14 Best Foods and Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Having mouth ulcer and wondering how to get rid of them naturally? Well, here are some useful ideas on how to get remedied from those small and aching lesions effortlessly without any effective medications.

So, if you are suffering from those embarrassing mouth ulcers, which often originate in the mouth or base of your gums, and having problems continuously then, try out one of these methods along with following some of our food tips to fight these sores back vigorously.

Best Foods for Mouth Ulcer:

You have to choose your foods wisely when you have a mouth ulcer, as bad foods could increase the soreness of those lesions and make them worst! So, a precise diet chart is essential to treat the symptoms of mouth ulcer professionally. Here, we are referring you the top most food categories which act in an optimistic way in the reduction of those sores and never give any irritation to the already grown-mouth lesions. Check them out-

  • Vitamin B rich foods are highly beneficial in mouth ulcer as these painful lesions mainly occur in the deficiency of vitamin B in our body. Normal water fishes, lean meat, tofu, eggs, rice milk, soy milk, shellfish, oyster, crabs, low fat-dairy products, etc. are some preferable vitamin B rich items here(1).
  • Iron-rich foods like seafood, beans, dark leafy greens, chicken liver, potato, broccoli, wheat germ, spinach, cereals, pumpkins, breads, pastas, raisins, apricot, pork, red meat, etc. are one more includable item in your diet while suffering from mouth ulcer, as iron is one of the most effective minerals to cure these lesions naturally!
  • Fruits are one preferable category in the reduction of mouth ulcer which heals the soreness and treats all the difficulties proficiently. Most of the fruits have some good nutrients along with some antibacterial properties which work as a skilled healer of the internal mucosa and this way reduce the risk of ulcers in your mouth superbly. Apples, banana, papaya, cucumber, avocado, kiwi, apricot, etc. are some good fruits to eat in mouth ulcer.

  • Foods with high folic acid are another expert food category to incorporate in the remedy process of mouth ulcer naturally. This acid works positively on grown lesions and cures them gradually by wiping out the bacterial effects from your mouth entirely. Green and leafy veggies, peas, collard vegetables, avocado, okra, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, lentils, etc. are some folic-acid-rich
  • Foods with anti-inflammatory compounds especially like coconut products such as coconut oil, coconut water, coconut pulp, etc. are efficient to flush out all the tiny sores from your mouth. The healing properties of such products, not only pull out the bacterial upshot from your skin but, also prevent them from coming back again!
  • Frozen vegetables are one good this to try in this attempt as they come with a low-acidic content. Remember that we are trying to indicate only normally frozen foods, not the processed or canned foods at all!

  • Yogurt is loaded with good bacteria that are named acidophilus, which is skilled in curing and averting these canker sores naturally. Hence, add this dairy product to your daily diet and get rid of the pain of mouth ulcer soon.
  • Nutritious foods are other beneficial foods in mouth ulcer(2), as the lack of some vitamins like vitamin E, A, C etc. could drive this disgusting disease to your skin. Almond, grains, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, palm oil, butternut squash, carrots, butter, etc. are recommendable items here.
  • Unseasoned meats are one more includable category in this endeavor which is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals and boosts our body to combat the bacterial effects of these sores potentially.

Foods to Avoid in Mouth Ulcer:

Like beneficial foods, there are some specific avoidable foods either for mouth ulcer, which could worsen the sores unbelievably and instigate more bacterial attacks on your skin! Consequently, you must cut off these components from your eating list, if you want to get rid of that irritation of these tiny lesions completely. Let’s check out what kinds of foods are dangerous in mouth ulcer-

  • Oily foods are one more category to shun in this condition as the oily texture of such foods could escalate the bacterial attack into those sores and increase their incorporation hugely on your gums.
  • Extra spicy foods or foods with excessive chili texture or salty taste foods are avoidable products in mouth ulcer, as these types of pretzels could worsen your irritation and instigate the sensation in those tiny sores.

  • Foods with high acidic content like pickles, vinegar, etc. are another specific category to shun in mouth ulcer(3), as they also increase the burning sensation in your small sores and septic them from inside!
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, lime, pineapple, grapefruits, pomegranate, etc. are some must avoidable fruits with a mouth ulcer, as the high acidic compounds of such fruits could give you a burning feeling on those tiny sores.
  • Seeds and nuts are must preventable components for the people with a mouth ulcer, as the tiny particles of such products could give your scratching feeling and make your sores coarse with unwanted scraping!
  • Caffeine products like coffee or black tea could be a vital reason of the origination of canker sores, and they could even worsen the already grown mouth ulcer with sensational reaction! So, try to consume as much fewer caffeine products as you can, when suffering from the canker sores(4).

Favorable Juices for Mouth Ulcer:

Treating your mouth ulcer with some tasty and effective juices is one of the nicest methods among all! These canker sores could occur any portion of your mouth and provide you an irritating sensation all the time.

Some favorable juices not only soothe the burning sensation from your canker sores, but also aid to kill the bacterial effects and from those sores and heal the cells gradually.

These types of fluid elements also lend a hand to flushes out the toxins from our body which often led various infections on our skin surface and keep your system cool. It has been observed that more calm system means less mouth ulcer. Consequently, these advantageous juices could benefit you in several ways in the reduction of canker sores smoothly. Let’s check out what kinds of juices are good in such cases-

  • Carrot juice
  • Kale juice
  • Apple juice(5)
  • Berries juice
  • Amla juice
  • Cucumber juice

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer

How to Use Essential Oils in Mouth Ulcer:

Canker sores can be cured with the help of essential oils because the good properties of such products work as the healer of your mouth ulcer and kill the bacterial effects smoothly. The anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial compounds and healing complex of such products soothe all the irritations of proficiently and normalize the skin naturally. Here we are showing the using method of one essential-oils-made mouthwash, which perform magically on mouth ulcer, take a look-

  • Take each peppermint oil, thyme oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, and geranium oil in 2 drops into a small bowl.
  • Now, stir them finely with the help of your fingertips.
  • Then, mix 10 ml of brandy with 1 glass of warm water and add that essential oil mixture into that glass smoothly.
  • After that, use this solution as mouthwash and wash out your mouth with the homemade liquid remedy frequently.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Mouth Ulcer:

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Though, vinegar is not a good thing to take in mouth ulcer because of the high acidic content in such elements but, apple cider vinegar(6) is one exceptional item from that category which actually aids to get rid of these canker sores effectively! The healing properties and antibacterial compound in this product work optimistically on canker sores and clear them out from your mouth entirely. Let’s find out how to use them in mouth ulcer-

  • Mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into a ½ cup of warm water and stir them well finely.
  • After that, swish your mouth with this solution and keep every sip for 30-60 seconds into your mouth, before spitting it out.
  • Try out this method twice a day and you will get rid of the irritation of mouth ulcer within 4-5 days!
  • You can also try 1 tbsp of raw ACV as mouthwash to you sores if you can bare the sour sensation of those mouth ulcers for at least ½ minute constantly!

Tea Tree oil for Mouth Ulcer:

Tea tree oil is loaded with effective antiseptic properties which help to destroy the bacterial effects on mouth ulcer and heal the skin impurities naturally. The anti-inflammatory properties of this essential oil also soothe the irritating sensation of such canker sores naturally. Let’s check out how to utilize them on your mouth ulcer-

  • Stir 5-6 drops of tea tree oil into a ½ cup of boiled water and use that solution as an effective mouthwash for those mouth sores.
  • You can also apply some raw drops of tea tree oil directly on the mouth ulcer.
  • After applying it in raw form, rub the oil gently on those tiny sores and let it work for at least half an hour that spot.

Coconut Oil Mouth Ulcer:

Coconut oil is the natural source of antibacterial and antiviral properties which is skilled in destroying the bacterial effects from any skin disorder(7). The richness of anti-inflammatory compounds of this oil also helps to diminish the soreness on mouth ulcer effectively. Let see how to use them against canker sores-

  • Take a spoonful of melted coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around your whole mouth for 30 seconds.
  • Then, swallow it instantly and repeat the process 2-3 times a day, one you find mouth ulcer in your mouth!.
  • You will get an unbelievable remedial effect on your canker sores within 24 hours!

Baking Soda for Mouth Ulcer:

It contains some medicinal compounds in its tiny particles which act in an optimistic way in the reduction of canker sores naturally(8). Baking soda is actually a sodium bicarbonate that fights the bacterial effects efficiently, thus this element is skilled in combating the signs of mouth ulcer proficiently, while the neutralize acids wipe out the bacteria from your cells. Let’s find out how to get rid of mouth ulcer with the help of baking soda effortlessly-

How to

  • Make a thick paste using 1tsp of baking soda and a few drops of water on your palm.
  • Now, apply that paste to your sores directly and let it work there for several hours.
  • Try this solution many times a day and you will get completely remedied from those painful sores soon.

Epsom Salt for Mouth Ulcer:

Epsom salt is a recommended method to fight chronic halitosis and sores naturally. The affluence of healing properties in this item reduces the swelling of mouth ulcer superbly and the antibacterial compounds act as a germicide on the canker sores to resolve them from your skin surface. Let’s see how to use them to lessen the sensation of mouth sores swiftly-


  • Add ½ tbsp of Epsom salt into 1 glass of hot water and gargle your mouth with this solution(9).
  • After that, apply some cool healing methods on your sores like a few drops of raw honey or essential oil and let that method work there for several hours.
  • This way, after a few applications, you will be free from any kinds of mouth sores soon.

Licorice for Mouth Ulcer:

Licorice is a superbly effective treatment for painful mouth sores(10). The high amount of healing compounds presented in licorice roots reduce the pain of mouth sores, lessen the size of each sore and soothe the inflammation significantly. The medicinal properties of this herb benefit us magically on the reduction and normalization of mouth ulcer naturally. This herb also lends a hand to purify our blood with its antibacterial compounds, and this way decreases the risk of having mouth ulcer spectacularly! Let’s find out how to use them on canker sores effectively-

How to

  • Steep 1 tbsp of crushed licorice root into 2 cups of normal water.
  • Let the solution set for 2-3 hours and then, wash your mouth with this solution many times a day.
  • If those tiny granules of licorice root dust disturb and increase the sore in your mouth ulcer, then, strain the solution properly, before using it as a mouthwash.

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