Figs for Constipation and Piles Home Remedies

Figs are fruits of the tree fig that belong to the family mulberry, come in a tiny round shape and contain several small seeds inside their pulp. This crop is considered as one of the healthiest foods around, which provide a unique taste along with countless benefits to our health.

The best part of using figs to fight your unhealthiness it that you can get it on your plate throughout the whole year, as figs are one of those crops which grow all over the seasons, and nourish your body like any skilled medication. If you want to combat various health issues with one single component then, this crop is the best item to include in your daily menu! Let’s check out how figs benefit you in different meadow-

Figs for Constipation:

Constipation mainly happens because of the irregular bowel movement. Figs are rich in fiber content that forces it to act as a laxative, which normalizes the bowel movement and promotes the digestive tract properly. Fiber affluence also helps to soften your stool and solve every constipation related issue gently! Let’s see how to use figs for constipation problem

How to

  • At first, peel off and cut figs into small dices after taking out its seeds.
  • Now, place them into a glass of whole milk and boil in a saucepan until shimmer.
  • After that, turn the heat off and take small sips of this mixture when it is warm.
  • Try to take this solution daily at night, before going to bed and you will get remedied from constipation soon.

Figs for Piles:

Piles mostly occur because of having unhealthy eating habits for long, which bring an unbearable inflammation in our veins. The small seeds of figs stimulate peristaltic movements of the intestine that ease the stool passing process and keep our alimentary canals clean, which reduce or eliminate the possibilities of piles completely. Let’s check out how to use figs in this endeavor-


  • Take 3-4 fully grown figs and clean it up finely with hot water.
  • Now, soak it overnight and eat those figs in the morning in empty stomach.
  • You can also drink that water, where those figs were soaked for achieving a better effect on your piles.
  • Repeat this process in the evening as well, and you will get rid of piles shortly!