Lemon Peel for Bad Breath

Lemon peel also works effectively for the diminution of bad breath. The critic acid found in lemon peel weakens the bacterial effect in our mouth, while the pungent flavor helps to emission more saliva glands in our mouth.

Saliva gland produces a fluid helps to reduce the bacterial effects from our mouth that aids to diminish the bad odor from the gums proficiently.

Also, the richness of vitamin C in lemon peel solving all the teeth infections skillfully and this way, lemon peel work efficiently to get rid of bad breath effortlessly. Let’s out how to use lemon peel to cure smelly breath-

How to

  • At first, clear some lemon peels by removing all the removable skin, and then, wash clearly.
  • Now, set them under direct sun heat to dry them properly.
  • Once the peels are dried adequately, grind them in your grinder and make a smooth powder.
  • Now, store them in an airtight container use while needed.
  • To use the lemon peel powder for bad breath, simply take 1 tsp of that powder on your palm first.
  • Now, add some water to make a smooth paste and use this paste as a tooth powder to brush up your teeth.
  • After brushing up properly, wash our mouth with lukewarm water and will be able to freshen up your breath for an extended period.