Best Diet for Prediabetes

A pre-diabetic person knows the real trouble of eating less and avoiding tasty food, isn’t it! In prediabetes, food plays the key role, as any kind of extracted sugar content from any food could build up in your bloodstream. Because in this disease, insulin can’t easily move sugar into your cells thus, any kind of sugar spike could increase the annoyance of blood. Only a perfect diet chart with precise nutrients and minerals amount could help you enormously in this crisis! Thus, here we are referring you a flawless diet plan for prediabetic people, for healthy livelihood, let’s check it out-

Best Diet Plan for Pre-diabetes:

Bet diet plan should always depend on the height, weight, and age of the person, whom it belongs to, as we all know! But, to handle prediabetes you should concern about one more thing which is called glycemic index or GI. It is one kind of tool or indicator, which will instruct you whether the food is suitable for a prediabetic or not! Foods which are high in GI are dangerous for prediabetes, but, foods which are high in fiber generally low in GI and good for the prediabetic people. If you want to follow a beneficial diet chart to handle your prediabetes problem then include these items to your diet plan and replace the other delicious food which could escalate the sugar spike in your blood. Check them out-

  • Eat steel-cut oats or cereal in your main meal and replace the instant foods.
  • Stone ground whole wheat bread is another wonderful element to include in your diet chart. It is rich in fiber thus low in GI and brings fewer sugar spikes in your blood while reaching in your stomach.
  • Vegetables are great companions for those people who are suffering prediabetes. Eat as many fresh vegetables as you can but, just make sure that they are not the starchy ones.
  • Beans and peas are some of those edibles seeds which could aid you tremendously in this endeavor, as they lend a hand to control and slow down the blood spike in an innate way!
  • Sweet potato and corn are two other beneficial ingredients which you can incorporate in your diet chart if you are suffering from the prediabetes problem. Try to include these items to prepare tasty snacks that will treat both your tongue as well as your blood sugar level.
  • Pasta is a tasty thing we all know; you can include this item to your diet chart, but make sure that it is made of only whole wheat.
  • If you can’t eliminate some of the food which could increase your sugar level in blood then, simply merge them hugely with some foods which are lower in GI and higher in fiber content. For example, if you have to eat white starch like rice once in a day, then, reduce the amount of rice and take as many green vegetables with it as you can!
  • Leafy green veggies are another valuable food in this case, which could aid to lower the blood sugar level naturally, but remember that seasonal greens could benefit you more dynamically in this attempt.

Healthy Foods for Pre-diabetes:

If you can’t follow a precise diet chart for long then, simply keep adding some healthy foods to your list throughout the whole day. Here we are instructing you a complete list of the healthy and advantageous food to control prediabetes in your blood, take a look-

  • Legumes are very much effective to control and decrease the sugar level thus they are considered as one of the healthiest food to work against the growing sugar spikes in blood. Though, some people avoid them due to the sufficiency of uric acid in their body!
  • Fruits are one greater element to eating to control the prediabetes trouble naturally. But make sure that you only chose those fruits which are low in sugar content and high in fiber. Remember that season fruits are only recommendable here to combat the sugar spike innately, especially those have edible skin.
  • Any kind of whole grain is good for you, if you are suffering from the prediabetes, whether it is what pasta, grain cereal, quinoa or barley, just be certain that you are taking the grain material in without sugar form.
  • Some kinds of protein contents are also recommendable here if they belong from the lean meat category. As in, skinless chicken, lean beef cuts, turkey without skin, etc.
  • Some fishes are considered as healthy food supplement for prediabetes suffers, such as cod, shellfish, flounder, haddock, trout, tuna, halibut, fish etc.
  • Seashells, crabs, lobster, shrimp, scallops are that particular seafood which are recommendable for a healthy diet of a prediabetic.
  • If you love to eat dairy products then, go for the items which are low in fat, like Greek yogurt, fat-free milk, low-fat cheese, etc.

Remember that stay healthy doesn’t mean stay away from foods, as a flawless diet chart should always offer a mixture of tasty and beneficial food items but at the same time, it shouldn’t overlook the matter of healthiness as well!

Supplements for Pre-diabetes:

If you prefer supplements to combat prediabetes, then you must be in the danger of developing period! In such cases, supplements are much more functional than natural remedies, doctors prescribe these supplements to those people, who are unable to control their blood sugar level through dieting! Actually, there is a thin difference between prediabetes and diabetes, prediabetes is a predecessor to the stage of diabetes, in which sugar level turns higher than normal, but not as much as full-blown diabetes! This means, your prediabetes trouble could turn into full-blown diabetes if you don’t handle it wisely.

The supplement doesn’t indicate that they are medical store-bought or market-based! Here we are referring you some natural supplements which help to restore the insulin sensitivity in your blood and reduce the sugar level normally, and the best part is that they emerge with the goodness of natural product. Let’s check them out-

Bitter Melon:

If you want to control your prediabetes in a natural way then bitter melon is one of the best things for you. Bitter melon is basically a vegetable that is considered as a traditional medicine in some countries. The richness of anti-diabetes substance of this product aids to lower the blood sugar level by reducing the glucose concentrations and works as insulin.


Cinnamon is another stupendous thing to manage and reduce the prediabetes from your body. It also works in a smoother way and the best part is the functionality is approved by studies of several renowned medical institutes! It has been observed that 6grams of raw cinnamon taking for the continuous 40 days could reduce your blood sugar level about 20-25 percent without any other medicine! It also helps to increase the insulin level in your blood along with decreasing the glucose level steadily.


Psyllium is a soluble fiber which contains several benefits in one receptacle to treat the prediabetes in a professional way. Studies have proven that psyllium works to lower the insulin level and reduce the possibilities of developing diabetes in an innate way. Try to take 2 tbsp of psyllium daily and you will get a magical effect on your growing diabetes soon!


Fenugreek seeds are one more effective thing to control and reduce the prediabetes from your blood. It is enriched with one rear type of amino acid, which increases the release of insulin in your blood and uptake of glucose content. Studies have found that 2.5 grams of fenugreek seeds twice a day are one of the best supplements around us to tackle the prediabetes level in our body.


Gymnema is one kind of shrub which native to the Asian countries like Africa and India. It is enriched with several natural contents, which helps to lower the absorption of sugar from our intestine. The most applauding part of this element is that Gymnema works for the both type of diabetes in single receptacle! 400 mg of this shrub a day would be a highly effective and efficient dose for any prediabetic person to tackle his or her prediabetes innately.

Sample Diet Plan for Pre-diabetes:

If you are still confused what to include in your daily diet list and what to remove then, check out this complete sample diet plan for prediabetic people, on this point below-

  • Replace the starchy foods like white rice, white potatoes, etc. with whole grain food, especially during the time of afternoon and night.
  • Include fiber-rich food and vegetables in your plate at the day time and replace them with soups at night.
  • Skip junky snacks and oily food from your daily routine and replace them with some fresh fruits or safe dry fruits.
  • Cut the fat from your food as much as you can and then cook them for daily diet.
  • Always remove the skin of your lean fish or meat before cooking them.
  • Stay hydrated all the day and remove by drinking lots of water frequently, any sugary beverage from your daily diet plan.

But, remember that only diet or fat-less food couldn’t help you to fight against the increasing sugar level of blood in prediabetes, you have to do some exercises or yogas as well, to prevent the abundance of sugar and glucose from our blood!

Food to Avoid for Pre-diabetes:

Following a strict diet chart and doing some exercises couldn’t prevent the prediabetes from your body for long if you can’t avoid some harmful foods from your eating list. Let’s check them out-

  • Any kind of starchy food, whether it is the wheat or rice or vegetables. In vegetable, root vegetables are harmful and instigate the sugar level in our blood, like white potato, Colocasia Esculenta, Amorphophallus Campanulate, or any other edible roots are mentionable in this list.
  • Drinks which contain artificial sugar and carbonate should be avoided for a prediabetic person strictly.
  • Any kind of thick and with skin meat is harmful and could be dangerous for the people, who are already suffering from the prediabetes problem.
  • Foods with a synthetic sweetener like pastry, cake, market-based chocolate, brownies, donuts, etc. are like poison to them, who are the prediabetics!
  • Oil based funky fast foods like pizza, burger, plates, sandwiches, or any kind of fries are also strictly prohibited at this stage of diabetes, as this food are low in fiber and high in GI, which directly increase the sugar level in our blood and end up with the level of blown-up diabetes from prediabetes!
  • Alcohol consumption as another big No for the people who are suffering from the prediabetes. If you are addicted to this element then, try to take this element as much less as you can and only twice a week!
  • Red meat is another dangerous thing which you should avoid strictly if you are suffering from the prediabetes problem now!


Can you Reverse Prediabetes?

We have already mentioned above that diabetes has two phrases and you prediabetes in the primary stage of blown-up diabetes. But, the surprising part is that you can actually reverse the pre-diabetes if you follow the instructions precisely! In prediabetes, the blood sugar level or glucose level turn high, but not as much as full diabetes. Now, if you chase the curing process properly by following the diet chart flawlessly, avoiding the trigger foods absolutely and do the exercises perfectly, you can turn back from going into type 2 diabetes in a natural way!

Can Stress be a Reason for Pre-diabetes?

You should know that not only the foods, which trigger prediabetes in your body, a long-term stress also drive this blood sugar disorder in your body effortlessly! If you can deal with the stress for an extended period, it could cause the long-standing lofty blood glucose, which is the main sugar create in the blood and vessels of the main source of energy. So deal with your stress as well as the bad food habits, if you want to live a diabetes-free life!