Best Foods and Diet Ideas for New-Moms {Breastfeeding Moms}

After having a child, a woman’s body needs excessive care with a massive amount of nutrients in a daily regimen, especially who breastfeeding their babies.

This time, women going through a phase where they want to cut off extra pounds from the body and at the same time, desire to make themselves fit enough to do many physical activities.

A precise routine, followed by some healthy foods could help you spectacularly in this venture. Hence, let check out some nutritious food categories, which could provide you ample energy and strength to hold your health appropriately and nourish your baby as well through enough amount of breast milk. Take a look-

Best Foods for New-Moms

Best Foods and Diet Ideas for Breastfeeding New Moms

  • Omega-3 rich foods which are loaded with EPA and DHA fatty acids are one spectacular criterion to include in your diet, if you are a new mom, as this one is considered as one of the crucial breastfeeding foods around that help to nourish the nervous system of a newborn. Oily fishes, like salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, etc. and Chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc. are some mentionable items here.
  • Low-fat dairy products are rich in vitamin B, D, and calcium, which are essential to building up the bones of your baby, through breastfeeding, thus incorporating some low-fat dairy like milk, low-fat cheese, yogurt, etc. could help you amazing in such periods.
  • Non-animal protein such as legumes, lentils, pulses like various types of beans, etc. is one highly optimistic category to include in your daily regimen if you are a new mom. These are great breastfeeding food which could escalate the amount of milk in your blood and nourish your baby more vigorously.
  • Healthy Carbs are also needed for a mother during their post-pregnant period, as this time, every new-mom goes through a session of weak and tired phrase, where their bodies need some extra strength to restore their health flawlessly. A certain amount of carbohydrate could help them outstandingly in this endeavor. Good Carbs aid to produce quality breast-milk for your baby as well!
  • Lean meats are loaded with iron and vitamin B12 which are indispensable components for nourishing your baby’s health naturally. Lean beef, turkey, skinless chicken, etc. are some preferable items here.
  • Whole grain items are the rich sources of minerals which help to develop the corporal structure of a newborn, as for including some whole item in your main meal to get healthy benefits of them. Wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals, oatmeal, etc. are some helpful products for new-moms.
  • Nutrient-dense foods are highly essential for women who breastfeed their babies. Fresh fruits, leafy greens, raw fruit juices, eggs, fortified items, etc. are some must-included item for a newly mother person.
  • Vitamin A rich foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, parsley, etc. greens are skilled to boost up your body and energize your system extraordinarily as well as capable of producing enough amount of breastmilk for your baby. So, include as much these green collared veggies in your daily regimen as you can!
  • Antioxidant rich foods are essential for a new-mom as well because they hydrate your body and increase your energy level immensely. During the breastfeeding period, women’s body often suffer from dehydration, thus hydrating body with some antioxidant-rich foods is the most natural way for a new-mom, apart from drinking lots of water on a regular basis. Any kind of berry fruits, green tea, herbal teas, etc. are some antioxidant-rich items for a new mom.

Some Small Tips for Breastfeeding/ New Moms

  • Take adequate rest, sleep along with the baby ( baby sleep cycle )
  • Make sure the baby is very near you, which could save your steps and fatigue.
  • Yes you will have new guests often to visit you and baby, but dont feel guilty, ask excuse and take your time for nap or feeding (everyone will understand).
  • You have to take care of yourself too, it would be better if someone else takes care of the baby other than just for feeding. So you take nice rest during first few weeks after delivery.
  • Take a step outside everyday to breathe and fresh air and get relaxed.
  • Eat adequate amount of protein rich foods and two servings of fruits everyday is good too.
  • Hydrate yourself, drink enough water whenever you are feeling thirsty ( even while you are feeding your baby).
  • Yes you may be tired and busy with the baby, but never skip or move with a small meal.
  • And it is advised, not to feed your baby while are lying down, better sit and in a slating position with supportive feeding pillows ( for your back and for the baby).
  • Rather asking how much to eat, ask your tummy ( but the case is different if your baby is old enough and you are about to stop breastfeeding).
  • Avoid Spicy and gasy foods, as it reflects in your milk and baby’s tummy
  • Limit Coffee ( avoid it even better) and avoid alcohol.
  • Check with your baby if he /she may have food allergy with respect to your previous meal or before day food.
  • You may have severe food cravings, so always get the healthy food ready for your next meal/ snack else you will end with packet snacks ( potato chips, fried snacks etc..).  As it may result in a stomach upset for your baby.

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