12 Health benefits of Ginger for hair, Cough Cold and Pain home remedies

Health benefits of Ginger

Health benefits of Ginger for home remedies

1. Benefits of ginger for hair growth and resist breakage

Ginger is a fragrant hot spicy root which finds its application ranging from food preparations to solving numerous health related problems. If you suffer from hair related disorder, then ginger is your go to plant.

  • It has been observed that Ginger increases the blood circulation in the scalp of the hair.
  • Encourages and stimulates hair growth.
  • Various types of fatty acids present in them makes the hair follicles stronger at the roots, thus making hair strands strong enough to resist breakage which in turn increases the volume of hair.
  • Ginger also makes free from split ends for shining hair.


Ginger spicy aromatic root of rhizome plant family
Ginger spicy aromatic root of rhizome plant family

2. Advantages of Ginger For Weight Loss

If you are trying to shed the extra weight from your body, then you can have ginger to aid in that process.

  • Ginger works in a way that it helps burns stubborn fats stored in the body and promotes weight loss.
  • It also helps you with another method to keep to fit, as consuming Ginger would find a general feeling of fullness in the your stomach which leads to lesser intake of food hence you can keep your body slim and healthy.
  • Peel outer skin of ginger and grate it to use with ginger tea or use it while preparing heavy meals.

3. Using Ginger for Arthritis pain and Inflammation

Many people suffer from Arthritis and it affects the general movement of the body. People suffering from arthritis should definitely add Ginger in their diet as it has shown to have compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties which act similarly like ibuprofen thus relieving from the pain associated with arthritis. Leukotrienes suppression done by ginger in the body reduces inflammation and pain more effectively than regular pain relief medications.

4. Ginger For Skin

Ginger is very effective against fighting various kinds of skin related disorders as ginger possesses antioxidant, aphrodisiac and toning properties. It helps to make you look younger as it has more than forty types of anti-oxidant compounds that fight against the harmful free radicals present in the skin. If your skin had suffered burn marks due to kitchen adventures, then you can surely apply ginger juice on it, which would support slow fading of scars and also soothe the skin in the process. The toning property of ginger will help your skin feel nourished and wrinkle free.

5. Honey and Ginger for Cough

If you suffer from frequent cough problems, then you should definitely have ginger, as it has been used to solve cough related problems for centuries, it acts as a decongestant and relieves cough very efficiently. You can make ginger tea for curing cough or mix ginger with raw honey to relieve from chronic cough.

6. For Cancer prevention and Support

Ginger has been verified for its cancer prevention and reducing sizes of tumor associated with cancer. A recent study conducted in Georgia State University found that ginger shrunk the size of prostate tumor by a massive 56%. The anti-cancerous property of ginger is due to the huge amount of anti-oxidants present in them. It’s advisable to have ginger in everyday diet so as to be free from the shadow of cancer. Ginger can be used for managing prostate, colon and ovarian cancer.

7. Cold and Stress Reduction with help of Ginger

Ginger can help you relieve from cold by various effects it has on the body, ginger boosts the immune system of the body, thus making us resistant against cold infection while it also helps in reducing holiday stresses.

  • You are more prone to catch cold if you are much stressed than in normal conditions.
  • It has been published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” that the chances of catching a cold are double when stressed.
  • It is advisable to have ginger tea for reducing stress and so preventing yourself from the effects of cold.

8. Benefits of Ginger For Sore Throat and Respiratory infections

Ginger acts like a natural analgesic and can relieve from the pain associated with sore throat. Ginger also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound in it, which fights with the various infections that causes sore throat. Ginger acts like a super medicine and not only it cures throat it can also heal various types of respiratory infections. Top ginger with honey, then its property increases manifold and would relieve you from the cold at a very fast pace.

9. Treating Nausea with Ginger

Ginger can cure many types of nausea’s like nausea from pregnancy, chemotherapy and Post-surgical nausea.

  • If taken in small amounts in pregnancy, ginger can ease the nausea.
  • Cancer patients can take ginger for reducing the frequency of chemotherapy induced nausea.
  • People who have to undergo surgeries can take ginger honey for easing out with nausea post surgery and also helps to heal much faster.

10. Ginger supports Relief from Ulcers

There can be known and unknown reasons for ulcer formation in the stomach or somewhere else but you can consume ginger to heal all kind of ulcers. According to a report published in the “Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences” ginger oil can protect us from ulcer formation. Though the tests were done on rats and not humans, ginger can surely help you in preventing their formation.

11. Ginger aids in to lower blood sugar level ( Glucose)

Ginger lowers the level of glucose present in the blood and so can help you managing your weight. Ginger is consumed daily can have a considerable change in blood glucose levels as ginger interferes with the enzyme glycogen which breaks down to increase blood sugar levels, thus warding off diseases like diabetes (especially for type 2).

12. For Overall Wellness

Ginger is packed with nutrients and minerals that makes us healthy and full of energy. Ginger roots have various beneficial compounds like as gingerol, shogaol, zingerone, farnesne and β-phelladren, cineol and citral that bring all round development to the body.

Other benefits

Ginger can also provide

  • Remedy from hypertension
  • Reduces bad type of cholesterol
  • Cure stomach related disorders
  • Removes dandruff
  • Relieving from menstrual cramps
  • Alleviating from the pain of migraines
  • Cures morning sickness
  • Treats from a host of respiratory problems
Ginger Home remedies and benefits of ginger
Ginger Home remedies and benefits of ginger

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