Banana Peel for Teeth, Nail Fungus and Clean Water

Banana Peel for Teeth:

The yellow strain on our teeth is a very drawback part for our appearance that could ruin our entire personality and an enough quality to make us embarrass! What if we tell you that a banana peel could help you proficiently in this endeavor?

The high amount of vitamins and minerals found in banana peel could reduce the yellow surface from your teeth and whiten them as effective whitening chemical.

They best part of using banana peel to whiten our teeth is that it work organically, comes with any chemical side effect and provide us a desired teeth color in the most inexpensive way. Let’s find out how to use banana peel to whiten our teeth in step by step method-

How to

  • Firstly, take a long piece of ripe banana peel and place the inside white part perfectly on your teeth.
  • Now, rub it gently all over your teeth and make sure that you cover all your teeth with this process.
  • After that, brush your teeth normally and use a mild mouthwash to get rid of the smell of banana.
  • Repeat this process continuously for 5-6 days, and you will get a remarkable white effect on your teeth.

Banana Peel and Neem for Nail Fungus:

We have already mentioned that banana peel contains antifungal properties, thus, it could give an optimistic result on nail fungus for sure!

When a nail is incorporated by the fungal attack, it starts rotten itself and gives the whole finger some unhealthy symptoms.

The skin revival compounds found in banana peel could help you efficiently in this combat of nail fungus. You need to increase the antifungal quality a bit of a banana peel when you are going to use it against the nail fungal attacks.

Neem is a great thing to use here, as it is easy to access, inexpensive and hugely effective on fungus. Let find out how to use these things jointly on nail fungus-

How to

  • At the primary stage, boil a cup of water with some freshly extracted neem leaves for 10-15 minutes and keep aside.
  • Now, blend some smooth banana peels and take them out into a bowl.
  • Then, strain some neem-water solution into the smashed banana peel and mix them up finely.
  • Apply the paste on your nail fungal areas and take off after half an hour.
  • Rubbing the side portion of banana peel directly onto the nail fungus would be another brilliant idea to get remedied from fungal attack entirely.

Banana Peel for Water Purification / Clean Water:

Banana peel contains some acidic compounds along with a few molecules which are skilled to purify hydrogen and oxygen component. Thus, apart from beautification, the banana peel is capable of to purify water proficiently. The husk of this pulpy fruit is loaded with some purified elements nitrogen, carboxylic acid, sulfur, along with some other atoms.

These components work as the magnets in water and attract all the harmful heavy metals from drinking water. This way, banana peel aids to purify water into a professional method. So, stop being worrying about those mercury or copper contents which often found in water, and get a glass of sanitized water without any extra filtering process with these simple steps-


  • Arrange a dehydrator first to begin your process, and make a whole banana peel dry with the help of that dehydrator at the initial stage.
  • Then, place that dry peel in your grinder and grind them into small chunks.
  • Now, place cheesecloth over a large glass and fill that cloth with the peel chunks with a single layer.
  • After that, take some water into a jug and pour it in into that glass through that banana peel layer.
  • Now it is purified completely and all ready to drink!

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