14 Best Foods & Home Remedies to Increase Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a set of a chemical transformation that is found is the cells of a living organism and maintain the state of those cells. Metabolism is a key part of our body that gets boosted by some essential nutrients. A massive amount of metabolism in your cells means a healthy and fit body with properly working organs.

Thus, health experts prescribe some foods which could energize your metabolism, burn your excess fats and keep your body absolutely healthy from every single aspect. A few effective home remedies and some optimistic lifestyle changes could also help you proficiently in this endeavor. Hence, check out some of those methods which could escalate the amount of metabolism in your cells naturally-

Best Foods Boost Your Metabolism and Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Metabolism

Best Foods to Increase Your Metabolism:

Foods are the most effective things here to boost up and amplify your metabolism count effortlessly. Let’s find out what kinds of foods are beneficial here, before creating a perfect diet chart for achieving the healthiest metabolism forms

  • Fiber-rich whole grains are one brilliant category to include here, as these whole grain products contain some complex Carbs along with fiber that speed up the metabolism in cells and alleviate the insulin level by lowering your blood-sugar spike normally(1). Oatmeal, whole grain cereals, brown rice, quinoa, etc. are some recommendable items here.
  • Nutrient dense foods are other preferable items here which are loaded with various vitamins like vitamin C, K, B, A, along with some folate and dietary fiber contents. These nutrients not only speed the metabolism in our body but, at the same time, detox our body and reduce the possibilities of lowering metabolism completely! Fresh vegetables, leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, sprouts, etc. are some mentionable items here.

  • Fruits are a healthy category to include in your daily diet to increase your metabolism naturally. It has been seen that a regular consumption of some particular foods could escalate the amount of metabolism in your cells along with boosting up and lowering insulin spike effectively(2). Apple, pear, organe, grapefruits, lemon, lime, tangerine, etc. are some preferable foods here.
  • Protein rich foods are one spectacular criterion to include in your daily regimen to increase your metabolism naturally, as protein is comparatively hard to breakdown than other nutrients and thus, it can raise the post-meal calorie burn process more effectively. This way, escalate the amount of metabolism in your organs and eliminate the fatty cells efficiently. According to the doctors, 1 gram of protein per logogram of body weight is recommendable for an adult person on a regular basis for healthy metabolism quantity. Lean meat, egg, lentils, legumes, beef liver, etc. are some preferable items here.

  • Calcium-rich foods like spinach, collard veggies, soy products, milk, cheese, yogurt, fortified orange juice, etc. are some other beneficial products to increase your metabolism count normally. Studies claim that a certain amount of calcium intake per day not only increases the metabolism quantity but helps to eliminate almost the double amount of fatty cells from our body!
  • Foods rich in minerals help directly to provide ample of energy which is needed to regulate the necessary amount of metabolism and boost them up. Health experts say that deficiency of minerals in our body drives us towards a lower amount of metabolism which leads to several health disorders inevitably. Calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iodine, etc. are some essential minerals which you should consume through your regular foods.
  • Foods with antioxidants are other must-recommendable items here which not only escalate the metabolism amount in your body but at the same time, eliminate harmful toxins from your cells and gradually reduce the fatty cells effectively(3). Antioxidant-rich foods skilled in combating free radicals as well, that energize your metabolism naturally. Green tea, herbal teas, berries, dark chocolate, pecans, kidney beans, cilantro, etc. are some preferable items here.

  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are one must-included item here that could boost up your metabolism amazingly. The EPA and DHA acids of this nutrient reduce the production of harmful hormones from our body which often lower the metabolism from our cells and this way, eradicate the possibilities of low-metabolism proficiently. Thus, modern-age health experts insist on finalizing an omega-3 fatty acid-loaded diet plan for achieving a healthy metabolism order in your body naturally(4). Oily fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and flaxseeds, nuts, hemp oil, etc. are some mentionable items here(5).

Lifestyle Changes and Tips for Increasing Metabolism:

Apart from nutrients rich foods, some healthy habits or good lifestyle tips could speed up the metabolism forms and trick your physic into eliminating extra pounds more effortlessly. Earlier, people thought that inherited lower-metabolism couldn’t be cured with some medicines or foods, but, research has shown us that a healthy lifestyle with some consistent habits could aid us skillfully in this attempt. So, if you are suffering from fewer or lower-energized metabolism then, try out these simple steps and increase the count or boost them up naturally-

  • Eat nutrient-dense foods regularly and never let your body gone through a bit of nutrient-deficiency
  • Take a healthy breakfast daily instead of skipping meals
  • Drink lots of fluid foods or liquids on a daily basis, besides drinking water(6)
  • Include some antioxidant-rich foods in huge amount to detoxify your body naturally
  • Exercise or practice some yoga regularly to burn your excess pounds more effectively
  • Switch some healthy oils on through your daily diet
  • Eat complex carbohydrate at night to keep your intestine busy at night and boost up your metabolism outstandingly
  • Add some spices and whole grain products to your regular diet

  • Skip processed foods and eliminate market-based fatty foods immediately
  • Avoid products with artificial sweeteners
  • Sleep adequately and follow a precise sleeping time daily(7)
  • Eat plant-based protein regularly
  • Avoid fast foods and carbonated drinks
  • Add minerals rich snack instead of sodium packed items
  • Eat small meals frequently and avoid large or irregular meals
  • Get rid of stress, especially before going to bed(8)
  • And take some vitamin supplements if possible

Home Remedies to Escalate Metabolism:

Home remedies are one more spectacular category to increase metabolism in your body cells and to boost them up. Let’s find out what types of products work efficiently in this endeavor and energize metabolism in our organs easily along with the methods of using those components as well-

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is the natural source of antioxidant properties which is stupendously effective to boost up the metabolism and to the oxidation process of fats. Despite being a caffeine product, its thermogenic properties and the richness of flavonoid compounds give an optimistic effect on metabolism rate. That’s why green tea is a greatly effective home remedy to increase your metabolism and burn extra calories in a laborious way. Let’s find out how to make a cup of green tea perfectly in your own kitchen-

  • Boil a cup of tea in a saucepan and pour in into a cup first.
  • Now, steep one green tea bag in that cup for 3-4 minutes.
  • After that, take out that bag and add ½ tsp of organic honey and stir well.
  • Now, all you need is just drink this tea slowly and rejuvenate your mind in the most effortless way.

Best Tea for Metabolism:

Apart from green tea, there are a few more teas are available in our hands which works similarly to escalate the metabolism rates in our body and aid to burn excessive calories noticeably. Oolong tea, yerba mate tea, Goji tea, kola nut tea, etc. are some mentionable teas here which could help you marvelously in this endeavor.

If you think that caffeine products always being an obstacle in our weight loss process, try out any of these teas and burn your extra pounds easily. The preparing process of such teas is quite similar so, you can make teas of any of those materials following the exact methods of normal tea-making procedure.

Take Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another highly effective product to reduce extra pounds from your body. It has been seen that a regular consumption of cinnamon could normalize your insulin level, lower blood sugar, speed up metabolism, burn tummy fat, lower bad cholesterol(9), and restrain appetite for a long while. You can include this single component in several ways to cut out the extra pounds and escalate the metabolism rates. Let’s find out how to consume it appropriately in the maintenance of healthy metabolism-

How to

  • Add 1 tsp of grounded cinnamon into a cup of simmering water and make tea along with a spoonful of raw honey to drink regularly.
  • You can sprinkle 1 tsp of cinnamon dust into your whole grain breakfast to increase its power in the burning fat process.
  • You can also add 1 tsp of grounded cinnamon into your other daily foods or regular drinks too. It has been seen that a little amount of cinnamon dust could make your drinks even tastier than ever.
  • Taking capsules with cinnamon extract is another recommendable method here.

Best Breakfast for Metabolism:

Many people think that skipping meals is a good process to burn fats or to increase metabolism, but research has proven that people with a healthy breakfasts are comparatively more capable of boosting up their metabolism and burn fats more swiftly.

Breakfast could aid you expertly in the reduction of fatty cells and production of metabolism if you can choose right products for you! Products with high nutrients, minerals, and powerful properties could help your more vigorously here. Egg, lean protein, fruits, calcium-rich items, low-fat dairy products, and whole grain products like oats, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, cereals, etc. are some preferable items here.

A Spoon of Coconut Oil:

The richness of medium-chain triglyceride and fatty acid contents along with anti-inflammatory properties has made coconut oil one must-include item to boost metabolism and to eliminate fats from our body cells. Studies also prove that thermogenic properties of this friendly oil are much more efficient in a fat-burning process than some other equivalents, and lessen the appetite naturally as well!

The healthy fats of this oil work magically on abdominal fats, lower LDL cholesterol, and escalate the HDL in our body effectively(10). Thus, several health experts advise replacing your regular cooking oil with this oil and boost up metabolism rates naturally. A spoonful of raw and organic coconut oil on an empty stomach on a regular basis could help you either in this attempt!

Spice Up with Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne paper is loaded with vitamin C that is a beneficial nutrient in the attempt of speeding up metabolism and burning fatty cells from our body, that’s why this category of pepper is considered as one of the effective methods in this endeavor.

Cayenne pepper is a veggie that belongs to the capsaicin species and tastes like a chili spice(11). This pepper produces extra heat to our body and burns excess calories easily and also holds back our appetite for an extended period. Try to dry some cayenne pepper and grind it finely, then add a small amount of that dusted cayenne pepper regularly and lend a hand in the process of speeding metabolism to make your body fit.

Do Yoga and Exercises for Metabolism:

It is superfluous to say that yoga or any kind of workout could aid to burn extra calories from our body. The process of such exercise force our organs to move, stretch and folds enormously, which not only enhance your metabolism but, at the same time revitalize your whole system as well(12). That’s, why doing yogas or exercises on a regular basis is one must-following method in the attempt of increasing metabolism normally. Let’s find out top 3 items from both categories of yoga and exercise which are skilled in increasing metabolism rates than their other equivalents-

Yoga Poses for Metabolism:

  • Warrior pose or Virabhadrasana III pose
  • Plow pose or Halasana and
  • Tree pose or Vrksasana

Exercises for Metabolism:

  • Cardio like cycling, swimming or running
  • Stretching and
  • Aerobics

Probiotics are Effective

Probiotics are superbly effective in escalating the metabolism process thus; people with excess fats are prescribed to increase their probiotic intake through both natural and artificial methods(13).

As if, take natural products with high probiotic content as well probiotic supplements to keep your metabolism rates perfect for all the time. The live bacteria found in probiotics play a significant role to increase the count of metabolism and benefit our organs by burning fats naturally, especially from the guts.

Yogurt is a wonderful and most effective product in this regard which is the natural source of probiotic compounds. Apart from that, sauerkraut, microalgae, miso soup, dark chocolate, kefir, tempeh, homemade pickles, etc. are some other mentionable items in which Probiotics found in a certain amount, apart from probiotic supplements.

Red Wine will Speed Up:

Red wine is a magical thing to speed up your metabolism and burn excess fats from your body. Ellagic acid found in red grapes as well as red wine lowers our sugar spike from blood(14), initiates some fatty acids into the blood, and boost the metabolism rate effectively.

Regular consumption of red wine in a certain amount not only helps to fat burn, but promote our liver health, strengthen our digestion, and stimulate the set of organ cells proficiently. If you want to obtain the good effects of red wine on metabolism production then, take 1-2 peg of red wine regularly before going to bed.

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