Urinary tract infection causes and symptoms

Urinary Tract Infection: Causes , Symptoms of UTI

Causes and Symptoms of UTI

Urinary tract infection causes and symptoms
Urinary tract infection causes and symptoms

Causes of UTI
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a type of infection which occurs due to the bacteria, making its way inside the urinary tracts. Now, as soon as these bacteria enter the urinary tract , they start multiplying themselves leading to their excessive growth which finally leads to a major infection.

UTI’s can occur on both sides of the urinary tract, if they occur on upper side, they affect the kidneys and if on the lower side then they affect the bladder and urethra. Also , women have more chances of getting UTI than men. The reason that it occurs more in women is all because of the anatomical difference between a man and a woman.

Symptoms of UTI
There are various symptoms that can help identify you of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), these include:

  • Burning sensation on urination.
  • Compulsion for urination even though little discharge is observed.
  • Feeling heaviness in the lower back areas.
  • Pungent odor in the urination.
  • Excessive Fatigue and feeling chills with fever.

Is UTI Contagious ?
UTI in general is not contagious meaning that you can’t get UTI from other by talking or eating food with them. There is a common notion that UTI can be transmitted though sex but that’s not true.

UTI in Toddlers
Toddlers too suffer from UTI when bacteria’s make way in their Urinary Tract. As soon as you suspect your toddler suffering from UTI immediately consult with your doctor, UTI is very easily cures initially, if left untreated for long duration of time could cause serious kidney damage.Uti in toddlers symptoms include fever accompanied with frequent crying during urination and increased frequency of urination.

How to get rid of uti ( easy home remedies for uti)

Chronic UTI
Chronic UTI refers to a condition in which even though you continue taking medications but still the UTI persists or maybe occur again after a short duration of time. Although UTI is manageable but if it continues for long duration, it can lead to health risks such as Kidney related disorders.

Also women have high chances of getting UTI as the urethra is not as long as men’s, the symptoms of chronic UTI is not so different than UTI such as increased frequency of urination, pain in kidney regions, chills, disorientation and a burning sensation during urination etc. If you suspect of having Chronic UTI you could easily get it diagnosed by testing the urine samples through pathological lab.

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