Health Benefits of Baking soda

9 Health Benefits of Baking soda for Hair and Skin care

Health Benefits of Baking soda
Health Benefits of Baking soda for skin and hair care

1. Baking Soda for Acne relief

Baking soda can be easily found in every household of the world and it has various health benefits for us, which includes acne.

Even though there are many types of creams and lotion that are advertised to cure acne, most of them contain harmful chemicals in it so they have a certain risk associated with them.

You can easily use baking soda for treating acne as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties that combats the bacteria associated with acne and maintains the pH of skin to such a level that bacteria’s cannot thrive on that. You can use baking soda by making its paste and applying it topically.

2. Baking soda For Face (even toned skin)

Baking soda has shown to have a very positive affect on skin as it increases its complexion and cures various skin disorders like sunburns. Many people suffer from uneven skin complexion and it poses a major problem for them, baking soda is advisable for the people who want to have fairer and even toned skin.

Baking soda has exfoliating properties by which it clears up the dead skin cells and gunk from the skin surface thus making it appear bright. Baking Soda also maintains the pH level of the skin that is detrimental for clear and even toned skin.

3. Baking soda For Healthy Hair free from fungi

Baking Soda can treat various hair related problems like oily and smelly hairs. Many people suffer from oily hairs and which in turn adsorbs more pollutants from the atmosphere making the hair smell even worse. Smelly hairs can be a big problem if you take public transport for commuting or have to attend a party in few days. You can cure the smelly hair condition by using Baking Soda as it reduces the oil content in the hair while neutralizing the unpleasant odor present in them. Also baking soda balances the pH levels of the scalp of the hair thus making it free from the growth of various bacteria and fungi.

4. Uses of Baking soda for For Shinier teeth

If you suffer from yellow teeth and plaque problem then you should definitely use Baking soda as it has property through which it makes your teeth shine like a pearls. The baking soda acts like a soft abrasive agent and hence removes the yellowness from the teeth. Baking soda neutralizes the various acids that are produced by bacteria’s and hence removes plaque effectively.

One of the easiest ways to use baking soda for teeth whitening is by adding a small amount of it to your toothbrush along with your regular toothpaste and brushing in circular motion for few days and you will see the results gradually.

5. Baking soda For Pimples cure

If you suffer from pimples then you can surely use Baking Soda to help you cure it. As baking soda is amphoteric in nature, Baking Soda, maintains the pH of skin, while pH imbalance is the most common cause of pimple, and so removes it.

By the cleansing action of the baking soda on skin it removes all the oil and dead skin cells and so cures the pimples in the process. The anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties of baking soda make sure that the pimples reduce in sizes and disappear gradually.

6. Healing scars with Baking soda

Sometimes due to accident or some other factor we get scars on the skin that really take away the charm of the skin as everyone seems to concentrate on the scar first. It can exfoliate the skin effectively and the various acids present in it, gently peels the scar tissue, in a layer by layer process.

You can use the baking powder by making a paste of it by taking one part baking soda and two part water, mixing them thoroughly. Apply it gently over the scar surface. Make sure that you do not rush with the process as it can aggravate the scar condition.

7. How to use Baking soda For Dandruff

Dandruff is a really troublesome problem and it becomes even tougher to manage them especially in winters. You can use Baking Soda to remove dandruff for good. Baking soda has a property by which it can remove dandruff from the root zone of the scalp of hair.

The cleaning action of baking soda sweeps away the entire dandruff away from the hair by killing all the bacteria and viruses causing them. Being amphoteric in nature it balances the pH of the hair and scalp thus making conditions unfavorable for bacteria and fungi growth.

8. How Baking soda heals For Tan removal

We all enjoy beach day to the fullest but the only downside that comes with it is the tan. We also get tan when exposed to sun for very long periods of time and to get rid of them seems like a big task for us. Well, not anymore as you can use Baking Powder to remove tan effectively.

All you need to do is prepare a scrub or paste using baking soda and applying it topically over the tanned skin. One must make sure that they do not scrub harshly while applying the paste/scrub as it could lead to irritation and rashes.

9. Benefits of Baking soda For Nail stain removal

You can also use baking soda to remove nail stains or making the nails whiter. All you need to do is prepare a solution by mixing baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water and then dip the nails in the solution for few minutes. After the process is complete the nails will look clear and beautiful.

More uses of baking soda

  1. Treating body odor by acting as deodorizer
  2. Healing skin rashes
  3. Free from skin Itching
  4. Treatment for nail fungus.

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