Best Foods and Home Remedies for Cholesterol

High Cholesterol is a bad disease, which plays the key role in several biochemical processes and brings your various cardiovascular diseases through your blood vessel. Consequently, this is a horrendous illness to have for anyone, and you have to fight strongly for not harboring this disease in your body at any cost! Cholesterol is that kind of problem in which, foods always play the central role and thus, we have to focus on this same issue too, for curing or controlling cholesterol level from our blood. Hence, let’s check out some valuable recommendations of some beneficial foods, which could aid you remarkably in this combat against increasing cholesterol problem, along with some home remedies of controlling this illness inherently, take a look-

Best Foods for Cholesterol:

Ultimate diet chart or some best foods eternally demonstrate their command over any kind of cardiovascular diseases, and it is not exceptional here as well! You will glad to know that there are actually some foods are available in our hands, which naturally reduce the harmful LDL level from the blood vessel and escalate the HDL level. This way, the blood vessels will run properly and you will reduce the possibilities of heart attack or stroke innately. So, find out some best suggestions on this matter and learn how to stay healthy in a delicious way-

  • Beans are a nice choice to include in your diet plan for controlling cholesterol, because of the richness of high fiber content. They also contain cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, thus beans play a significant role to treat this disease in a natural way. Try to eat one cup of fresh beans like kidney, chickpea, black or butter beans with your daily meal, and you will able to reduce the cholesterol level almost 10% lower within a week!
  • Wheat bran is another valuable item to include in your daily food, which you should add to the breakfast meal to get the best effects on your growing cholesterol. Oats bran is also very functional in such cases. Make sure that you are taking at least 25-30 grams of fiber in a day while fighting for lowering cholesterol level from your blood.
  • Salmon is another highly beneficial product which elevates the good HDL cholesterol and reduces the percentage of bad LDL cholesterol from our blood. It is also considered as the most excellent source of protein as well as omega-3 fatty acid, which has made this one a must-include item in your daily food if you are fighting for lowering cholesterol level normally!
  • Dry fruits are one more mentionable item to combat the bad LDL cholesterol in a yummy way! We often hear that dry fruits are not good for healthy because of its fatty content, but the tagline must be ‘very much dry fruits’, as a small amount of mix dry fruits or nuts could actually benefit you to achieve an immune power than harming you’re healthy! Thus, try to take some dry fruits like cashew, almond, walnut, etc. daily and see their magical effect on lower LDL cholesterol from your blood within a month.
  • Greens or green veggies are other most convincible item to incorporate into your daily food to win the fight against the growing cholesterol in your blood. Vegetable greens like spinach, kale, etc. are some valuable products in this matter, which are rich in lutein content. This lutein property of green veggies is skilled to decrease the cholesterol level and make a shield against the muscular degeneration trouble. ½ cup in a day of such green veggies could bring you more satisfaction on reducing LDL level than any medicine, but try to eat them in raw form to get the best outcome!
  • Tea in one liquid product that could help you magnificently in this endeavor along with giving a natural boost to your body. It has been proved in research that tea is filled with anti-oxidant compounds, which force the blood vessel run properly and prevent any kind of clots in the vessels. These antioxidants naturally decrease the cholesterol and keep your vessel relaxed from any kind of stress, and the best part is that tea works in any forms, whether it is in hot/cold or black/green condition!
  • Chocolate, yes read it right, chocolate is another favorable food here to reduce or control the increasing LDL cholesterol level from your blood! But, make sure that you are choosing dark or bitter one to do this job, as the richness of flavonoid antioxidants has made a chocolate one of the most powerful natural remedies to unclogged the arteries without any help of other medication. Try to eat at least 1 ounce of dark chocolate daily could increase the HDL cholesterol as well as reduce the LDL cholesterol consistently.

So, try to start you day with a cup of tea, as much sugarless way as you can; then take a heavy breakfast meal with wheat or oats bran; after that, include beans, salmon and greens in your lunch meal as per the requirement; after a minimum gap of 3-4 hours, you can take some nuts or dry fruits of some dark chocolate pieces as a snack-time delighter; and finally end you day with some other fiber rich food along with a little amalgamation of greens or lean fish or poultry items.

If you can follow this healthy yet delicious diet plan strictly for at least one month, the satisfactory result in the reduction of bad cholesterol will occur in front of you soon!

Fish Oil for Cholesterol:

Fish oil is not a good thing to take if you are suffering from high cholesterol level, as it has been proved that the omega-3 fatty acid raises the Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol level. But, as this omega-3 fatty acid also plays a lead role to reduce the risk of heart attack and decrease the triglycerides effectively, thus it is considerable in a small amount if you are not suffering from high level of LDL cholesterol. Because, it has been seen that fish oil lifts the cholesterol stage in a small tone, but the general impact of fish oil aids to reduce the overall level of cholesterol at the end! However, you should not overlook the drawback part for long and must avoid the additional taking of fish oil as capsules to shun any kind of disorder in the arteries.

Essential Oil for Cholesterol:

If you are a seeker of some natural methods which could help to reduce the cholesterol level normally from your blood then, the essential oil is one imperative thing for you! As, some of these essential oils escalate the emotional stress, improve the blood circulation and provide a huge amount of cardio-supportive antioxidants to our vessels, thus, they often use as the home remedy of raising cholesterol. Lavender oil, rosemary oil, cypress oil, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, etc. are some of the most effective ones among them.

Try to merge some raw drops of your preferable essential oil in one cup of warm water along with some organic honey and drink it as a spicy tea in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cholesterol:

Apple cider vinegar is one more preferable item to use against the raising trouble of cholesterol. This element contains an adequate amount of antioxidants and chlorogenic acid, which provide protection from LDL cholesterol. Thus, apple cider vinegar is considered as one of the effective items to lower cholesterol and triglyceride level from our blood vessels. Though experts say that this element mostly seems functional on animals rather than humans, but a few studies have proved that people, who take apple cider vinegar in their salad’s dressing, face a lower risk of heart disease than normal people.

Worst Foods for Cholesterol:

When we absorb a lot of hydrogenated fats along with refined carbohydrate through our daily food and unknowingly imbalance the level of LDL & HDL levels, cholesterol problem occurs in our blood vessel. Consequently, it is obvious that you need to avoid some foods which lead you towards this type of imbalance in your health, isn’t it? Here we are referring some foods which are worst items and aid to increase the bad cholesterol in your blood, check them out-

  • Fast foods are one dangerous object to eating if you are suffering from high LDL cholesterol level. The richness of saturated fat along with additional fatty content makes these items extremely harmful for your cholesterol level; thus, avoid such thing as much as possible from your daily food chart.
  • Oils are one must-avoidable item to control and reduce the high cholesterol level from your blood. Oils which contain saturated fat like coconut oil, mustard oil, palm oil, vegetable oil, etc. are some of those kinds that could harm and escalate the cholesterol level hugely. On the other hand, olive oil, canola oil, soybean oil, etc. are some good choice instead of those fat-saturated oils!
  • Bakery items like muffins, quick bread, croissants, etc. are some other tasty items you should say goodbye for a perfect cholesterol level, as the high consumption of artificial sugar could harm you immensely and could increase the stress in your arteries.
  • Fatty meats may taste alluring but, they play a very imperative role to increase the bad cholesterol level in your blood, thus it is better to shun these things as much as possible. Pastrami, corned beef, ribs, steak, ground meat, bacon, sausage, processed meats, etc. are some of these kinds.
  • Oily snacks like crackers, chips, cookies, or shortening or margarine based items are other avoidable items here to maintain a healthy cholesterol level consistently.
  • Dairy products are another stoppable item here to control the LDL cholesterol level in blood vessels. Dairy items, especially the high-milk consummated elements like cheese, cream, margarine, butter, or whole milk are more harmful than the low-fat dairy product in such matter.

Are Eggs Bad for Cholesterol?

Eggs or whole egg is not a very bad thing or must-avoidable item for controlling the cholesterol level normally. It is the egg yolk, which brings your trouble in the balance of LDL & HDL cholesterol levels, but remembers that only high consumption of egg yolk a day could lead you towards a dangerous result of increased cholesterol stage. Thus, limit your egg eating cold help you sufficiently and though, the egg is considered as one of the major reason of mild escalation of LDL cholesterol yet, it won’t be a matter of concern for the people with normal cholesterol level.

Home Remedies for Cholesterol:

Although, controlling or cutting fatty meals could help you spectacularly in the attempt of getting remedied from bad cholesterol, yet you also need some helping components too, for curing or remedying from this trouble naturally, right! Thus, some home remedies are always essential for those people, who are suffering from this high cholesterol crisis. Hence, check these simple yet effective items for this trouble, which you can find from some plain domestic geeks, take a look-

1. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon spice is a highly effective item to lower cholesterol level when consumed in raw or direct form. Take at least 1-6 grams of cinnamon powder in your food or as salad dressing and keep the cholesterol level balance all the time.

2.Coconut Oil:

Though oil is a product with saturated fat, but it has been observed that the fat contained in coconut oil is not harmful to any kind of cardiac risk, and actually revitalize your immune organism properly. But don’t take it more than a 5-8 ounce a day; otherwise, it will increase the LDL in a huge amount!

3. Garlic:

Garlic is a beneficial product we all know, and you will be wondered to now that it aids to reduce the bad cholesterol level from our vessels innately! Try to take at least 2-3 cloves of garlic along with a glass of low-fat milk to use them as a natural remedy of rising cholesterol level.

4. Onions:

Onions are one more efficient product to reduce the escalating growth of cholesterol level, and lower the risk of heart disease normally. Try to take one tbsp of raw onion juice daily to get the good effect more dynamically on your blood circulation system.

5. Coriander seeds:

Coriander seeds are another effective item to lower the LDL cholesterol, along with reducing the level of triglyceride instinctively. To get the goodness of this product as a natural cholesterol medicine, boil some seeds in one cup of water and drink that water once or twice a day.

Gooseberry, orange juice, oatmeal, red yeast rice, honey, soybeans, turmeric, eggplant, fenugreek seeds, celery, avocado, etc. are some other mentionable items here to use as natural remedies for escalating cholesterol problem from your body.