Best Foods and Exercises to Reduce Your Back Fat

Obesity is unwanted at any portion of our body and it eternally brings unhealthiness along with an embarrassing bad look! This fattiness is more disgusting when it piles on the backside of our body, as it is difficult to remove fat from the back than other areas of our bodies.

The most worried part of these days is that people have started perturbing about their tummy fat and unfortunate ignore the backside of their body. But, research has proved that back fat is more depressing than belly fat and it also could kill our self-confidence along with bringing down the morale!

It is also found that back fat causes several serious diseases if it isn’t handled properly, like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Hence get rid of this trouble as early as you possible with some simple procedures, let’s check them out-

Best Exercises and Yoga to Reduce Back Fat

Lower Back Exercise:

Lower back exercise is a good way to reduce fat from our backsides as it helps to remove the fat rapidly and in such cases, faster is always better than longer, right? However, you can try several lower back exercises after learning from an expert, but make sure that you are doing it properly as a professional. Let’s check out some of such exercises which are spectacularly effective on back fat and could apply anytime at home-

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  • Side bends are one of the brilliant exercises for this purpose in which, you need to stand first by splitting to legs equally onto the floor. Now, put both of your palms on your waist and start bending your body both sides to the fullest. Every time flips the side after doing one bend, and keep repeating the process for at least 50 times on each side.
  • Twisting is another wonderful exercise for back fat in which, you need to stand similarly for the previous exercise and then, twist your upper body towards the backside as much tightly as you can. This time also repeat the process for several times and flip the side after every stretching.
  • Stretching is the best effective exercise for back fat in which you need to stand straight by placing your legs jointly. Now, hold up both your hands in front of you, join them straightly and then repeat the process reverse way to your back side.
  • You can also try some cardiovascular exercise as well to remove the fat from your back swiftly at home!

Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic is a magnificent way to get rid back fat and to get a dreamy shape we always want. The best part of doing aerobics for reducing body fat is that you don’t need to regularly and it is quite a less laborious exercise than other fitness workouts. Let’s see how it works for back fat-

  • Place your body on a mat into a straight-arm plank with hand below and in-line with your shoulders. Then, keep your feet slightly wider than the hip-width separately and lift one arm up to shoulder height by keeping the hip still. After that, return to the center and do repeat the process by flipping the arm after one process.
  • You can also do pushups too, for reducing the back fat rapidly from your body.
  • Pull ups is another easy yet wonderful way to get rid of the fatness from your back. To do so, set a pull-up bar first on a top surface of your room and make sure that it could bear your weight easily. Now, simply hold onto that bar tightly and be certain that your hands are slightly wider than shoulder width. Then, hang your body at arm’s length, after making your body lower back down, pull up in one straight line by keeping the head just above hands.
  • Do repeat this process 8-10 times every single day and make sure that you are capable of hanging your body weight only at your hand-strength, prior to applying this exercise without any expert.

Dumbbell Exercise:

Exercising using dumbbell is more effective than normal exercise, though you may get the result in a bit painful way but, reducing such stubborn fat from back becomes so essential for us that, we often apply this type of process. Dumbbell excise is so simple that you can begin it anytime at home if you owe some weighty dumbbells for your personal uses. Take a look at the precise methods-

  • Single arm dumbbell rows is an easy yet functional exercise for back fat in which, you need to hold a 15-25 pounds dumbbell in one hand standing in a bent In such standing, bend your knees stand with feet hip-width apart and shift hips back lowering torso till the ground to a parallel way. Now, place your one hand on a wall in front of you to set the balance perfectly and start oscillating your dumbbell-grabbed hand towards your chest by bending the left elbow straight up towards the ceiling. Do the process for 10 times, flip the dumbbell to other hands and do the step again for equal times.
  • Delt-rise is a very effective exercise with a dumbbell in which, you need to grab two 5-10 pound dumbbells on your both hands and stand as we have told to the above step. Now, turn your palm to face each other, bend the elbows and lift dumbbells up to the shoulders’ height.
  • Remember to do these exercises by focusing your back not your arms while raising the weight to get the best outcome on your back fat.

Cardio Exercise for Back Fat:

Cardio exercise is another great thing to mention in this regards which immensely effective on the fat that is piled on at our backside.

The most excellent part of such exercises is that you don’t need any extra equipment to do these workouts and could start anytime in a day, whether it is in the morning or evening!

Most of the cardio exercises need open places like garden or terrace, so it also helps to rejuvenate your mind as well as reducing fattiness from the back. Skipping using jumping rope, upper body cycling, swimming, jogging back stretching, TIY workout etc. are some functional cardio exercises which could help us spectacularly in such endeavor.

Yoga for Back Fat:

Yoga is as much efficient as other exercises to reduce the back fat from your body. Here we are referring two most effective yoga processes which tremendously work on our back bulges and burn the fat cells from there. Take a look-

  • Dhanurasana or bow pose is a highly effective yoga for treating back fat in which, you need to lie flat on your abdomen first on a yoga mat on the floor. Then, bend your knees towards the upside and hold both the ankles through the outside edges with your both palms. After holding the ankles firmly, keep your toes together and inhale deeply by lifting your feet and thighs as much high as you can.
  • Chakrasana or wheel pose is another effective yoga for back obesity which also helps to reduce fat from your abdominal as well as the backside of your torso. To do the yoga, lie on your back first and bend your knees firmly by placing your feet flat on the floor. After that, twist your elbows and set your palms flat on the floor above your shoulders. Make sure that the fingertips are facing your feet and then, inhale into your palms by lifting your head shoulder and hips off the ground. Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds and get back to your normal position again.

Best Foods and Diet Ideas to Burn Back Fat:

There are a few foods available in our hand which not only prevent the fat but also helps to burn from our torso. If you could bring then in your diet chart then, they could lend a hand to reduce the bulges from your back as well as provide you the desired shape with a healthy food habit.

Oatmeal, shredded wheat, minestrone soup, black rice, Detox water, white tea, black beans, corn tortillas, ginger, avocado, tiger nuts, chickpea pasta, Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), frozen peas, raspberries, oysters, whole grain bread, quinoa, grapefruit, tuna fish, purslane, omega 3 eggs, etc. are some recommendable food items among them, which not only keep your healthy but also help to burn the extra bulges from your back in a smooth way!

Diet for Back Fat:

Exercising is not enough for the process of removing body fat if you don’t follow a proper diet chart. Back bulges seem weird on anybody and girls could do anything to get rid of them, thus, sacrificing a few fatty foods is not a big deal for the utmost girls of this era! People, who don’t have much time for so many exercises, yet want to reduce chubbiness from their back in an effortless way; a perfect diet chart would be the best recommendable thing for them.

Although, a diet chart must be made by a dietician or an expert who can understand the needs of your body, but sometimes a healthy diet chart could suit smoothly with the body nutrition requirements of us. So, here is a one of such diet list which you can try once to control and reduce your bulges from the backside of your body. Take a look-

  • Always add some full meals to your breakfast as it is the most significant meal of a day. We will recommend you to eat cornflakes or oatmeal along with some milk and fresh juice or fruits. A half-boiled egg is recommendable for those, who do heavy exercise on daily
  • Avoid any kind of white starch like rice and complete your lunch with a handmade roti or chapatti along with some green vegetable which is full of
  • If you are a non-vegetarian person then, bring some sea fish or chicken in light preparation in your day meal.
  • Shun any oily or fatty food for the evening time snack and try some light based food in such periods like sweet potato snacks or popcorn with a cup of green tea or something like that!
  • At night, complete your dinner within 8-8.30 and bring some light soup along with some fresh vegetables with two pieces of brown bread in this meal.
  • Remember that, if you follow a proper diet chart perfectly then, you will able to reduce the back fat as well as prevent it from coming again!

Foods That Cause Back Fat:

Eating fat-burning food is not enough to control the back fat if you don’t avoid those foods which mostly cause for the back bulges. Tasty foods always bring some extra calories with it and thus, you have to control your greediness towards those elements which increase the fat on your torso, especially on the back side.

Red meat, carbonated drinks, oily snacks, fast food, pizza, artificial sweetener, confectionary products, sweets, dates, cashews, ghee, white rice, creamy substance, chocolate, etc. are those type of food which escalate the bulges on your back and could ruin the whole shape of your torso as well as include some dangerous diseases to your body.


Why Reducing Back Fat is Hard:

Reducing back fat is not an easy thing to do once you are piled with such bulges, as not every type of exercise or cardio workout or yoga effect on back portion directly! Our daily or regular works also don’t affect the back portion of our body easily, thus, the back fat remains untouched for long without some special effect from us. Hence, it is necessary to prevent getting fat on your backside, if you want to keep yourself away from such laborious workouts of bat fat reduction!

Does Running Help Reducing Back fat?

People often ask that does running help to reduce fat from our body or it just work for the other parts of our torso! Well, people for whom, running or jogging is a daily routine and couldn’t manage time for any other exercises, would love to know that running is as much effective on back fat as any other normal workouts. This type of workout belongs to the cardio-exercise category and reduce the obesity from our back in a slow yet steady way.