8 Instant Home remedies to ease your foot pain

Has a foot ache ever stopped you from running around and diminished your happiness and health. If yes you must be aware of the fact, that more than modern medicines some home remedies offer instant relief from your foot pain. In order to understand about foot pain and its reliefs, let us look into the following facts:

What causes foot pain?

Being the critical part of the body that supports the weight of our entire system, our foot is often subjected to stress and strain. Pain in foot may refer to any discomfort or prolonged pain in toes, heels, soles or other parts of the feet. It can be caused due to the wear and tear of ligaments called the plantar fascia. It causes considerable pain on the lower part of the heel. Sprains and strains may also cause foot pain. Arthritis, injury to the ligaments or muscles in the foot due to longer walks or runs, fungal infections are all major causes of foot pain.

Home remedies to get rid of foot pain
Home remedies to get rid of foot pain

1. Simple Exercises for foot pain

Pain in the toes, heels and upper part of the sole can be easily overcome by regular exercises like:

Pointing the toes: Sit comfortably in a cushion or a chair and lift one leg to point your toes perpendicularly away from you. Stretch as much as possible and repeat the same with the other leg. This will ease the pain in your toes in some minutes.

Lifting the heel: Stand upright and start lifting both your heels slowly. Stay in this position until you can feel the pain in your toes. Get back to standing slowly and repeat the same at constant intervals of time. Pain in the heel due to prolonged standings will be soothed by this exercise.

Rolling off the pain: For your sole, get a small ball and with heavy pressure roll it under your foot. Continue to do so for a couple of minutes and go for a hot water massage. This would reduce the pain in the sole and other parts of the foot. Using rough balls are also said to remove dead skins from under your feet.

2. Epsom salt to relax your muscles

The combination of warm water and Epsom salt will give you the best results against foot pains. While warm water improves blood circulation and relieves pain, Epsom salt relaxes the muscles and sedates the nerve endings.

  • Fill a small foot bath or a basin with warm water, so as to submerge your entire foot into it.
  • The level of water must be up to your ankles.
  • Add a cup or about 200g of Epsom salt in it and let it dissolve.
  • Then soak both your feet in it for about 15 minutes.
  • This remedy also helps in softening the skin around your feet.

3. Make a foot soak using vinegar

Vinegar helps in reducing inflammation of the feet, due to some strains or sprains. Make a vinegar bath by mixing 50-100ml of vinegar to your foot bath tub. Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and clean water. Then soak your feet into the vinegar bath. This foot soak is highly effective against fungal infection, foot odor and warts.

4. Ginger for foot pain relief

Studies have revealed that ginger contains an enzyme called Zingibatin which has many anti-inflammatory properties. Hence they help in relieving the pain due to arthritis. It is spicy, pungent smelling root that can be taken orally or used for external application. It can be taken orally in the form of tea, added to our vegetables or even as capsules and powders. For external treatment, make a fresh paste of ginger and apply it on your sole and heels. Leave it aside for an hour and wash with a mild soap. This eases the pain in your feet caused by arthritis and inflammation.

5. Warm water therapy to improve blood circulation

Warm water is known to work wonders on your foot pain. Warm water helps in making your joints relax by reducing the force of gravity that’s compressing your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes. It will decrease inflammation, improves circulation and reduces the pain. Go for a warm water shower to relax your entire body as your foot holds the entire weight. Also consider spending some time in your hot water bath, this will definitely reduce your pain considerably.

6. Know your acupuncture points

Obtain a chart of acupuncture points for your feet. Get some accupressure foot rollers and scrubs and make use of them. Stressing the acupuncture points will help relieve pain instantly. This does not require the usual needle kind of acupuncture, so it is very simple for you to work with. By knowing the acupuncture points in your foot, you can pressurize the points using foot rollers or your own fingers and thus get instant relief, even when you are in your workspace.

7. Calf Workout to strengthen your muscles

While recovering from an injury or inflammation of calf muscles, some calf stretches can be done. There are two calf muscles namely gastrocnemius and soleus, which are found at the back of the lower leg between the knee and the heel. Stretching these muscles can speed up your recovery.

Making foot pumps: Lie on your cot with your foot outstretched. Point your toes downwards away from you and slowly lift them towards you as far as you can. Continue doing this for a couple of times in a rhythmic manner. It helps in improving circulation and is an idle workout for beginners.

Calf Rises: By sitting in a chair or standing against a table, lift your heel up as high as you can and hold for 4-5 seconds. Repeat the same for about 10 times. It helps in improving calf strength and flexibility.

8. Some essential oils for foot pain treatment

By using some of the common essential oils we can make our own foot spa, a luxurious foot oil massage in our home. Some of the essential oils are:

Chamomile oil: It is a natural anti-inflammatory which can be massaged onto your aching feet and ankles. It helps in reducing muscle spasms in your feet.

Tea tree oil: It stimulates blood circulation and quick healing of tissues. It can be used to massage the foot daily but precautions must be taken so as not to apply them over open wounds.

Lavender oil: It is highly regarded as a pain relief. It can be mixed with Chamomile or tea tree oil for application to the feet.

Olive oil: This is easily and readily available oil in the market. It helps in reducing muscle pain as well as nerve sensitivity.

You can mix the essential oils together and store it for over a long time. Applying this mixture on your feet before going to bed daily will give you best results.

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