How to Get Rid of Toothache: #11 Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Toothache During Pregnancy

A Toothache during Pregnancy:

It has been noticed that some mom-to-be ladies feel an intense and consistent toothache during their pregnancy period and health experts claim that this is quite common in every 2-3 pregnant women among the 10 who are carrying a fetus in their womb.

The hardest part of a toothache during pregnancy is that you can’t take any high dose medicine or painkillers during such delicate session and can’t apply hard dental surgeries as well for the sake of your baby.

Thus, it is essential that you take care of your toothache very carefully during this whole session and prevent all its probable possibilities smartly with suitable techniques. So, let’s see how-

Reasons for a Toothache during Pregnancy:

Before dealing with a toothache during pregnancy you must know the real causes behind this problem and some of the commonest toothache reasons during pregnancy are-

  • During pregnancy, the physical condition of a woman changes consistently due to the hormonal issue and this procedure diminish the ability to fight against the infectious germs
  • Hormonal changes also make the plaque buildup in our mouth more effortless during pregnancy that initiate server pain in various spots in our mouth
  • It is medically analyst that several pregnant women develop gingivitis in their mouth throughout the pregnancy that instigates a toothache frequently
  • Many women suffer from gum tumors during their second trimester that often initiates bleeding gums and toothache in their teeth
  • Morning sickness or heavy vomiting tendency is one more reason of tooth pain during pregnancy, as it provides the buildup of high acidic content as well as germ buildup in your mouth more powerfully
  • During pregnancy women body go through with escalated blood flow than normal times, this increases the pressure of blood in the teeth and often causes tooth pain
  • Your changed diet during pregnancy is also a reason for teeth problem or gum issues due to some improper food materials
  • Calcium is a crucial nutrient that helps to prevent various teeth problems but most of the women suffer from calcium deficiency during their pregnancy and that leads to a toothache inevitably
  • Lack of oral hygiene is one more common reason of dental issue during pregnancy, as smell sensitivity during pregnancy often obstruct in using healthy toothpaste or dental products and that often drives to a toothache
  • During pregnancy, women suffer from taste issue and often prefer to consume various types of foods with a larger amount, this habit sometimes includes some foods which are harmful to our teeth thus toothache is being a common issue during a time.

Pregnancy Toothache Remedy

To prevent a toothache during pregnancy, you must apply some tricks which are smart enough to handle such pain and at the same time, safe for your fetus too, so here are some suitable methods in this regard-

  • Try to avoid extra sensitive foods with highly hot or cold temperature during this whole period
  • Use hot and cold compress through a soft cloth with bearable intensity to keep any type of tooth irritation moderately
  • Use effective home remedies on the painful tooth like crushed-garlic clove, raw clove oil, a paste of peppermint leaves, etc.
  • The juice of raw onion is one more helpful method here which aids to reduce a toothache naturally
  • Rinse your mouth with sugar-free tea water and gargle with this solution often throughout a day
  • Swish your mouth with salty warm water to keep the bacterial infestation at bay in your mouth
  • Increase your calcium intake to enhance the germ-fighting ability naturally in a toothache
  • Use an antimicrobial special or fluoridated dental cleaning methods that provide natural bacterial-fighting quality in your teeth
  • Try to avoid those food materials which trigger tooth pain in your mouth or any tooth
  • And finally, seek medical help immediately when you feel that simple home remedies are not helping you accordingly in the reduction of a toothache as you expect.