Quick and easy Home remedies for Burning eyes

Do you experience burning eyes ? actually most of the burning eyes with itching sensation could be caused by dust, pollen allergy, prolonged exposure in sun or swimming for a long time in chlorinated water and similar environmental factors such as smoke and harsh chemicals out from your deos and sprays.

On the other hand burning eyes can also be a symptom of dry eyes, pink eyes, conjunctivitis. Even it can also happen cause of your age or over exposure to bright lights. If its a simple burning eye sensation causes due to your immune system response to allergy you can get easy treatment at home.

Precautions and tips:

  • If your travel a lot in windy seasons sure wear your comfortable googles.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body and eyes hydrated.
  • Don’t rub your eyes if you feel something is irritating your eyes.
  • Take a eye cup or a clean cup filled with pure water and immerse your eyes by bending forward and roll your eyes inside water to get rid of dust or any particle.

Beautiful eyes and burning eyes home remdies

Home Remedies for Burning eyes

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera for burning eyes
Aloe vera for burning eyes

Aloe vera is know for its moisturizing and soothing effect, we can make a eye wash with aloe vera which can be used twice a day to get rid burning eyes. It also aids in dry and sore eyes condition.

Ingredients : Aloe vera , elderberry blossom tea and honey.


  1. Wash aloe vera and extract the gel from its leaf.
  2. Mix the gel and honey in a 1/2 cup of elderberry blossom tea.
  3. Use it as an eye wash , and every time prepare the eye wash freshly.

Cold Compress

Using cold compress for several times can day can help you relive from irritated eyes.

  1. Take a clean cotton towel, soak it in cold water or warp ice cubes or ice pack with the towel.
  2. Place it over your eyes gently which feels you comfortable.
  3. You can repeat the process through the day with intervals.


Potatoes posses astringent properties which are good can soothe the pain and itching sensation and reduce the inflammation. And at any condition never rub your eyes it will escalate the problem which may turn your eyes even red.


  1. Wash the potato before usage and even better to peel the skin
  2. Slice the potato ( you can even refrigerate ) and place it over eyes. Else you can grate the potato and warp it with a cotton cloth and place it on your eyes or even directly .
  3. Relax for 15 -20 minutes and remove.


  1. Boil a cup of water.
  2. Add a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers and let it set for few minutes.
  3. After it gets cool strain the water and use it as an eye wash or use cotton cloth to have it as a compress.

Rose water

Rose water provides cooling effect and refreshes your eyes. Rose water can be used as direct drops (three drops is enough) on eye or dip cotton pads in rose water and use it as compress.Always use pure rosewater.


Cucumber are generally known for their cooling property to refresh whole body and eyes. Placing cucumber on eyes can easily reduce the inflammation caused by eye irritation.


  1. Wash cucumbers and slice them.
  2. Keep them in refrigerator for few minutes if you feel comfortable.
  3. Close your eyes and place it on your eyelids. You can repeat the process more than 5 times.

Tea bag compress

Tea contains chemical compounds (tannin, bioflavinoids, caffeine) which fight germs and reduces puffy eyes. You may need two tea bags for this process.

  1. Dip your tea bags in hot water, strain and remove ( have your tea hot).
  2. Now take the tea bags and place it in refrigerator in a damp condition for few minutes.
  3. Once it is chilled take them out and lay on your back and place the two tea bags on your eyelids.
  4. Relax for sometime and wash for any tea stains on your face.
  5. Beyond reducing puffiness and burning sensation this method is also good for removing dark circles.

Cold Milk

Just like rose water and chamomile eye wash you can use cold milk as compress. Dip cotton balls or pads in milk and place it on your eyes to lessen the irritation.

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