migraine pain after a long or distressful jet lag.
  • Hypoglycemia or low blood pressure problem also may lead this pain in your head.
  • Dehydration of any kind disordered meal could drive this pain in your head.
  • Taking caffeine products over than a normal percentage or having any kind of harmful food than its normal level could cause an unbearable migraine pain instantly.
  • People, who are already suffering from this trouble and come under a bright light, flickering screen, a loud noise could have this migraine at a high level!

Migraine Symptoms:

  • Once you got affected by a migraine you will have pain on one particular side or both sides of your head.
  • You will feel throbbing or pulse on both sides of your head.
  • Having nausea or vomit tendency is another common symptom of a migraine
  • Some persons have constipation problems during this time along with irregular urination and unusual thirst.
  • Some people frequently yawning and feel stiffness in their neck.
  • Having mood change or depression to euphoria is another common symptom of a migraine.
  • Some of the victims have aura too during migraine pain.

How t get rid of Migraines Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Migraines:

1.Acupressure Points for Migraine:

Acupressure is that medicine technique in which one kind of physical pressure is applied to a certain acupuncture point to get relief from the pain. This treatment is used to get rid of the miserable pain of a migraine for several times. This technique works even better than any other allopathic medicine if you know the exact points of this process! Let’s check out top 5 points of acupressure to get relief from migraine pain at home-

  • Third Eye Point:

The third eye point which is known as the GV 24.5 is an important section of our body to treat a migraine with this acupressure treatment. You need to stimulate the central point between the eyebrows with firm yet gentle pressure for one minute and then leave it a go!

  • Bright Light Points:

The bright light point is known as the B2 which is located t the inner corner of eyes. That bone which surrounding your eyes above the eyelid, press jointly with your index fingers for whole one minute. If you are going to stimulate both sides separately then, do it for one minute on every single side.

  • Nostril Point:

Nostril point which is known as Ll20 is another significant location to apply this treatment. The outer side of each nostril press with deep and hard pressure and circle the pressure for the next one minute.

  • Below Ears Point:

Below ears points are known as GB20 and two great pressure points which are used for migraine acupressure treatment. Find those exact points first and then, place your two thumbs on those two points. After that, gently cup your skull with both of your hands and use two thumbs to massage the points with firm pressure.

  • Central of the Back of Head Point:

This point is also known as the wind mansion point or GV16 in medical terms which are located in the central of the back of your head. Find out the exact point and then put a deep and stiff pressure against that point with your one hand for continuous one minute. This kind of acupressure works spectacularly for those sufferers, who are suffering from a stiff back problem during the migraine pain.

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2.Caffeine for Migraines:

Caffeine could play the important role to both cause and cure of a migraine, but it is up to you that you are choosing this product for which purpose! Having products with caffeine in an over percentage could be a reason for a headache as we all know, but did you know that this same product actually could help you to get rid of this headache like a migraine? Well, it has been proven that caffeine is 40% more effective than any of readymade migraine medicine to control the miserable pain! Thus, several health experts prescribe a migraine sufferer to take a cup of coffee before bed or whenever headache torture them. Caffeine provides an unbelievable boost to the whole body and reduces the inflammation from our head.

3.Best Diet for Migraine Sufferers:

Foodstuff or food habits could control a migraine on a high percentage thus, following a strict diet is necessary for all the migraine sufferers. Strict diet chart always contains some foodstuffs which benefit them and some food which should avoid them, let’s check these things out-

Food to eat:

Brown rice, green vegetable, cooked orange vegetables, cooked yellow vegetables, dried non-citrus fruits, and plain water, are those things which you can eat enormously after having this illness. Broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, collards, etc. are best things to eat as a green vegetable. Cherries, cranberries, pears, prunes, etc. are some beneficial fruits to fight against a migraine and some kind of herbal teas also could play a valuable role in this endeavor.

Food to avoid:

Any kind of high-calorie food like chocolates, eggs, citrus fruits, nut, peanuts, meat, and wheat contained foodstuffs, onions, tomatoes, corn, apples, bananas, etc. are strictly prohibited for migraine sufferers. Any kind of alcoholic beverages or drinks, colas, carbonated drinks, etc. are some other mentionable foods which people must avoid when they are suffering from a migraine headache.

4.Grape Juice:

Grape juice is a highly effective cure for migraine pain or to avoid having migraines. While wine or any kind of sweeter beverage can trigger a migraine, only grape juice can help those sufferers with its high nutrient values. Grapefruits contain vitamin C and B12 when the seeds contain riboflavin. All these things work for relieving the headache and preventing the diseases in a natural way.

Though grape juice acts really well to cure this illness, yet avoid purchasing readymade grape juice from the store and it will be better if you can prepare some homemade grape juice by yourself!

  • To make the juice all you just need is that some fresh and ripe grapes.
  • Wash them off with lots of water and make a puree using a blender or masher.
  • Now, cook them in a container for 10 minutes on medium heat, until the paste starts clumping up.
  • Then, strain the beverage with a strainer in a glass and put the glass in your refrigerator to cool down.
  • After the gap of an hour, take out the glass and drink it directly.

5.Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is another magnificent element to get remedy from the miserable pain of a migraine, according to the recent theory. Several sufferers have admitted that they have tasted relief after applying this lavender oil therapy more quickly than any painkiller!

To apply this therapy you need to get 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil on their upper lips and gasped or inhaled the vapor for the next 15 minutes. Lavender essential has been more popular among the utmost sufferers because of its easy to apply process and safe or harmless treatment modality.

6.Yoga for Migraine:

Yoga is another effective process to keep the migraine pain away from your head. There are several effective yogas which could help you in this endeavor, only if you know the right procedure. The most applauding quality of applying this ancient technique is that yoga treats the diseases with a consistent yet effective way that has no side effect at all! Among those various effectual yogas, Hastapadasana, Setu Bandhasana, Balasana, Marjariasana, Adho Mukho Svanasana, Padmasana, Shavasana, etc. are some highly effective ones to cure the migraine pain.

7.Hot and Cold for Migraine:

The Hot and cold pack is another powerful treatment to get rid the pain of a migraine. The best part of this treatment is that you can apply this one with any additional medication or other therapies. Hot or cold therapy actually depends on your pain types.

People, who are suffering migraine for a few days could apply the cold pack to get the best result. They just require having the cold pack on the painful side of their head. This pack will reduce the inflammation by clearing the blood vessels immediately.

If you are suffering from the chronic or recurring ache for a migraine then, hot therapy is the best way to get remedy instantly. A hot pack should apply on the blood vessels to open them up by the heat force.

8.Ginger for Migraine:

Ginger works even more dynamically to control and cure the pain of a headache and migraine. This cooking spice works spectacularly to control nausea or vomiting tendency, which are the common symptoms of a migraine. Sometimes migraine occurs because of the disorder of stomach and ginger give, a relief of this stomach upset completely, which naturally control the possibility of migraine pain automatically! But, pregnant women should not take the raw flavor of ginger to control the migraine pain during their pregnancy.

9.Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus oil is one more mentionable component to control and treat headache of a migraine. Using this essential oil is a gentle and natural treatment for miserable of migraine illness. Eucalyptus oil acts as an expectorant that eliminates the sinus pressure that causes an unbearable headache and many other disgusting symptoms.

To use this therapy, apply a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the chest, back or neck area or on the forehead and let it work. After a few minutes, you will see that this thing opens up the nasal airways and drag away a headache entirely!


Cinnamon is one of the brightest to the element to control the migraine pain and cure it entirely. We usually habituate to utilize this thing in cooking recipes, but you will be wondered to know that how this thing if effective on migraine pain! It has been proven in a recent research that cinnamon works great as an effectual natural remedy to eradicate the headaches and migraine relief.

To make an effective cinnamon pack for a migraine take the below-mentioned procedure carefully-

  • Take a half cup of whole milk and heat it up in our gas oven for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then, add 2 full tbsp of cinnamon powder and bring the milk to boiling point.
  • After that, turn the heat off and add two tbsp of raw organic honey into the milk.
  • Stir them well with a spoon and let it cool to be at normal temperature.
  • Now drink it slowly and you will get a painless outcome soon.


Things to Avoid in Migraine:

Apart from the unsuitable foodstuffs, there are several things which you should avoid too, to get away from the miserable pain of a migraine! Things which we must not apply to get rid of migraine pain are called the triggers and they are, irregular bathing habits, extreme fatigue, getting over stressed, doing extra smoking, having long jet lag, having too much alcohol, having sleeping disorders, eating erratically, doing exercise, insufficient sleep, doing over work in computer or laptop, etc.