11 Effective Ways to Use Onion Home Remedies

Onion not only makes your foods tasty but promotes your health too! It contains a high amount of vitamin C which benefits our health in an optimistic way.

This beneficial spice is also loaded with some other highly advantageous properties like chromium, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, quercetin, phenolic, flavonoid, etc. along with a huge amount of vitamin A.

That’s why, despite being a simple kitchen ingredient, onion could revamp our health in several ways. Let’s find out how to titivate our skin, hair, face, and health with the help of this root spice in step by step methods-

Onion for Hair Problem:

Onion is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties, which make this one a great component to use against hair problems.

The affluence of sulfur content in onion reduce the possibilities of hair breakage and thinning problem, while the essential nutrients increase the shine along with beautifying the volume of your hair expertly.

The best thing to use onion for hair is that it promotes the hair growth more vigorously and lessens the risk of hair fall effectively than any other market-based product.

How to use

  • Cut some onions into small pieces and blend it in your blender
  • Then, extract the juice into a cup and add 1 tbsp of raw honey into it.
  • After stirring them well, apply the mixture on your entire hair, along with the hair roots.
  • Wait for half an hour and then, wash off with normal water with a mild shampoo.
  • You can use the onion juice directly also to reduce the excessive hair fall problem.
  • To encourage hair growth, use olive oil with onion juice, instead of honey and leave the mixture for 1-2 hours on your hair to get the best upshot of onion.

Olive Oil and Onion for Pimple/Acne:

Acne or a pimple is a common skin problem, which is wonderfully treated with onion. It is loaded with various medicinal properties that help to stimulate pimples, lighten scars and solve numerous skin problems proficiently. As in, the sulfur component in onion diminishes the skin impurities, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties fight the germs or infections, anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin irritation and reduce the infectious appearance perfectly. Let’s see how to use onion against pimples-


  • Cut out 1-2 medium size onions into dice and place them into a wide cup.
  • Now, add 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil into it and set the solution this way for the next 2 weeks.
  • After that duration, strain the oil well and store it in an airtight container.
  • Now, regularly apply this solution on your pimple and pimple scars.
  • Within 2-3 days, you will get an unbelievable outcome on your pimples and get rid of them naturally.

Honey Brown Sugar and Onion for Cold and Cough:

Onion contains a very helpful medicinal property in itself that is called expectorants; it helps to loosen the mucous effects from our lungs. That’ why, this Mexican root spice is skilled in controlling the cold attacks and cough problem proficiently. The anti-inflammatory properties of onion reduce the inside inflammation and throat irritation skillfully. In addition, the richness of antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties also help to trim down the cold effects from our body expertly. Let’s take a look on how to utilize onion in cold and cough as an effective home remedy-

How to

  • At first, peel of a large onion and cut into thin slices evenly.
  • Then, put those slices into the bottom of a mason or any glass made a jar.
  • Now, spread a layer of any preferred healthy sweetener like brown sugar alternatively with the onion slices.
  • After that, pour in 1 cup of organic honey into the jar, add 3-4 smashed cloves, and set the lid tightly.
  • Keep the solution overnight or for 8-12 hours this way and then, take a spoonful in the next day morning.
  • Try to take at least 3-4 spoon of this solution throughout the whole day, when you have a heavy cough or cold.
  • Within 1 day, you will get the remarkable effect on your cold problem.

Onion and Lemon for Dandruff:

Onions are loaded with essential nutrients, which are effective on hair follicle nourishment and scalp health. The high amount of anti-bacterial properties in onion resolves the scalp infection and fights back the symptoms of dandruff. Dandruff is a deadly disease 😉 for any one which could hamper the hair fall immensely. So, if you want to revamp your scalp health then, try to get remedied from this dandruff issue as soon as possible and onion is the most effective one among its other equivalents. It destroys the bacteria, flushes out the white flakes and drags out the dead skin cells which cause dandruff. Let’s find out how to use onion to get rid of dandruff permanently-

  • Take 4 tbsp of freshly extracted onion juice into a small mixing bowl.
  • The, add 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice into it and stir well.
  • Now, apply the solution on your scalp and rub gently with the help of your fingertips
  • Let the solution set on your scalp for 15-20 minutes and then, wash off with plain water.
  • After that, use a mild shampoo and make sure that you have cleared every single part of onion from your hair or scalp, once you washed it!

Gram Flour and Onion for Skin Problems:

The affluence of antibacterial and antiseptic properties, along with antioxidant compounds have made onion one of the best components to use against skin issues and skin impurities. The goodness of beneficial nutrients in onion helps to balance the moisturizing and acidic levels in our skin cells organically. The medicinal properties diminish the skin issues while the good elements rejuvenate the cells effectively. The most amazing part of using onion on the skin is that it could beautify our cells in every single aspect, whether it is a pimple, dryness, darkness, infections, dark spots, scars, pigmentations, patches, blemishes, or aging process! Let’s find out how to revitalize and beautify our skin with the help of onion-

How to

  • Take 1-2 tbsp of fresh onion juice into a bowl and add 1 tsp of gram flour into it.
  • Then, mix 1 tsp of milk cream into that bowl and whisk them well.
  • After getting a smooth paste of them, apply the solution on your entire face or any skin surface which you want to nourish naturally.
  • Wait till the pack turns dry on your skin and then, wash off with lukewarm water.
  • You can apply this pack regularly to achieve a flawless skin type effortlessly.

Onion for Feet Infection and Odor:

Nourishing our feet in a healthy way is one of the remarkable goodness of onion. Its antiseptic properties reduce the feet infection, the phosphoric acid eliminates the toxic elements, and the minerals found in onion hydrate the skin cells of feet effectively. People, who don’t manage time to take care their feet and suffer from various feet issues like infections, bad odor, stiffness, dryness, dark patches on feet surface, etc. let’s check out how you can easily get rid of several feet problem with this simple kitchen ingredient-


  • Take a large size onion and slice them evenly into some thick slices.
  • Now, place them on the sole of your feet, especially in the arches of feet.
  • Then, cover your feet with socks and let it works properly for overnight.
  • On next day morning, take out the socks, throw the onion slices into your trash and rub one stainless steel-made object on your feet to get rid of the bad smell of onion.

Coconut Oil and Onion for Scalp Itchiness and Redness:

The richness of antibacterial and antifungal properties found in onion has made this root spice absolutely skilled in treating numerous scalp issues along with dandruff and hair fall.

The high-sulfur compound exists in onion aids a lot to increase the blood circulation process in our scalp and that is the key quality of onion in the advantageous form of the nourishing scalp.

The anti-inflammatory properties soothe any type of itchiness or scalp irritation effectively. Remember that if you treat your scalp well then, you can get rid of several hair problems at once! Whether it is scalp itchiness, redness, hair fall, wide follicles or any other scalp issues. Let’s check out how to get rid of infectious scalp with onion in some simple steps-

  • Take 2 tbsp of freshly extracted onion juice along with 1 tbsp of lime juice in a bowl.
  • Then, add 2 tbsp of coconut oil into that bowl and stir them well with a spoon.
  • After that, take the solution and apply it on your entire scalp evenly.
  • Make sure that you are rubbing the itchy portion gently for several times with this solution and then, leave it there for 1 hour.
  • After that duration, wash your scalp with an herbal shampoo and clear the scalp portions vigorously.

Honey and Onion for eyes:

We usually know that onion makes our eyes full of water, but did you know that it actually helps to improve our eyesight and benefit our eyes in various ways!

The richness of antioxidant properties in onion enhances the eye lenses and the high amount of sulfur aids to produce glutathione compounds in our body which is highly effective to promote the health of our eyes.

Although, consuming a certain amount of onion on a daily basis could enhance the eyesight and eye health, but, it has been seen that an external use could stimulate the eye tissues more vigorously than internal consumption. Hence, let’s check out how to use onion externally to improve your eye health naturally-

How to

  • Extract some raw juice from some slices of onion and mix with an equal part of honey into it.
  • Now, pour 2-3 drops on your each eye once a day and you will be able to cleanse your eyes naturally and avert the possibilities of cataract effectively.

Note: If you are allergic to any ingredient always consult with your near by expert

Onion to get rid of Lice:

Onion is also very much effective on lice and helps to get rid of this embarrassing parasite permanently. The high amount of sulfur content found in onion is skilled in killing the head lice and destroying nits amazingly. Let’s find out how to use onion against lice and get permanent relief from them naturally-

How to

  • Make a smooth paste of onion at first.
  • Now, apply that paste n your entire hair as well as scalp with a thick layer.
  • After that, cover your head with a shower cap and cover it like this for at least 2 hours consciously.
  • After that certain period, wash your hair with lots of normal water and then, use an effective lice shampoo on your head to get rid of the head lice more effectively.

Honey and Onion for Nasal Congestion:

Getting relief from nasal congestion is another effective excellence of onion that benefits us frequently.

This nasal congestion is one kind of stuffy nose that especially occurs because of the cold attack or affluence of a mucous cough in our lungs.

The mucus found in our nasal tract block the airways zone and interrupt the breathing process hugely. The richness of antiviral, anti-bacterial and several medicinal properties normalize the nasal membrane lining and reduce the effect of mucus from that tract effectively.

How to use onion in nasal congestion

  • Take 2-3 tbsp of raw onion juice in a large ladle and heat it thoroughly to warm up the juice.
  • Now, take the object out of the heat and add a few drops of organic honey into it.
  • After stirring the solution well, take and swallow it slowly and you will get an instant effect on your blocked nasal congestion immediately.
  • You can also take an onion-stream to open the blockage nasal rapidly.
  • To do so, simply add 4-5 thick onion slices into a container with boiled water first.
  • Then, simply take the warm stream through your nasal lining and you will get a remarkable effect soon.

Onion for Pregnant Women:

Apart from all of this goodness of onion and its healthy benefits, this root spice is hugely appreciated because of its robustness in the health of a pregnant woman.

The high amount of nutrients and minerals in onion, could hydrate the body, promote various organs’ health, beautify the skin cells and lead you towards a safe pregnancy.

Onion not only reduces the bloating and gastric effects from your body during pregnancy but also benefits your health in a plentiful of ways, like detoxifying junks, solve constipation, promote immune power, normalize blood pressure, prevent excessive weight gain, diminish diarrhea, lessen skin issues, etc.

To get the benefits of this simple yet effective kitchen ingredient just include it in your daily diet plan when expecting your baby and nourish both you and your baby’s health naturally.