How to Use Beetroot for Various Health Benefits

Beetroot is one kind of edible root vegetable that comes in a reddish purple shade and known by different names in a different region; as in radish, table root, beet, red beet or garden beet. This colorful vegetable is loaded with a plenty of good nutrients, like vitamin B6, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, iron, etc. which could benefit our health in various methods! Beetroot is compatible to eat in both raw and cooked forms. This red colored veggie contains beneficial nourishment from its pulp to its husk, and that’s why, people often cook beetroot with its skin, without peeling off! Today, we will narrate you how this single vegetable could promote your health in a variety of ways, check it out-

Health Benefits of Beetroot

1. Beetroot for Hair:

Beetroot contains several vitamins in its little torso which not only profit us inside, but as well as outside too, and use this root veggie for the betterment of our hair is the most excellent instance of that. If you can use beetroot to rinse your hair, you might achieve a naturally dyed hair with a flawless scalp type, indeed! The inside extract of beet and anti-inflammatory compounds could give you relieve from itchy scalp, scalp irritation, or dry scalp problem like dandruff. In addition, the colorful extract could bring you an auburn shine to your hair and keep the grayness away from an extended period. Let’s find out how to use beetroot for rinsing your hair-


  • Mix ½ cup of raw beetroot juice with ½ cup of rosewater and ½ cup of black tea in a mug.
  • Now, massage all your hair with this solution and let it work for the next 10-15 minutes on your scalp as well as hair.
  • After that duration, simply rinse it off with plain water and get the amazing reddish-brown glow instantly!

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2. Beetroot for Skin:

The inside properties of beetroot could help you to achieve a perfect looking skin naturally. The richness of anti-inflammatory properties along with other beneficial nutrients, like iron, vitamins, and minerals provide you a healthy skin type that you have always desired! A glass of beetroot juice could provide you glowing skin tone by purifying your blood from inside. But, you will be wondered to know that juice of this vegetable could also benefit you externally to get a flawless fairer looking skin type with an amazing suppleness if you know how to use it properly! So, let’s check out the process below-

How to

  • To moisturize dry skin type, stir 1tsp of raw beetroot juice in the mixture of milk and honey face pack. Or you can mix all in equal quantity, like take three ingredients with 1 tsp and stir them well.
  • Now, apply this solution on your clear face and wait for 15 minutes to dry it up on your skin.
  • Finally, rinse the pack off with lukewarm water and pat dry gently.
  • To remove any kind of dark shade from your skin or neck or back, apply beetroot juice in ice-cube form.
  • After being frozen into ice-cube of the raw juice of beetroot, rub that cube gently on that dark area for a few while.
  • You can massage raw beetroot juice either with your bare hands, to get the same result.
  • After following this process for one whole week, you will get an outstanding result on your skin for sure!

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3. Beetroot for Lips:

As well as skin, beetroot works very efficiently on our lip cells and aid to achieve a rosy soft lip type naturally. The affluence of antioxidant properties and natural color ingredients of this root veggie benefits our lips magnificently and lend a hand to obtain pinkish soft skin without any chemicals! The natural nutrients of this product also diminish the dryness or cracks from our lips swiftly. Let’s check out how to apply beetroot to get such rosy soft lip types-

  • Take ½ tsp of raw beetroot juice with ½ tsp of carrot juice and stir them well with a spoon.
  • Now, apply that mixture on your lips with your finger point gently and let it work there for overnight.
  • In the morning, wash your lips with normal water.
  • After a few applications, you will get an unbelievable suppleness on your lips with a natural pinkish shade!


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4. Beetroot for Face:

We have already narrated that how beetroot is beneficial for the nourishment of our skin, thus, it is superfluous to say that the same way it is favorable to our face as well! The abundance of good nutrients has made this single element so much efficient to watch out our skin from every probable aspect. Beetroot is hugely appreciated from several beauty experts for its amazing flexibility and effectiveness on various facial problems, like aging, dark spots, dark circles, pigmentations, or dryness. Let’s check out how to use this component on face to achieve an envious skin-

  • To get a fair looking face, mix 1 tbsp of beetroot juice along with 1 tsp of lemon juice and a few drops of raw honey into a mixing bowl.
  • Now apply this pack for 15 minutes on your face and then, rinse it off with plain water.
  • For removing dark circles, apply beetroot juice directly on those affected spots with a cotton ball and wash off after the juice seems dried up completely.
  • To combat blemishes or dark spot on your face, stir 1tbsp of beetroot juice with 1 tsp of tomato juice and apply on the affected area.
  • Wait to dry the solution there and then, rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • To reduce wrinkles or fine lines from your face, blend some beetroot pieces and make a thick paste of them first.
  • Now, coat your face with that paste and let it dry for 20 minutes.
  • After that duration or after getting a stretchy feeling on your face, rinse it off clearly with normal water.

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5. Beetroot for Diabetes:  

Beetroot works very effectively for controlling diabetes as well. The high amount of fiber in this root vegetable benefits a diabetic patient hugely. The abundance of other favorable nutrients like potassium and folate are also equally effective to diminish the sugar content of one’s blood! Studies show that beetroot juice is loaded with two positive nutrients which are called betalain and neo betanin. These two nutrients aid to reduce the glucose level and increase the insulin sensitivity of our body that directly lowers the diabetes symptoms from our body. Though beetroot contains a small amount of sugar content, yet the rest good properties of this object immensely promote our health by controlling diabetes, thus it not a bad idea to include this effective thing in your daily diet, despite being affected by diabetes! Let’s see how to use it-

  • Peel off two or three medium sized beetroots and cut them out into small pieces.
  • Now, blend them into your food processor and take out the thick paste into a bowl.
  • After that, extract the juice from that blended beetroot into a glass, mix some distilled water in it, and drink it directly in the empty
  • Follow this regimen for 2 weeks continuously and you will get a positive effect on your diabetes symptoms shortly!

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6. Beetroot for Anemia:

Anemia generally occurs because of the deficiency of hemoglobin in a person and could bring plenty of bad effect in our health, as weakness, suffocation, palpitation, etc. Daily intake of beetroot could increase the iron compound in our body that improves the hemoglobin count sufficiently. The richness of antioxidant, vitamin A and vitamin C also help to escalate the blood flow in or vessel and reduce the possibilities of anemia naturally. Let’s see how to us beetroot for treating anemia innately-

  • Peel of one tender beetroot, cut into small pieces and add them to your salad regularly.
  • You can also boil those pieces and take them with a salt-pepper-lemon touch if you don’t like the raw taste of this root veggie.
  • Beetroot works more efficiently to achieve a better health when be taken as juice form. So, prepare some juice from fresh beetroot and take it daily in the morning in the absolutely empty stomach.

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Beetroot for Acidity:

Beetroot is as superbly effective to solve the acidity issue as well and skilled to reduce the alkaline effect from our stomach rapidly! The anti-inflammatory properties of beetroot cut down acidity from out digestive tract and reduce the unbearable feeling of heartburn swiftly. Let check out how to use this red vegetable to control the trouble of acidity-

  • Mix ½ cup of beetroot juice with ½ cup of cucumber juice and drink it out through large sips.
  • You can also try some salads containing beetroot in a large amount; just make sure that you are swallowing it only after chewing each and every bite finely, to get a rapid effect on your acid reflux!

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7. Beetroot for Blood Pressure or Hypertension:

Blood pressure and hypertension is a bad symptom in our health that could initiate other dangerous diseases including heart disorder in our body if you don’t tackle it properly! Studies have found that beetroot extract has a potential effect on reducing blood pressure and curing hypertension. The richness of dietary nitrate aid to relax and widen blood vessel which basically allows the blood flow to maintain an extended way to pass on and this way offer us a better future for our heart health!

Take one glass of beetroot juice every morning in empty stomach for 1 month continuously. You can also incorporate this red vegetable in your daily salad to get the same positive effect on your growing blood pressure.

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8. Beetroot for Digestion and Constipation:

Beetroot leaves an optimistic result on our bowel movement as well as our digestion system from every aspect. The low-calorie quality along with nutrition-rich excellence has made this component one must-include item in your daily regimen. The high amount of dietary fiber and vitamin B9 force our digestive tract to run properly, and at the same time, soothe the colon inflammation naturally. The healing feeling of colon provides us a bloating free stomach with a proper bowel movement. Thus, this root vegetable not only brings you a smooth digestion but, it could solve the constipation issues as well easily. Let’s see how to eat this veggie to get a perfect digestion system-

  • Peel and cut some beets into cubes and roast them in any healthy oil along with some other beneficial vegetables like carrot, kale, parsnips, etc.
  • Now, take this preparation with any main course meal.
  • You can also cook your beetroot with some tasty seasoning like rosemary, black pepper, and other herbs in olive oil.
  • A scrumptious beetroot salad paired with toasted nuts and goat cheese it another healthy preparation for achieving a flawless digestion process.
  • Grated beetroot is also tasted good and work for a perfect digestive tract with less-constipation Try to dress it with some spicy coating to treat your tongue with appropriate taste.

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9. Beetroot for Eyes:

Studies on beetroot claim that beetroot is an extremely advantageous component for the health of our eyes. The affluence of dietary nitrate in this root veggie compel beet to leave a therapeutic effect on our several organs and cater the healthiest effects on those parts. The inside nutrients of beetroot aid to improve our eyesight and clear our vision proficiently.

You can take beetroot in any desirable form you want but, only make certain that you are taking it regularly through your daily diet. However, taking one glass of beetroot juice is much effective than it’s sliced, grilled or cooked forms, according to the nutritionists’ view.

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10. Beetroot for Fatty Liver:

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Doctors say that beet is a good thing to beat fatty liver! Actually, it does! The high quantity of antioxidant properties flush out all the toxins from our liver and purify the blood naturally. The pectin compound of this beetroot-fund antioxidant drags out the absorbed fat from our liver and force it to run normally as before. It not only diminishes the fatty liver crisis but, also work on the bad symptoms of this disease like nausea, appetite loss, abdominal ache or even jaundice!

To detoxify excess fat from our liver incorporate this red vegetable through your daily food and try not juicing it while you are taking beet for a liver problem. Raw, sliced or baked beet is the best way to eat this root veggie in such matter!

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11. Beetroot for Gallstone:                                                                    

If you have a gallstone and seeking a remedy in a surgery-less way then, beetroot is the most excellent component for you! As well as other liver issues, this reddish colored veggie is effective to reduce the pain of gallstone and diminish the possibilities of gallbladder bother in your near future. The healing properties of beetroot help to thin the bile in your gallbladder and gradually lessen the pain of your gallbladder after a few regular applications.

  • Try to drink 1 cup of raw beetroot juice daily in empty stomach.
  • You can also take beet supplement daily to get relief from the unbearable pain of gallbladder stone and get your live ready from the attack of the gallbladder.

12. Beetroot for Joint Pain:

People with joint pain or arthritis could also get benefited by this single vegetable. The richness of vitamins and mineral along with oxalic acid remove the stored-inorganic calcium from our joints which cause some joint aches and strengthen our bones with its natural calcium properties. Doctors say that intake of a nicely prepared beetroot juice on a regular basis could give you a magical relief from any kind of joint pain permanently. So, check out how to prepare this juice at your own kitchen-

  • Take 3 large beetroots and cut them into small slices, after peeling and washing them properly.
  • Now, take those pieces into a juicer and add 4-6 ribs of celery into it.
  • Peel off and slice 1 inch of ginger root and add into that juicer.
  • Finally, add some fresh mint leaves or parsley leaves and extract the juice smoothly.
  • After taking out the juice into a glass, squeeze half of one lemon and stir the whole ingredients with a spoon.
  • Now, drink this juice with small sips and give your joints a boost instantly!

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