Gram Flour for Baby Bath Instead of Soap

Gram Flour for Babies:

The richness of good properties in gram flour aids to make a newborn baby healthy by enhancing its development optimistically. Thus, in the ancient period, several Asian countries take it as a ritual to bath their newborns with gram flour! Let’s see how to nourish your baby’s skin with this simple kitchen ingredient along with some other beneficial items as its perfect companions-

How to

  • Take 2 tbsp of gram flour and ½ tbsp of turmeric powder in a small bowl.
  • Now, add a half cup of raw milk or unsweetened yogurt into it and make a smooth paste by beating them up.
  • At the end add a few drops of olive oil into the mixture and combine them for one final time.
  • Now, use the pack to massage your baby’s body gently and wash it off immediately.
  • Don’t let the pack dry on your baby’s skin, as newborns carry a very delicate skin type which could not bear the harshness or acidic content of this pack for long!
  • After washing off the entire pack clearly, pat dry your baby with a gentle cloth and apply some light moisturizer that suits your baby’s skin.
  • However, it is the very effective solution for babies to provide them a clear and healthy skin type yet, you must consult a doctor or child specialist first, to apply this on your baby’s skin for avoiding any further mishap on a newborn’s skin!

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