How to Use Orange Peel for Air Freshener

Apart from the various good compounds, orange peel also contains a very rich and intense smell which make this item an absolute delighter as a natural air freshener component!

Orange Peel for Air Freshener

If you are trying to get rid of the damp or moldy smelling of your room then, prepare this DIY air freshener at home using this simple kitchen ingredient and that will rejuvenate your circumstance in an inexpensive way. Let’s check out the process of using orange peel as an ongoing air freshener with these easy steps-

How to prepare:

  • Cut out a normal size orange from the middle and take the inside pulp out with a scoop.
  • Now, fill that inside empty portion with some rock or sea salt and spread a few drops of orange essential oil into that salt if needed.
  • You can skip this segment if you want, as orange peel contains a natural smell of citrus fruit and you don’t need to add any extra odor to make the air fragrant.
  • However, after putting enough salt into the peel, place the whole thing on a plastic object or a plate and put in your room, near any window.
  • Now, you will able to get fresh aroma for more than a week incessantly in your room that will refresh your soul organically.