Amazing Herb: Holy Basil for Home Remedies

Holy basil or tulsi is one kind of plant which contains both medical and mythological significances in the whole territory of Asian regions.

From worshiping God to curing cold cough, and from treating mild health issues to revamping mental strength, this perennial plant shows its magical effects on various meadows. These days, people can easily call holy basil as a magical plant due to its ample of advantageous qualities which keep enhancing our health for several centuries!

Today let our discussion spread over this highly beneficial plant, which could thrive in our lawn effortlessly and help us to grasp vigorous health gains effectively. Take a close look at some most efficient usage of holy basil along with the advantage details in this article below-

Health Benefits of Holy Basil for Home Remedies

What are Holy Basil and Its History?

According to the agricultural method, holy basil or (Ocimum Sanctum) is a perennial plant belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and member of the mint category. Usually, holy basil or tulsi, native to the Indian subcontinent, cultivated mostly in the Southeast Asian Tropics and export to the other region of this continent eventually.

Apart from the mythological and medicinal values, holy basil has a huge appreciation in the Ayurvedic field due to its deep medicinal properties.

Depending on the historical methods of holy basil, this plant firstly originates from the North Central Part of India and gradually spread over the whole subcontinent within a few years.

If you look the mythological value of holy basil, you will find that tulsi plays an important role in Hindu Tradition, especially, in the Vaishnava culture, where every process of worship begins with the holy leaves of Tulsi.

This sacred plant and its holy leaves play an auspicious role in the tradition of Indian as well as Southeast Asian regions.

In some places on Indian, the plant of holy basil also gets worshiped as the God and a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. In various Hindu Puranas or Mythological books, Tulsi plant or holy basil motioned and discussed elaborately along with its amazing value in our culture.

Note: It is an amazing herb but, avoid using holy basil during pregnancy, breast feeding and before surgery. Prolonged use is also not advisable.