health benefits of vitamin C

10 Health benefits of Vitamin C for your Body And Vitamin C Rich foods

health benefits of vitamin C
health benefits of vitamin C

1. Foods Rich in Vitamin C

  1. As our body cannot synthesize to generate vitamin C in the body so we have to take it externally.Vitamin C can be obtained very easily from eating Citrus fruits and vegetables.
  2. Various foods include papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwi, cauliflower, watermelon, spinach, cabbage, Lemon,etc.
  3. Its advisable to consume all vitamin C rich foods as raw while we cook them the Vitamin C values get reduced as they get destroyed easily because of heat.
Foods rich in vitamin C
Foods rich in vitamin C
Lemons are rich in vitamin C
Lemons are rich in vitamin C

2. How Vitamin C aids your skin

  • Vitamin C has tons of health benefits for our body and it can surely help in curing all the disorders related to skin.
  • If you have to travel a lot for your work then you have to save your skin from harmful ultraviolet light, having Vitamin C can help us to get rid of the free radicals that are generated in the skin while exposed to sunlight.
  • It also helps in the production of a compound named Collagen, which makes the skin tight thus making your skin look younger.
  • Vitamin C also helps to cure skin discoloration by protecting the DNA from various mutating factors. If you want to improve the quality of your skin, then it is advised to have vitamin C in your diet as it enhances the production of collagen and elastin which in turn improves the overall quality of the skin.

How vitamin C Helps to get rid of uti

papaya for vitamin c foods
papaya for vitamin c foods

3. Benefits Vitamin C for Hair

  • Vitamin C is one of the one stop solution for most of the hair problem.
  • If you suffer from excessive dandruff growth in the hair, then Vitamin C can surely help in removing it by eliminating all the bacteria in the your scalp.
  • It also helps in stopping hair breakage by reducing the fatigue associated with the adrenal gland.
  • Vitamin C also strengthens your hair by nourishing, it’s roots with increased supply of vitamins and minerals and so it makes your hair strong and breakage is reduced substantially which in turn increases the volume of your hair.
  • Vitamin C also treats almost every hair related disorder and stops the premature graying of the hair.
Watermelon good for vitamin c
Watermelon good for vitamin c

4. Vitamin C for Cold Relief

If you complain about having frequent cold and cough, then you should most certainly have Vitamin C. The vitamin works in such a way that it boosts the immune system of your body and its antihistamine property gives you a relaxing effect after having it. You can take Vitamin C if you are suffering from chronic cold as it will reduce the stretch of cold and would alleviate from the various effects associated with the cold.


Health benefits of Cabbage and vitamin c
Health benefits of Cabbage and vitamin c

5. Vitamin C for Acne Treatment

If you suffer from acne they you should consume Vitamin C Rich foods regularly without any doubts. It can cure acne and the various side effects related to acne like swelling and redness of skin in the vicinity of the acne. Vitamin C increases the blood circulation in the skin, thus flushing out the toxins and clogged channels of skin which could help you get rid of acne. It also helps in the production of Collagen, which makes sure that the skin is healthy and free from any disorders.

6. Vitamin C for Weight Loss process

If you are thinking of losing weight and want to have some supplements to aid the process, then you should certainly consider adding Vitamin C foods to your regular diet. Vitamin C helps you lose excess fat and aids you in maintaining the reduced weight. Medically Vitamin C has been investigated and it was observed that insulin levels were reduced after having Vitamin C supplement as it converts the excess fat and sugar into fuel instead of storing them in the body.

7. Vitamin C for Periods

Vitamin C can help induce periods in women, it works so by increasing the levels of estrogen hormone and decreasing the progesterone hormone levels in the body. When the estrogen levels are raised, then contractions in the uterus occur which in turn results in bleeding, while the lowering of progesterone deprives uterus from it and thus induces a period to occur. Vitamin C can also be used to maintain healthy period cycles. The best way to induce periods is by consuming ascorbic acid which can easily be obtained from a drug store.

8. Vitamin C for kids

  • It is very much necessary for kids to have adequate amount of Vitamin C as it helps in proper growth and development and Vitamin C also helps to absorb Iron .
  • The Vitamin C helps to strengthen the Immune system and so kids don’t catch infection easily.
  • Vitamin C makes the gums strong and it also heals the cuts and bruises of kids as they tend to fall or scratch as they play .
Health benefits of Vitamin C kiwi lemon
Health benefits of Vitamin C kiwi lemon

9. Vitamin C for Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pains, which could be due to many reasons like arthritis, then your recommended to take Vitamin C. Mostly joint pains are due to breaking of cartilage, which in turn can lead to more pain due to the increased risk of damage on the connective tissues. Vitamin C aids in production of a compound named Collagen that is responsible for keeping cartilage strong and healthy while the anti-oxidant effect of Vitamin C would also protects the cartilage from getting destroyed thus prevents you from joint pains.

10. Vitamin C deficiency

You can easily identify the various symptoms related to Vitamin C deficiency which includes swollen gums, feeling fatigued all the time, the dotting of skin, injuries not healing at a fast pace, gum bleeding, irritation, muscular aches, etc..

The various diseases that could affect you cause of Vitamin C deficiency includes respiratory disorders like Asthma, weakened immune system, thus catching frequent cold and flu, bleeding and swollen gum problem, anemia, scurvy and tissue related problems.

11. Vitamin C Functions

Vitamin C serves many functions in the body as not only it boosts the immunity of the body, but also helps to maintain our skin, hair and overall health in perfect condition. Its anti-oxidant properties helps us fight infections too.

Vitamin C Daily requirement:
The values recommended for daily intake (RDA) is 90 mg/day for men and 75 mg/day for women.

Side effects Vitamin C Overdose
Being a water soluble Vitamin C is excreted out through urine when present in excess, so we can’t overdose on Vitamin C easily unless we take mega-doses of Vitamin C that is more than 2000 mg/day then one might suffer from Nausea, Vomiting, Kidney Stones, Heartache and Insomnia, etc.If you take this vitamin in high doses, then it could cause a rare medical condition called as hyperoxaluria. Also avoid having a Vitamin C dose if you have kidney stones.

Health benefits of vitamin c rich foods and home remedies

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