Home Remedies and Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is one type of shoulder stiffness, in which, you will have inflexibility and limited range of movement along with some unbearable pain in your shoulder. It’s basically happening because of the disorder or injured tissues in our shoulder section.

The most irritating part of having this shoulder disorder is that it goes from your shoulder to an immensely slow rate once occur, and takes almost 8-12 months to get cured completely!

So, try not to get incorporated by frozen shoulder and cure any of your shoulder injuries as soon as probable, because any sort of shoulder disarray could lead this frozen shoulder in your body, especially, if you keep that untreated for long!

Here we are advising you some highly effective methods about how to get rid of frozen shoulder easily, but before that let’s find out what are the causes and symptoms of this disorders, which will aid you to treat the problem more skillfully. Take a look-

Why Do I Have Frozen Shoulder?

People often wonder and frequently ask this typical question that why and how they have got frozen shoulder in their body? Well, frozen shoulder could occur for various reasons, here we are highlighting the most common causes of frozen shoulder among them, let’s discover them quickly-

  • If your shoulder is injured for some major surgery
  • If you have incorporated with some choric disease recently
  • If you have diabetes
  • Women, in their postmenopausal segment
  • People with sleeping disorder for long while
  • If you are running from 40-0 years and don’t do enough movement of your shoulder
  • If you have arthritis on your should joints
  • And if you have any broken bones or injured tissue on your shoulder

Common Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder:

There are some common signs of frozen shoulder which will help you to decide of this shoulder disorder more vigorously. Let’s find out what kinds of symptoms are they-

  • Shoulder joints will become stiffer and thicker
  • You couldn’t move your shoulder after a certain limit
  • You will feel a vulnerable anxiety while moving your hands or shoulder
  • You will feel a constant inflammation in your shoulder tissues
  • Shoulder will stop rotating properly and limit the movement of your hand a little as well as the shoulder

Best Exercises for Frozen Shoulder:

Exercise is a most effective and a remarkable way to get rid of the frozen shoulder without any expensive method. Generally, stretching and strengthening exercises are recommendable here as they reduce the firmness from your shoulder and escalate the movement limits of your shoulder tissues more swiftly. Here we are referring the paramount ones among those workouts from both the stretching and strengthening exercises, which give excellent impact on the signs of frozen shoulder and cure this disorder with all its painful signs. Let’s check them out-

1. Stretching Exercises:

Image src: Health harvard

  • Armpit extend is a good stretching-exercise, in which you need to place your good arm on an object near breast size by standing straight. Now, just make your feet apart, bend your knees and open up the armpit a little forcefully. But make sure that you are not crossing a limit in this stretching process and not injuring your shoulder as well!
  • Cross-body reach is another effective stretching exercise in which you need to sit straight, then hold the elbow your affected arm and stretch it with the help of your good arm towards your good arm-side. Hold this stretch for 10-20 minutes, put back the injured shoulder and keep repeating this process for at least 15 minutes uninterruptedly.

2. Strengthening Exercises:

  • Arms rotation is a good one in this endeavor, in which you need to sit on your hips first. Now, place your injured arm on a table in front of you by bending your elbow slightly. Make sure that you are making an angel of approximate 90 degrees between your body and that affected arm. Then, all you just need is just lean your body ahead to rotate the injured shoulder properly.
  • Weight lifting through your affected arm is one more recommendable exercise here, in which you need to lie on your good shoulder first. Now, bend your affected arm from the elbow portion and place the hand on your belly gently. Then, slowly but steadily raise our injured arm towards the ceiling by keeping your elbow away from your body and gradually add some bearable weights on that arm to diminish the stiffness effectively.

3. Yoga for Frozen Shoulder:


Yoga is another wonderful process to treat this shoulder problem more fluently, in which you don’t need to give any extra physical effort, yet could cure this problem in an absolutely painless way. Let’s find out what are the most effectual yoga poses in this attempt-

  • Shoulder rolling is an effective one, in which you need to stand straight first by keeping your ankles join and hands in a relax mode on the side portions of your thighs. Now, start rotating your shoulder in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise 10 times continuously.
  • Gomukhasana is one most effective one to treat and cure the frozen shoulder problem effortlessly. In this yoga pose, you need to sit on your hips first by crossing your legs one above another and make sure that you are placing one leg under your buttock to make the cross perfect. Keep the knees together closely and then gently raise your affected arm by folding it from the elbow portion. Mildly put that arm behind your back though your frozen shoulder and then hold the palm of that hand with your good arm by placing it behind your back. Keep this posture for 10 seconds, breath normally gets back to the normal position again keep repeating it for 10-15 times every day.

4. Acupressure Points for Frozen Shoulder:

Using acupressure point to get relief from frozen shoulder is a clever way indeed! In this process, you don’t need to give any extra effort from your side and this simple relaxing theory will bring you an anti-inflammatory calmness to your swelling tissues of shoulder without any extra endeavor!

All you need to do is just locating the accurate acupressure point for your shoulder and press them firmly with an appropriate stiffness for a certain while. There are several of acupressure points are available in our body, which is linked to the shoulder tissues, here we are referring top 3 among them-

  • The first point is located exactly at the middle portion of your hand, in between your thumb index finger.
  • The second point is found at the front part of our shoulders, exactly at the centre of our shoulder vertical groove.
  • Third and most important acupressure point for the shoulder is located at the back side of your shoulder, exactly one thumb width on top of the end part of your armpit.

Best Sleeping Position for Frozen Shoulder:

Sleeping position plays a significant role in the disorder of frozen shoulder, thus it is important to mind in your sleeping posture accurately. Remember that some posture could trigger your frozen shoulder badly, while some of them lend a hand to get remedied it swiftly.

  • Try not to sleep on the side of your frozen shoulder
  • Use an additional pillow to provide gentle support to affected shoulder
  • If you are trying to sleep on the painful side of frozen shoulder then, try to place a soft pillow in between the elbow of your affected arm and that particular side your body.
  • And more importantly, stop raising or twisting your injured armpit or arm towards your head while sleeping

Best Home Remedies for Frozen Shoulder:

Home remedies could bring you relieve from the frozen shoulder more rapidly and in a less painful way than the other effective methods. On the other hand, this process seems easy to your pocket too! Thus, hold your money for a while and try out any of these preferable home remedies on your frozen shoulder to get rid of this in the simplest way-

1. Hot & Cold Compress:

Compress with hot or cold object help to melt down the stiffness for frozen shoulder nicely. The hot compress helps to diminish the firmness from our shoulder tissues, while the cold compress helps to lessen the sensational inflammation from our shoulder effectively.

To apply hot compress on your frozen shoulder, use microwaveable heating pads and use some essential oils if your want in this process to provide an aroma-therapeutic treatment to this shoulder disorder.

To treat your frozen shoulder with a cold compress, use an icepack and place it frequently on your injured shoulder until you find it bearable for your affected shoulder surface. Generally, 5-10 minutes constant compress of the hot or cold pack is enough in a single day to cure the stiffness of frozen shoulder gradually.

2. Tea:

Some herbal teas work magnificently in this attempt of curing frozen shoulder in an internal way. The therapeutic components and medicinal properties of such teas directly affect the signs of frozen shoulder and cure them manually.

Horsetail tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, etc. are some effective methods in such matters. You just need to add 1 tsp of your preferable herbal element into 1 cup of boiling water, let it steep there for 8-10 minutes and then strain normally. Now, drink this solution twice a day without or with a little amount of raw honey and get relief from the shoulder pain progressively.

3. Turmeric:

The affluence of anti-inflammatory properties, along with some other highly effective medicinal compounds in turmeric has made this root spice magical component to use against the symptoms of frozen shoulder.

The curcumin property found in this yellowish spice boosts up our immune power and promotes the cell growth of or injured tissues spectacularly. Let’s find out how to use this ingredient in frozen shoulder-

  • Mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder with one tbsp of water and make a smooth paste of them.
  • Now, apply that paste on your affected area with a thick layer and let it work there for at least 3040 minutes.
  • After that duration, wash off the paste with lukewarm water and pat dry gently.

4. Oil Massage:

Oil massage is another immensely effective method to get rid of the firmness and pain of the frozen shoulder naturally. Oregano oil, coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, etc. are some effective oils to treat your painful and stiff shoulder.

The anti-inflammatory properties exist in such oils work extremely beneficial to the injured tissues on our shoulder. These oils also detoxify our body naturally and repair the damaged cells proficiently. Let see how to try this oil massage treatment to your stiff shoulder at home-

  • At first, take some of your preferable oil into a large spoon or in a microwave safe bowl.
  • Now, heat the oil a little applying your own method and let it cool slightly before applying on your shoulder surface directly.
  • Then, apply the oil on your frozen shoulder and massage gently with mild hand for 10-15 minutes.
  • After that, let the solution work there for the next 5-6 hours and repeat this method twice to thrice daily to get the best impact on your frozen shoulder.

5. Food to Avoid in Frozen Shoulder:

However, foods couldn’t trigger or raise frozen shoulder in your boy, but some unhealthy foods could worsen its symptoms to the fullest along with an unbearable inflammation inside the shoulder tissues, thus, doctors prescribe to avoid such foods while you are suffering from shoulder stiffness. Let’s find out what kind of foods they are-

  • Allergic foods, like eggplant, egg, any shellfish, etc.
  • Acidifying foods, like citrus fruits, corn, lentils, olives, grain products, rice milk, soy milk, butter, cheese, beef, bacon, etc.
  • Foods that trigger inflammation in our body, like vegetable oil, fried foods, refined flour, high-fat dairy products, etc.
  • Food with additional and artificial sugar content, like sweets, bakery items, carbonated drinks, sweet beverages, etc.
  • Foods with alcohol content
  • Foods with saturated fats, like red meat, lamb, pork, beef, lard, cream, etc.
  • Processed foods and foods which dehydrate our body like, donuts, muffins, candy bars, whole grain bread, pasta, rice, ice cream, etc.

What Muscles are involved in Frozen Shoulder?

In the frozen shoulder disorder, four main muscles of our shoulder are involved directly and initiate the stiffness of frozen shoulder with all its other painful symptoms. They are basically the lower bone, the upper bone, the shoulder blade and the collarbone of our body which are jointed and involved in this frozen shoulder problem that gives us real trouble to move one particular shoulder randomly. According to the medical terms, these muscles are called Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, and the Subscapularis.

Tips and Suggestions to Ease the pain of Frozen Shoulder:

If you are suffering from the disgusting pain of frozen shoulder and wait for the complete cure of this shoulder disorder then, you must follow some precise tips to live with the pain more effortlessly, as it will take a long while to get rid of it entirely. In this long-term process, these effective suggestions will make our living easier, let’s check them out-

  • Don’t lift any weight with that affected arm
  • Regularly give compress and oil massage on that injured shoulder
  • Always place a soft pillow while sitting or lying on your shoulder
  • Avoid any foods that increase the inflammation of your frozen shoulder
  • Give proper support to your affected shoulder at night, while going for sleeping
  • Avoid sleeping disorders
  • Do some mild and beneficial exercise daily
  • And keep moving your stiff shoulder frequently throughout the entire day.