Banana Peel Good for Facial Warts: Banana Peel with Tape

Warts, those tiny fleshy mucous membranes or bumps on the skin surface are one more skin issue, which needs to be cured properly; otherwise, they could bring you into serious skin infection!

Banana Peel Remedy for Facial Warts

Banana peel is no less significant that its pulp as we all know; and this theory is proving right once again in the reduction of warts as well. The antifungal and antibacterial compounds of banana peel shrink the wart rapidly and kill the inside viral effect effectively.

Warts mainly occur because of the unusual skin growth and form as a human papillomavirus. Although, this tiny skin disorder could be departed without any proper treatment after a certain period, but, you need to wait a bit longer for that period. On the other hand, home remedies could cure these bumps easily.

It is essential to get rid of such tiny membranes when they occur on the facial surface. And banana peel could help you most effectively in this endeavor, among the other equivalents. Let’s find out how to use banana peel on facial warts-

How to:

  • At first, take out the peel from a ripe banana and then cut it out into small cubes.
  • Then, simply set each cube on a single wart and attach it tightly with a tape.
  • Make sure you are putting the wide side of the peel on your wart while placing them over warts.
  • Do this process before going to bed and let the banana peel work on warts for overnight.
  • Repeat this method regularly and you will get rid of facials warts within a couple of days.