How to Get Rid of Toothache: #11 Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Toothache after filling

A Toothache after Filling:

A toothache could hit you for various reasons as we mentioned before, and after filling pain is one of the commonest reasons among them. Usually, filling to a tooth applies when cavity damage some parts of a tooth, to provide pain relief and prevent the damaging process permanently.

In this filling method, firstly a dentist numb a tooth, then, clean it with proper dental cleaning products and finally put a filling material to the sore of that infected tooth to seal it up entirely.

After the process completed itself, many patients feel intense pain on that area for a couple of days. Let’s find out the exact reason behind it and how to deal with such pain at home easily-

Reasons for a Toothache after Filling:

When the decayed area of a tooth got the obstruction of a tight filling, the pain of that cavity-infected tooth increases sometimes for a few hours or a couple of days before it cured everlastingly, and the possible reasons behind it are-

  • Any type of damaged filling could be a cause of pain after filling, as ill-fitting filling instigate the cavity infestation more badly on that tooth
  • Temperature problem or sensitivity could initiate a toothache after filling a tooth because the filling material make an applied-tooth more sensitive towards cold or hot food products and provide a sudden pain whenever the person consumes something after filling
  • Sometimes, a few materials of filling could provide an allergic reaction especially which are incompatible with the sensitive inner skin of our mouth and initiate pain in that filling area hugely
  • Sometimes air could shake the filling area and provide a throbbing pain on that cavity-infected portion inside the filling layer
  • If somehow the filling of a tooth got cracked by chance and displaced from its exact place, this could provide an intense toot pain to a person continuously
  • And using any kind of metallic filling to seal a cavity-infected tooth is one more common reason for a toothache after filling a sore or infected tooth.

Remedies for Tooth-Pain after Filling:

Some people rush to their dentists to get rid of that pain after filling, while a few start taking painkillers or some pain-relieving drugs to get back their tooth comfort again.

Unfortunately, any of these instant methods are not healthy for your infected tooth and you must take some smart techniques to deal with such sensitive toothache expertly.

So here we go with some brilliant tricks in this regard, let’s check them out and get rid of tooth pain after filling easily-

  • Take extra care of your tooth during this delicate period, at least the filling fit on that sore properly
  • Use home-based pain-relieving products to your filled tooth frequently for one week continuously to keep the pain moderate
  • Swish the area twice a day with warm salty water to keep the mouth germs-free and less-problematic for a perfect filling result
  • Stay away from the extra cold or hot food for at least 2 weeks after filling, as this time the sensitivity of teeth increases heavily and give trouble to tolerate any temperature that is unsuitable for the filling material
  • Try to consume fluid or soft food this time and avoid hard or extra solidified food until the filling fits on your tooth-sore properly
  • Try to use sensitivity expert toothpaste this time as this type of paste comes with de-sensitizing properties which soothe the primary irritation of tooth filling easily
  • Care your dental health more delicately during this time, like brush two to three times a day, floss regularly, use healthy mouthwash, etc. as any kind of germ-buildup could make the filling pain even worse than ever
  • Attempt not to prick o goad the area of toot filling at any point without consulting your doctor, no matter how irritant it feels.
  • Use gentle bristle-brush this time and apply soft flossing method so then the filling doesn’t get any disturbance from the normal cleaning process.